Monday, 14 March 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder – is this really a true statement?

We love beauty of the nature; we look at waterfalls, mountains, snowfalls and get excited like a small kid. We admire the beauty of various actresses, from Elizabeth Taylor to Madhubala who still hold us fascinated with their soothing beauty.
Is nature aware about the beauty it carries? Would these actresses have ever realized their beauty if there was no admiration by their fans or audience?
“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, a very believed phrase since centuries. It is usually used to denote beauty in subjectivity. But, I might find something abominable which other person might find beautiful, is the subjectivity of that beauty justify this believed phrase?
The fact we often miss to look at while believing on this oft-used statement is the inherent expression of beauty in the object or in insight of its creator. Did Leonardo Da Vinci know that his paintings would be appreciated and admired by the art lovers for centuries? Did the creators of Taj Mahal know that the beauty of Taj Mahal will mystify people forever? Were these art or other architecture ugly when created and only gain beauty later when perceived by the beholders’ eyes? Or was it inherently beautiful when created but no beholder’ eye could see the beauty?
Is beauty really subjective? Will our photographs be appreciated by the human generation of 2050 which are being considered as utmost beauty today by the beholders? Some of them may love and some of them might not even choose to look at those pictures. So will it justify that the art or beauty is subjective?
It is easier for us to appreciate the beauty of nature than the beauty based purely on human imagination or completely an abstract imaginative art. Why, because we easily relate to the beauty of nature with our own experiences; whether a beautiful bird, ocean, landscapes, waterfalls or our patriotic emotions. Appreciation of beauty derives through relation and association. One can only appreciate the beauty of an object when he/she can relate and associate with that art or object.

Beauty lies not in the eyes of beholder, but in the eyes of creator, artist. There is always a thought, an understanding, a concept in artists’ mind while creating an object. The beholder who actually sees and understands the deeper concept of the art can see the beauty of the art, and others just gaze upon it. Beauty lies inherent within the object.
The concept “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” keeps us away to feel the real essence of art, the understanding and insight of an artist. The truth is, beauty lies in the object itself, an artist can help us discern it, or few eyes can perceive it.

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