Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Attitude is the altitude of Life – Light it up

To light a candle is to enlighten the darkness. Inner fire is the most important element we human-kind possess. Just that the spark is lying deep asleep, somewhere within us. Deepawali, being the auspicious festival of lights, is the perfect time to rekindle the fire, hope and faith within us and celebrate triumph over darkness. Human life is an interesting journey through peaks and valleys. The high and lows, twists and unexpected turns will put us on tests, to pass through this beautiful journey. Individuals’ inspirations and aspirations, in such situations, help them get up and go higher. Because, how the journey ends, lies in our own hands and what matters the most is how substantial our journey progressed. Illuminated by the fire within, there is indefinite light inside us. Hope is our positive approach and apt attitude to utilise the zest of Life. Despite all the darkness, faith helps you maintain the altitude of your aspirations. This faith is like the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. Keeping your beliefs firm, look for your light and let fly! Dawn is near! 

Be willing - Socialise and maintain healthy accords. Positivity starts from living a luminous life; free of ego, hurt, despair and grievances. When troubled we often tend to not get too close to people, for, at that time we get negative and feel darkness inside us. Human relationships are strange. In reality, we all have this dark side in us that comes out only when things are not right and we can’t see the light of hope reaching out to us. Our attitude at that particular time determines how we are judged in the society and as a person. Maneuvering other people, in their time of need and odd-most situations, is another dimension, a person is judged for, their giving back approach towards life. Who wouldn’t want to stand out as an exuberant personality? 

Believe in you! And radiate your positive attitude... 

Live a life without limitations! Every time you fall down, you will learn something new. Take your notes and get ready for the next one. Don’t let your mind, sway away in the chaos and hamper the choices that you are making. Because these choices shape your future course of actions and once you’ve given up, there is no hope. You will only win if you don’t give up. Make choices, design a path for you, take wrong turns, mark the faulty ways, learn from the failures and go ahead. Just don’t stop. Don’t let anything hold you back.

Tough situations and blockades often hinder from reaching the desired destination. There are moments when we are demotivated to the chores and giving up seems to be the only viable option. But just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean a way-out isn’t present. The light in you, will show you the way, you just have to re-kindle the spark and look out.

No goal is too big and no dream is too far- fetched

Learn & excel in the art of Life and positive approach to ‘Live’ the same. Don’t just spend the life in wait of right time to change our attitude and make things work. Get up and inspire yourself. Find your strength, stand for your purpose and encourage others to go positive and make our existence, worth it. 

Life is Unpredictable. Willing or not, we have to take what comes our way. We are all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it! Why hide when we can enjoy the madness. This Deepawali burst the box of ego and misunderstandings and light the ‘Diyas’ of hope and faith. Enjoy the ‘you’ in yourself and let others appreciate your uniqueness. If you can feel, you are not alone, then light it up and let it go. This Deepawali lets pledge to accept the challenges gracefully, enlighten ourselves over the darkness and take higher the spirits of life. Let’s shine and have a blast – with or without crackers!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Diwali: A festival that dispels our inner darkness and rekindles our hopes

"Diwali" originated from a Sanskrit word (Deepawali) which means “a row of lights. The festival unites all the religions together and signifies the triumph of light over darkness in all religions. The festival even marks the beginning of a new year for most of the Hindus. The festival historically symbolizes the triumph of Good over evil where all the people coming from different religions has some history behind which ultimately gives us one common lesson, that “Evil can never stand in front of good for long and has to end after a level

Thus, people celebrate this victory by lighting Diya, lamps, feast with friends and families, etc. Goddess Lakshmi is another universal factor which binds the people of all religions globally, hence people keeps their homes clean and decorated with lights, brighten lamps to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in their home and for happiness and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, who is known as the goddess of wealth is worshiped on this day where people ask her for assistance In harvesting and expanding spiritual abundance, such as emotions of forgiveness, compassion for others, kindness, love, etc.
Diwali is also a time when we attempt to relight the lamps of true wisdom in our hearts and mind, which help us disperse the forces of darkness and negative emotions within us and allow our inner goodness and brilliance shine forth. 
Diwali is a not only an occasion to celebrate with lights and love, but also an opportunity to keep awakening the inner beauty while evaluating your negative emotion and eliminate them to let the inner light rejoice within and begin the internal  transformation for a better soul and a better life. Moreover, it is an occasion to discover and rekindle the sense of love, respect, kindness, skillfulness towards others and shine our beautiful light out into the world.
Most importantly, just like the flame of lamps which points upward always, Diwali is a time to let the worries of last year flow out and appreciate the things you have while setting a goal for coming year with a renewed spirit and passion. On this context, it reminds the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Diwali is an opportunity and a reminder to “be the change you want to see in the world”.
On this auspicious occasion, AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes everyone a very Happy and prosperous Diwali and a very all the best to shine out loud your inner light into the world with great passion and renewed sense of spirit.