Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Love yourself

Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of Universe, nowhere less than any stars in the sky. In such noisy confusion of life, where everything and everyone have their own set priorities, do not ever forget to love yourself and do what is right for you. Universe demands us not to harm any other living soul, but never denies to think for one own self and be good to yourself. As long as you do what you love and love what you do, the rest will fall into place gradually.

Friday, 27 May 2016

How to embrace forgiveness and prosper in life

Forgiving someone after a betrayal, hurt or abandoned is undoubtedly a very challenging task, but in order to get an access into healthy wellbeing and to attain inner peace, forgiveness is essential.  Although forgiveness never comes instant and it requires a lot of patience, positive empowerment, and self-examination. We only empower ourselves when we accept, examine and then gently release.
We cannot choose what happens to us, but we can definitely choose how to react to a situation. Your reaction during the hours of turmoil and miseries determines how long those situations stay with you until you grab your achievement once again. By keeping grudges in mind, the person whom we harm the most is our own self.

In order to embrace forgiveness and let go the moment of betrayal, miseries or sorrows, one has to understand that everyone has free will. Everyone has right to choose and decide when to enter or exit from our lives, we cannot hold neither the person nor those negative or betrayed emotions. Yes, you cannot stay calm and feel glad after you gone through a break-up, you have to let those negative emotions and anger come out, and this is very natural. It’s like cleaning out our soul; you have to get it out in order to make progress.

Let’s dig into few tips for embracing forgiveness and cleanse your inner being:

Set a goal
Sometimes we have to be strong and make a stronger decision that we have to let go of the past emotions and embrace forgiveness. Make a conscious choice that you don’t have to look back now and just be open to receive what universe has to offer ahead.

Forgive yourself
There is a friend of mine who lost his wife in a car accident and he is still unable to forgive himself for not spending enough time with her and for not being present at that moment to save her. As long as you will not learn to forgive yourself, you will never learn to forgive the people around you and end up keeping grudges, sorrows, and miseries in your heart forever. You cannot project something onto others what you have not done to yourself.

Start with small
Forgiveness is a process. You cannot get over the hurt right away; it even takes years in many situations or cases. But one can always start the process with willingness and an ability to tolerate those intense emotions that make us want to run away from the situation. Do not run away, rather face it; let your anger, your deeper emotions flow out. Most of the people not even begin the initial process, as they think if they let go the situation, the person they are upset with will be proved right. Forgiveness is letting go of everything, no matter if the other person proves to be right or wrong.

Look at these losses as a learning experience and an opportunity for self-growth
Life has no guarantee; anything can happen at any moment. The miseries you face due to the people around you are because life wanted to put you in such situations to help you become wiser and experienced. You have to see the positive learning on the other side of the coin. Most of us only focus on one side; the accident which happened, but we never take it as an incident. The accident happened, put you in miserable situations, but it is also an incident on which you’ll look back later on and learn from.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What is meant for you always arrives on time

We always reach our destination at the predetermined time by Universe. So no need to rush, rather work hard to achieve your goal and enjoy the journey and feel the transformation you will experience while moving towards your ultimate destination. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Benefits of having an open and free mind

Most of the people feel offended many of times due to various circumstances or situations life throws. But an open and free mind always stays detached from all the outer circumstances and knows that it is never the self which is offended, but it’s we and our mind which let us our inner self affected and make feel offended due to outer circumstances. If we don’t like an apple, that doesn’t mean the apple is bad, many other people love the same apple. So when someone insults you or doesn’t like you, that doesn’t mean you are bad, that simply means that the person has different choices. You know yourself the most; it’s an image of yourself to which you are attached, and that image doesn’t resonate with the image you form after or during an insult. Simply put, you highly affect your inner self and start believing on off put remarks by others on you, which even overpower your belief on yourself, and you start justifying yourself. But, if you would have been detached, if you would have kept your self-belief stronger, no offence would have been taken. Although, this doesn’t mean that you make your personality so stiff that no other person could help you become a better personality, which is against your growth and enlightenment. Criticism is always required, but self-evaluation is must. You must sit in silence, and evaluate your weaker areas to work upon in order to keep upgrading yourself and moving towards betterment and self-growth.  

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Detachment doesn’t mean you isolate yourself from socializing or accepting others’ views. It simply means making you inner self and belief so stronger that no negative outer circumstances would affect your inner being.

The power to mold and adapt oneself with different group of people in different situations requires:
Tolerance, acceptance, ability to face negative situations with a sense of detachment, ability to forgive, ability to be a detached observer of people’s actions and situations while raising your right opinions in positive and calm manner wherever required, cooperation, right and positive communication, understanding others perspective, focus more on positive traits of other person rather criticizing them for negative traits, ability to empathize, show respect to other person and remain calm.

These abilities surely help one achieve success not only in professional front but in each sphere of life, either with the relationship with others or with self.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ways to let go and move on

We keep evolving time to time as we age. Just because you faced problems in past doesn’t mean you will still face problems in such circumstances, or something which was right for you in past not necessarily be right today. This fact can be applied in any situation, could be a relationship, a habit, a job, etc.
You keep discovering yourself deeply more and more gradually as you grow; you get to know what you truly desire, what ultimate outcome you want out of your life, with whom you want to stay and without whom you need to move on; and slowly you realize that these changes in life are required and gradually comes in your personality with circumstances and different happenings around you and inside you.
You might not feel too comfortable with the people were best friends in your school or college time, those specific routines you used to follow and the people you used to be with are no longer align with you current consciences.

Circumstances and situations which force you to changes, let go and move on
There could be many situations and circumstances arise in our life which we never thought about in past or you might would want to be mentally and emotionally stronger because you have hurt by the ones you love one or several times. Other reasons could be, you have grown apart from someone.  Sometimes we are destined to meet someone from a set time period but we gradually evolve and understand that they are not compatible people for us and committed to misunderstand us and however moving on and letting go is the better solution for a positive flow of life. Other reason could be some negative people around you who are energy jabbers and has to cut out from your life slowly, or you need to overcome the fears which hold you back, etc.
Letting go is surely not easy, but it is necessary for our own well-being and growth.
Ways to move on and let go
Holding on the past often leads to discouragement and miseries, whereas letting go while cherishing the present moments help you realize how beautifully you've transformed and stepping towards your personal growth and becoming the person you'll love to be & destined to be. Let’s take a look at few ways
  1. Take ownership and charge of your life: Whatever situations you face in life, always remember that no one is responsible for that except you. You are in completely charge of whatever occurs in your life, and should not blame other person or your parents your mentors etc. Unless and until you’ll learn to accept that you are the one who is responsible for all good or bad occur in your life, rather blaming others, you will never be able to help yourself grow as a person and take the learning of life. If you want the change in your life, you are the only one who can make it happen.
  2. Accept with gratitude: Letting go is difficult, but when you be thankful for the good or bad experiences you had that helped you learn and grow, it becomes less complicated for you to let go and move on. When you accept the facts and make yourself ready to move on towards a better path, you gradually find strength and embrace the changes life offers.
  3. Focus inward: To bring a change in your outer circumstances, it requisite to bring changes inside yourself. Meditate for a while, analyze the things deeply and find the right ways out. Solutions of all the minor or major problems occur in life is there inside you, all you need to do is self –discovery. Review yourself, who you are, your current lifestyle, the people around you and then analyze what change you need to bring, how you’ll bring that change, make positive adjustments.
  4. Take a break for some time: Sometimes you have to see things from far away to have a bigger and clear view. Take a break, distance yourself for some time and explore newer things to transform your current state of mind. Do what you love the most, follow your innermost passion, spend time with yourself, and then return with entirely a different and transformed personality. A Better You!
  5. Embrace the present and take a chance: The best way to let go the past is look at your present with acceptance and positive outlook. Look straight ahead towards you present and coming future, open yourself to experience newer realities, meet new people and set goals for future. When life throws some challenges on you and forces you to bring a change, there is some reason behind it, to take you towards a better life with more courage, more experience and more learning. So never hesitate to take a chance on something new. You destiny waits for your one decision to let go of the old memories and make way for newer ones.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Train your mind to think positive and manifest abundance

Our thinking creates our attitude and our attitude defines the altitude of our life. Hence, we all must train our mind to think beyond our limited perceptions and find out the reason of almighty behind every tough situations we face.  By bringing this small positive change in your thoughts and attitude, you can certainly attract more and more reasons to smile and enjoy the journey of life. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Success rate of Chanakya IAS Academy has surged to new heights

Chanakya IAS Academy, which has been working towards realizing the dreams of Mr. AK Mishra, (The managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy) to teach, preach and guide Civil Service Aspirants to success has once again helped hundreds of students, across the India, get through the civil services examination. With whooping 361 selections, Chanakya IAS Academy has proved that it specializes in coaching civil services aspirants to success. The result has been declared today on 11th May 2016 by UPSC.

The Academy was established in 1993 and since then the academy, headquartered in New Delhi with over 12 branches all over India, has given more than 3000 Successful Civil Servants to the nation. On this grand occasion when Chanakya students have notched up phenomenal success, Chanakya IAS Academy takes immense pride to congratulate all the successful 1078 students out of which 361 students have proud alumnus of Chanakya IAS Academy, who are now all set to serve their nations with their formidable administrative traits, higher capabilities, and profusion of knowledge bestowed by Success Guru AK Mishra.
Among the top 10 ranks, Chanakya IAS Academy’s students have triumphed 3 ranks to their names, while 40 candidates have found place top 100. Athar Aamir Ul Shafi secured all India 2nd rank, Shashank Tripathi secured all India 5th rank and Karant Satyarthi with all India 9th rank have successfully entered in top 10 ranks of CSE 2015 under the guidance of Success Guru AK Mishra and seasoned  faculties of Chanakya IAS Academy.
When talked to Mr. AK Mishra on this, he with immense pride congratulated his successful candidates and wished them all very good luck for their future endeavors. He said, “I am glad and proud to see my students serving and working for our nation with such dedication and honesty, and I am sure my these students will also do wonders and make me feel proud even more, as I could see the dream and passion in their eyes because of which they all are all set to pursue their dream job today”

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What's meant to be will always find it's way

Life is full of mysteries and miracles. You never know how absolutely perfect something could turn our to be on entirely a different path you had never thought about. So keep moving and keep enjoy the journey while unlocking the beautiful mysteries of life. 

Difficult Roads often leads to beautiful destinations

Sunday, 8 May 2016

AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes all beautiful Mother’s A very Happy Mother’s Day

There are many precious things that God has bestowed on us; however, Mother is one of unique gifts of God. She is an expression of Sacrifice and Love.  10th May is such a special day, to honor Mothers, Great Grandmothers to make a beautiful contribution to the family and the society. It’s a day for everyone to show their appreciation and love towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. On this special occasion, AK Mishra’s Art of Success salutes to all the mothers on this earth who compromise all her wishes, happiness just to fulfill the wishes of her kids and family. Mothers comprise of a bundle of emotions. So this goes out to all the mothers who have kept awake all night with their sick kids in their arms, constantly whispering those compassionate words, "It's OK baby, mom is here, For those mothers who cannot control tears from dribbling down their cheeks when they hold their babies for the first time in their arms; So, this is meant for all the young and aged mothers, Housewives and working mothers, married mothers and the single mothers, and for those without whom life would have been insufferable.

A Case Study
A daughter is giving a huge thanks to her single mother, while sharing her story with us and her mother’s love after attending our session “Art of Success for Parenting”
Preeti: “ While I was attending the session, AK Mishra’s Art of Success, Suddenly between the session, AK Mishra Sir posed this question: Who has influenced your life the most? I thought for a while, and realized, it was no one else, but “My Mother”
I recalled when I was just 5yrs old, my Dad died. That time when my dad was with us, the life was so beautiful and easy. It seemed like we were on the top of the world. My dad was making good money and we were living in a big house in Bandra, Mumbai. Then my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died in next 5 months. That’s when we found out that my dad didn’t have any great life insurance. Nor we had enough savings, as everything was going so smooth; we never had a thought of something like this ever.
During the session, when I was hearing the struggle stories, shared by parents during the session, I reflected back on my life, I realize how difficult it would had been for my mother to handle this sudden turn of life, upbringing of a 5yrs kid and providing her good education being a single parent. most of what I am today, I learned from a tough, courageous woman who went to work hard day and night to get me ready for life. I realize now how many success principles she displayed while living out her life. One of the principles I learned from my mom was to “never complain”. It was tough for my mom, she really got a bad deal, but as I look back, I cannot remember any of her complaining about her tough times in life. And I used to complain for all those small things she couldn’t give to me without realizing that she was actually giving her life to me. But now I have actually learnt those principles which I am going to follow throughout my life. She only had one goal in her mind, to give her daughter a beautiful life. She did not marry again as she used to be scared if the man would love her daughter or not. My mother has not only been a mother for me, but an idol Women, a friend who always guided me at every step. I remember when my mother used to take me at her conference and seminars, when I was 11yrs old, not because she did not provide me babysitter, but she wanted me to learn something. The way AK Mishra sir portrayed the love of parents for their kids by his words and strong facts he shared, narrating stories, examples; I literally had tears in my eyes throughout the seminar, tears of pleasure for having such wonderful mother in my life. Thanks to AK Mishra’s Art of Success.”
This is the story of a mother and daughter, who faced sudden enormous change in their life, and how her mother took all those tough moments and challenges on herself and saved her daughter from all the negative effects. We actually feel proud for organizing such session on this beautiful module “Art of Success for Parenting” as we can actually see how it makes kids realize the parents’ emotions and sacrifices they make to give their kids a beautiful life, as this daughter realized.
This is dedicated to all of those single moms out there. You are doing a tough job. Stay determined and love your kids. They’ll see your life and turn out all right.
One relationship which is always with us is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. Mothers also shape our lives and our personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do at every opportunity. Although, we should not forget that the same contribution comes from fathers as well, and without a father, it becomes too arduous for a mother to give her child the same upbringing and nurturing the way she could provide with a father figure. But undoubtedly, we have those courageous mothers who do not only play role of both father and mother in kid’s life, but also nurture their kid so beautifully and bring out amazingly independent personalities from the kids.

On this special occasion, every kid should realize how special they have been treated by their lovely mothers. We might have our own individualistic approach in paying tribute to these amazing people in our lives, OUR MOTHER. AK Mishra’s Art of Success dedicates this day to all the beautiful mothers and wishes every kid a very good luck for making their mothers feel how special and wonderful creature they are, crafted by master’s craftsman. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Happiness has no age

Live the present moment while keeping with you the beautiful memories of past and the learning you gained from bad memories. Moments will soon pass and you will wish you could have treasured them. So, live it now; joy, happiness, liveliness has no age, it only grow better with the passing moments and days. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

The benevolent Universe

We live in a magnanimous Universe whose ultimate purpose and desire is for you to comprehend, harmonize and live through the concept of awareness, acceptance, compassion, love and unconditional abundance. You have called on this earth for a sole purpose to combine spiritual and material energies together ultimately to bring heaven on earth for you, while creating a sense of forgiveness, expand awareness and unconditional compassion that lifts your own consciousness and set a paradigm of true humanity.
AK Mishra's Art of Success
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library

It wasn’t an accident that you born on this earth as a human being, but you are born with a soul purpose, and that sole purpose is to “be” who you are, and your doing (which is your Karma) flows from your being. This means, your Karma is secondary, the first things needs to remain clean is your soul, your inner being and your true self. When your inner being is well, your Karma or your doing will gradually flow on right directions.
When you focus on “doing”, you often lose your connection with the spiritual awareness. On the other hand, by focusing on “being” aspect of your nature, you can effortlessly integrate your material doing while keeping your spiritual focus activated and always presented. Although, your Karma are the most required in order to achieve anything in life, but your spiritual awareness, your faith on universe, your connection with God and divine should always be present in your heart.
For instance, when you face obstacles or challenges in life, you either start cribbing or try to do even more, rather than looking for the spiritual purpose behind that problem or challenge and you often ignore the spirit guided solutions that always be present available to you. While continuously focusing on doing more and more with fewer blessing and rewards, you begin feeling like a victim of your own life. But you create this victim-hood when you focus on material and neglect spiritual while focusing on “doing” instead of “being”.
Why do we expect miracles when nothing remains in our control? And how those miracles happen? Because, at that moment, we do not have any choice or anything to do, except surrendering the situation on God and Universe with complete faith. Creating heaven on earth requires faith, patience and trust that the universe will always serve your higher deeds and stand by you at every difficult or smooth situation. Hence your efforts are required, your deeds are always required, but devotion of few minutes on meditation, remembering God, taking blessings from universe is equally requisite in order to bring heaven on earth and understand the sole purpose of difficulties and challenges life throws at you.