Monday, 29 May 2017

7 Ways To Get Motivated & Start Taking Charge Of Your Life

While reading this post, you must have a long to-do list that might be popping up in your mind; may be your office work, family, kids, cleaning of house, etc. Although, we perform the same tasks every day, we still care to complete our day to day tasks and sadly we put off the things that actually make us feel balanced, healthier and happier.
We often catch ourselves thinking, I’ll begin working out, will try new meal, will go out with loved ones, or I’ll begin working upon what I love the most when I’ll have more time. But, in truth, that MORE TIME never comes, because we get used to of this procrastination.
Undoubtedly, we all are extremely busy in our lives, and in this hectic schedule, beings busy has become a convenient excuse. But ask yourself; is it really impossible to take out some time to do what we have been delaying since long? You know the answer!
If you feel you are not in charge of your life; you must watch this video and actually follow these 7 steps to bring a real transformation in your life.

Monday, 15 May 2017

AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes all beautiful Mothers 'Happy Mothers Day' - Know your Parenting style based on your sun sign

On this mother’s Day, we did a deep research on zodiac signs and their characteristics. Although there is nothing right or wrong, as everyone has their own method and own parenting style, but your zodiac sign indeed makes a huge difference. And after this deep research, we can help you easily figure out your parenting style based on your zodiac sign.

Zodiac sign can reveal your strengths and weaknesses and say a lot about the way you raise your kids. On this mother’s day, we bring this post for all the mothers to help them understand their personality type and their parenting style in depth.  Though; our personal message to all the mothers; you are simply awesome in your own style!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You want your children to know their boundaries and you make sure they grow up with appropriate behavior throughout their life. You like to set a kind of hierarchy in your family which you want your children to respect. Being a fire sign, you want respect from your children throughout your life and you know the value of your own time and you are not afraid of giving yourself a break. Undoubtedly you are full of life and would sacrifice your world for your children without a second thought.
Your weaknesses: being a fire sign, you become fiercely angry, so you should be little careful with your kids.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

The role of good or bad fatherhood in kids' life

Father figures are expected, from the very start of one’s life, to be wise and powerful. They are expected to solve our problems, to be with us when in need, accompany us to children park, tell us stories, protect us. They are judicious and kind, perhaps a little tough at times but always fair—but most importantly, we expect them to be always, on our side. 

To make fun of someone who has problems with their father, even after acknowledging their discomforting longing, is humiliating and rude. It’s completely alright for someone to desire a fatherly figure in their lives, especially, when in chaos and confusions. It’s utterly hurtful to want someone to protect us and fail at finding anyone at sight.

When does it start?

This notion of desiring a fatherly figure comes from our childhood—when we’re both young and immensely week, and need protection from everything that might hurt us. In our childhood, even a cat of a considerable size can kill us—things were mysterious when we were young, and often were outside of our control. To wish for a father in befalling situations is completely natural. The adult longing for a good father is a consequential emotion from not having a good father in the childhood. It’s a result of abandonment.

According to a study at Erikson University in 2009, a grown man evidently seems extremely impressive to a small child. For a child, a grown man knows everything; the capital of India, how to drive a bicycle, how to fight, how to catch a ball. They can lift you up with their immense power. They go to bed secretly late, and wake up earliest in the morning. They can swim and let you ride their back. Fathers, by their all difference, are beyond astonishing creature.

People with father problems, contrary to its paradox, are almost, always, the ones who didn’t have very good fathers when they were small. Maybe their fathers were incredibly strong, but at the same time cruel or maybe disinterested. Perhaps, they were busy, and weren’t around much or perhaps they left after a disturbing fight. Perhaps, they divorced their wives, or may be they died. This is what, in many surprising ways, incline us to some tricky behaviors. This lead us to develop absurd fantasies, irrelevant to our maturity level and skepticism, around the idea of male protection.
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We, even after the years of failing and learning our lessons, all by ourselves—still remain like a young child we once were. In a way, we were not allowed to mature away from our unquenched fantasies of fathers. We still, secretly, desire someone to step in and take the role. We want someone else to make our big decisions, we want them to protect us, and be tough around us. We want them, in a certain mysterious way, to vanish our problems from our life.

No matter how independent and self-sufficient we act, at the end of the day, we want them to sort out our money problems, we expect them to get angry when anyone tries to hurt us, to be proud of us when we achieve something—to love us for who we are, and primarily, accept us. To fulfill this intrinsic desire, we look out for fathers in friendships, at work, and all the places we emotionally visit.

We all must, if our emotions allow, accept that the adulthood fantasy of fathers is not of a good father. As absurd as it may sound, a good father is the one who boldly and honestly accepts that he isn’t that powerful and cannot solve all our problems. They are conscious that they can’t magically save us from the countless dangers of this world, no matter how much they wish to. They are also honest about this, and tell us the truth as soon as we’re strong enough to face it. Out of love, they let us know that there are not perfect fathers and the best they can do is help us grow, in the best way possible.

What do we need?

We markedly don’t need just a father, we need a good father figure. Someone who could help us out of our father issues, someone who encourage us to talk, acknowledges our sufferings and fears, and deeply wants the best for us and isn’t reluctant to say so; but who at the same time, out of love, wants to help us come to terms with a messy and essentially a disappointing world. A man, who out of love, will encourage you to be independent and, specifically, not to fantasize that anyone, however outwardly imposing, can do the impossible for you. And, shamelessly deny that anyone, even for the love and hate, will always be there for you by your side.

Good fathers allow us to accept the truth that there are, in the end, no fathers; just an independent you—who eventually, by failing and learning, becomes someone else’s, good father. 
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Monday, 1 May 2017

Gift yourself a good health and long life from today with these simple tips

It’s easier to say someone “live long life”, but there are some rules to actually make this phrase true. A healthy lifestyle is more like maintaining a car. Health is equally significant for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or a Gen-Xer. But the good news is, like any other thing in the world, we can take full charge of our health and can nurture and enhance it well with the right knowledge. Most of the information we gather from internet is mix of several diet plans, exercise, etc. and we find some new and different tips on different online sites which further brings confusion and we end up leaving all away and chose to live with ‘let it be” attitude.

Here is a list of ways through which one can indeed live a healthy life and add much more healthy years to life. Some of the healthy tips are taken directly from the World Health Organization, Doctors and Mayo Clinic.
Let’s dig into the wonderful ways to prolong your life right from today

Healthy diet is a key to healthy life
According to World Health Organization, one must avoid consumption of sodium and sugar in excess and rather should start consuming more vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains. Besides that, increasing social life and bringing a shift in one’s mindset from negative to positive takes one a step ahead towards a healthy living. Social life helps one cope up with traumas, reduce stress and encourage people to avoid unhealthy habits or lifestyles such as drinking, smoking etc.

Exercise regularly
Exercise undoubtedly must be added in your must-do list of every day. According to National Institute of Health, exercise for at least 2.5 hours per week increase life expectancy by around 4.5 years.

Take good sleep
In such hectic schedule of everyday life where people not only juggle to do well in professional front but also have to fulfill needs of personal relationships and hence often forget to give enough time to self.  Think of those times that you wasted sitting and staring at your phone, playing games during your off-the-clock hours. Time management is a must learn the art for everybody in today’s era. To take wiser decisions in life, one must have a peaceful mind which can only be attained through enough sleep and rest. Let’s dig into some powerful benefits of having good sleep;
•    8 hours of sleep everyday prevents cancer
•    It keeps heart healthy
•    It reduces stress
•    Helps one to stay fit and to lose unwanted weight
•    It reduces tension and risk of depression
•    Keeps skin and body healthy

Consume plenty of water everyday
Health is wealth! We all have heard this phrase most of the time. If we think about this phrase practically, we’ll find that this is so true. If you are healthy, you will not have to spend your old age paying your hospital bills. In order to stay healthy, water is required as it helps to clear out toxins from the body which causes several health problems. Besides, water moisturizes your joints and keeps you away from body aches and any other healthy ailments.