Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Wonderful ways to turn your endings into new beginnings

When you cannot find a reason to continue anymore, you must begin searching for a reason to start over. There is a huge difference between giving up and making courage to start over in a right direction. And surprisingly, there are three beautiful words that can indeed help you release from your past regrets and show you a way forwards towards the positive beginnings. Those three words are “From now onwards”.

Hence, from now onwards,

Let go the things you have no control upon
Most of the things have forcefully become a part of your life because you keep thinking about them. Positive things happen in our life when we distance ourselves from the negative things. So stop holding on the grudges, regrets and create space to breathe in positive feelings and positive things. Shift your focus from the things which are out of your control to the things you can well control and create a beautiful transformation.

Learn to accept and embrace the truth
To acknowledge the true beauty of life, one must understand that everything in life happens for you, not to you. And everything happens at the right moments, neither earlier not late. For all that you lose; you gain something new; if nothing than an experience a new learning. So pay attention to your outlook towards life, your thoughts. Remember, the choice is all yours, either regret for the things you do not have or rejoice for the things you have and for the abilities you have to get what you do not have.

Recondition your mind
Change is not a part of the process, it is indeed a process. In fact, the only thing in life we can count upon is “change”. And the first step to embrace the change is to break the shackles of your old conditioning which limit your thoughts and recondition your mind with unconditional possibilities. Change your outlook towards yourself and life. Allow the universe to take you to the unforeseen areas of life, allow the unexpected turns in life open new ways for you. Sometimes all you need it to change and broaden your perspective to see the master plan of God behind the changes ou encounter in life.

Dare to Take Chance
Rolling out a major change in life or trying something beyond your conventional boundaries can be challenging and scary, but what’s even scarier is regretting not taking a chance. In truth, most of your fears are much greater in your mind than they actually are. Don’t let these fears stop you, because your potential is much greater than you’ve ever imagined. Carry on with your life, live it so that you never need to lament the chances you never took, the adoration you never let in, and the blessings you never gave out.

Appreciate your learning and experiences
Nothing is more powerful and beautiful than a smile that has battled through the tears and sorrows. Do not let go this learning experience while regretting for the past mistakes, even the moments that were filled with hurt can give you greater experiences and learnings in life to lead you towards a better tomorrow. Smile because you have gained strength and rise above your failures and past mistakes. Ultimately, it’s not what you’ve been through that characterises who you are; but it’s the way you got through your past regrets that have made you the person you are today and the person you are capable of being tomorrow.

Every steps in life in significant
Nothing is insignificant in life, and nothing is wrong. Each step in our life brings a new learning. Whatever step you took yesterday was important to step ahead and to reach where you are today. So be proud of yourself that you’ve been battling all the hurdles to grow and to reach your desired destination in life.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Celebrating the Eternal bond of Radha and Krishna – happy Janamashtmi

Lord Krishna’s worship is believed to be incomplete without Radha, who was Krishna’s childhood friend, soul mate and supreme beloved. Radha’s devotion and love overcame all barriers and became eternal. Radha and Krishna were inseparable lovers despite the fact that Radha was married to Ayana. But their love could not stand the test of the duty that Lord Krishna had to face. Lord Krishna had to leave Radha and Vrindavan to ensure that the ideals of justice and truth were established, and had to let down the ideal of his own love.

Later, Lord Krishna defeated his enemies numerous times, became a kind and even married number of times. But Radha’s love is believed to be so divine and pure that she kept waiting for Lord Krishna to come back to her and she herself obtained the status of a deity with her name, inseparably linked to Krishna.

Although Lord Krishna was adored by numerous Gopis in Vrindavan, Radha’s ocean of love and devotion for Krishna was incomparable. ‘Krishna enchants the whole world, but Srimati Radhika enchants even Him. Therefore, Radha is the Supreme Goddess.’ 

Krishna is the God, whereas Radha is the soul. Krishna is the possessor of energy and Radha is his energy (Shakti). She is the personification of the higher form of love and by her mercy; her soul is connected with the love of Krishna. The bond between Radha and Krishna has become an example of the pure and highest form of love, an enduring union of the higher completion. 

The image of Radha and Krishna which has always seen together, always reminds us to keep our soul pure and to spread love. Love has broader definition; love yourself, love your parents, love your friends, love your life partners; and when you truly love, you never look for the outcome, and when you freed yourself from the shackles of expectation, you become a free loving soul who manifests love, purity, truth, and contentment to your way.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Wonderful Quotes that will help you find happiness all around

We often get depressed due to some setbacks we face in our life. The life gives us thousands of reasons to smile, on the other hand, this same life makes us fall hard, breaks our dreams, brings chaos and setbacks. But we all fail to understand the reasons behind those setbacks, the falls until and unless we get up once again and rise even higher than before. Whatever happens in our life always makes us wiser person and help us grow as human being.
Let’s have a look at some quotes written by those who have faced drastic setbacks and falls in life, and made the courage to get up, learnt and finally have succeeded in searching the deserved paths of their lives.

Use these beautiful quotes as a way to start your day with positivity and refer them every time you feel low or lost in life.

"For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness"
                                                                                                            – Ralph Waldo Emerson

True that one cannot feel happiness while encountering end number of setbacks and sorrows in life. One cannot shift his emotion from anger to happiness suddenly. But what one can do is to let the emotions peacefully flow out and shift the focus on other positive things around to slowly get into the happy state of mind. It may take some time, but as long as you are trying to head yourself towards more positive direction and shifting your focus more on positive sides, you’ll be attracting more reasons to be happy and keep a smile on your face.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"
                                                                                                                     – Mahatma Gandhi

When your emotions, your actions and words are in sync, you can easily sum up the feeling of happiness. Whereas any part of this equation breaks down, you begin to lose your grab on your happy thoughts and feelings. Hence, one should always express true feelings and must make actions as per his/her will. Going against your internal system for guidance will surely keep your desired happiness away from you.

"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be"
                                                                                                                     – Abraham Lincoln
Life is like a buffet and we encounter all sorts of emotions, situations and people in life. Some will make you happy, while others may make your feel bad, but it’s you who decide what is important for you to focus upon. All you need is to make up your mind to be happy, and then lock all the ways to look back. By realising the fact that you hold the key to your happiness, which is just a decision away can be proved to be a real breakthrough in your life.

"Count you age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears"  
                                                                                                                             – John Lennon

One can indeed find a lot of harmony and peace in this quote, and it can really help you boost up your state of mind during the low moments. If you feel you are leaving behind some good friends or relationships in life while running to make your professional life stronger, it’s time to get back in touch with those old friends and relationships and be open to make new ones. And if you feel you have more sad moments which are becoming reasons of your tears, time to introspect and have a look deeply, you have much more things around to be thankful for and which can instantly bring a smile on your face.

"Be a whole brain thinker. Use your reason and emotion always together. Yes, it's challenging. But only this practice can bring success and happiness in your life"
                                                                                                        – Success Guru AK Mishra

Friday, 19 August 2016

AK Mishra's Life Lovers Club - Revealing the secrets of successful life

AK Misha's Life Lovers Club counts on recreating an optimized working environment and fostering human values that are the cornerstones of leading a happy and successful life. Human Beings are social animals and most evolved species. At AK Mishra's Life Lovers Club, we not only encourage people to outperform, but also make them realize the significance of bringing about substantial changes in the lives of others, thus we also lay the foundation of a healthy and growth oriented environment. Explore the nature, traverse the spontaneity of Life with our AK Mishra’s Life Lover Club.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Rakshabandhan – A day to remind us the significance of Human Relations

Every festival In India is celebrated with love and joy, and each festival has its unique story or history behind, that represent Indian civilization. Amongst all these Indian festival, there is one of the most special festivals that show a warm love and bond of brother and sisters, i.e., Rakhsha Bandhan. Rakhsha Bandhan observes every year to chase bond of brother and sister.

As per the beliefs of Indian Civilization and culture, Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious Day when Sister ties Rakhi or sacred thread on her Brother’s wrist while praying to God for his wellbeing, where the brother takes a pledge to save his sister from all the evil and asperities of life. The festival helps us recall enduring love of siblings. Though the festival has several historical values; one of them is quite famous. During the time when Rajputs were fighting Muslim Invasion, Rakhi was meant to be a spiritual thread to recall the brothers that they have to protect their sisters in every situation. Once the widowed queen of Chittor, Rani Karnavati realized that she cannot protect the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah anyhow, so she sent a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun. When Humayun received the Rakhi, he immediately understood that Rani Karnavati needs his help and without wasting a minute, he took a pledge to save her emperor from the enemy and finally succeed.

The festival shows the faithful bond of sisters and brother and reminds us every year that nothing is bigger than human bonds and relationships in life. While, we run to earn money, do well in our professional life, we often forget to give deserving time to such relationships, and unknowingly these relationships often take a backseat in our life. The relationships, bonding has been the true source of joy for centuries. And hence such festivals came into existence which still are being celebrated with by each and every person in India regardless of their cast, culture, race, and color that truly signifies that the essence of relationships, bond, and love will never fade away. These festivals are just a reminder, but for us humans, every day should be a day to cherish and celebrate the pleasure of having beautiful relationships; between couples, kids and parents, friends, siblings, and we must stand by each other in the hours of crises.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

How new age parenting should focus on building patriotism in their children

Parents are the major aspect behind what values children learn while growing up. In order to raise a versatile child, one of the most important factors is to make your children grow as responsible citizens and building patriotism in them. The behavior of children largely depends upon the parents’ attitude. Children follow everything their parents do and form the same attitude. Thus, it is very important for the parents to set the right examples for their kids. Hence, Parents should keep showing the feeling of belongingness and love for the country. 

Since, Independence Day is near, AK Mishra’s Art of Success, while wishing you all a very happy Independence Day, suggest each and every parent to keep your kids abreast about the sacrifices of our national leaders, freedom fighters and how our country achieved independence in 1947, before which we were under the rule of Britain. Just as parents teach children to tie their shoes, to talk in a positive manner, to study, understand science concepts and events in history, so they must be taught to develop the qualities of character that are valued by their families and by the communities in which they live. It is only through the right guidance of parents or caring adults through which children accustom the qualities of being honest, truthful, to stand up for their principles, to be responsible towards the country and to make sound moral decisions. 

Although all the schools celebrate Independence day & Republic Day and encourage students’ participation. But at the end, it depends upon the parents how they encourage students to make their participation in the republic day or Independence day contests organized by schools and housing Co-operative societies.

Catechize children about honor and respect

Children must be taught to honor and respect the national emblem, national flag and other national symbols. Along with this, they should also be taught to keep their country clean as a mark of respect for the country. 

Sharing stories of freedom fighters 

Grand parents or parents should narrate the stories of the freedom struggle to the children. Along with organizing various functions or programs on Independence Day and Republic Day, schools should also initiate interaction session between the defense personnel (Such as army members, air force and others) and children, where they share stories of war, and other vital issues.

Patriotic Activities

Although schools teach students about the patriotic songs such as National Anthem and so forth, parents should also keep taking their kids out to visit historic places which hold patriotic significance.


Parents should make their children watch the parade to let them witness the rich culture and diversity of various states of India. Parents should also educate them about the significance of the parade, which every year telecasts on television on Republic Day and Independence Day.

Children are the future of our nation and we must strike to make our country’s future bright. Hence, Patriotism should be instilled in the children in order to raise them as better citizens.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Why Self-Esteem matters

Whether it’s personal, professional or social, high self-esteem is extremely important in every aspect of life. Yet, many struggle to find it. Not only is your DNA and fingerprints different from everyone else; your mind, your looks, your way of thinking and your approach towards life is unique too! Many with low self-esteem are not expressive. In other words, they find their beliefs, opinions, and thoughts insignificant and try to conceal or suppress them. So here are a few simple ways to help you develop good self-esteem and experience a profound shift in your life.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

·         Know That you are Unique
Accept the fact that you are unique and special. Every human being is unique and born with some extraordinary traits; you just need to recognize those special gifts you are blessed with. However, to recognize these gifts, you will have to accept the fact that you are unique and cannot be compared with anyone else in the world, because there is no one else in the world who is quite like you.
Wherever you cast your glance, you will find diversity which attests to the fact that your belief, thinking process and perception towards life also differs. So, if nature has made you so unique and special, shouldn’t you accept this uniqueness and embrace it as much as you can? Love yourself, because you are unique. When you respect yourself and show the world your true self, the world will love you. And if they don’t, just let it be, because everyone has their own opinions and choices.

·         Consider yourself to be equally Significant
Many people fail to realize that their thoughts and opinions can bring about profound changes in a situation or sometimes even in someone’s life. Hence it is imperative to do away with toxic thoughts and beliefs and air your views and voice your opinion, which may not provide a solution all the time, but can sometimes create a difference in somebody’s life or circumstances. And the best way to enhance your self-esteem is to consider yourself to be equally significant as others and love yourself for the way you are.

·         Learn From Failures
Generally, people with low self-esteem beat themselves up when they make a mistake or an error of judgment. A feeling of “being good for nothing” takes over, because they either failed in something, lost a job or may have been dumped in a relationship. But it should be realized, that these events play a major role in life and occurs to bring out your hidden and true personality, to teach you lessons and to help you grow in life. So how you perceive these failures and you react to them, is what reveals your true character. Hence, if you are likely to encounter such agonies in life, always remind yourself that it’s just a tiny particle of the multiple components and layers that make up the real you.
A Positive outlook towards life and confidence in yourself and your abilities will help you sail through all the problems of life and you will learn how to soldier on and live every day with unfathomable vigor and vitality.

Advantages of High Self-Esteem
  •  Life will be lighter, simpler and more meaningful
  • You will experience a deeper sense of stability
  • Less self-criticism
  • More happening and nurturing relationships
  • A happier person

Tips to raise self-esteem

  •  Fire your internal critic
  •  Adopt healthy habits to stay motivated
  • Practice a little self-appreciation each day
  • Pen down the three traits or things you like about yourself every evening
  • Do what is right and not what is easy
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and skip the perfectionism
  • Learn from failures, mistakes and setbacks and deal with such situations more positively
  • Treat others with kindness
  • Experiment with new stuff or things
  • Don’t give into the comparison bully
  • Spend quality time with people who help you grow and avoid the negative kind, who drain your energy
  • Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Transform the way you experience life

In this fast-paced era, humans are encircled with various responsibilities and juggles with numerous things at a time; be it career, relationships, studies, responsibilities towards family and kids and a lot more. All our plans to lead a peaceful life is falling flat owing to countless anxieties, tensions, and other negative emotions and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that our life is caught between the devil and deep blue sea.
In the rush to get it all done, people forget to realize the fact that they are losing their productivity at every sphere and increasing their stress level. This stress further zaps our concentration and makes us frustrated, depressed and irritable. Stress not only gives us unnerving and harrowing experiences but also harm our relationships at professional and personal front.
However, the key to bring balance in our life and decrease the amount of stress level is “yoga and Meditation”. You must have noticed that when someone feels happy his/her sitting posture is different, and when someone feels sad, the sitting posture gets different, you sometimes even manage to analyze the person’s mood by theirs sitting posture.
Similarly, while performing yoga, your postures play a very vital role. By consciously getting your body into a particular posture, you can indeed elevate your consciousness and can transform the way you feel, think and experience life.
This is a well-known fact that your thoughts have incredible power to either ruin your life or make it wonderful heaven. The world is projection of our own mind; the external environment is the reflection of the environment in our selves. As our emotions, mind and nature are all in synch; a perfect balance is most required. We lost our control due to stress, tensions, etc. which leads us to negative thoughts, and we look for the solution in outer environment believing that nothing is well around us. Above everything else, we first need to clear our inner environment which is polluted with stress, negative emotions, negative thoughts, tensions, frustrations, etc.
Hence, the key to reinforcing our inner balance and harmonize or tune our outer world is yogic science.

Cleaning the inner environment with Yoga
By devoting few minutes in yoga or meditation, our emotions and mind become more subtle and refined. Our thinking process and our outlook towards day to day incidents and life get transformed.
Simply sitting in a posture with calm mind and focusing on breath can give astonishing results to the beginners who do not have the know-how of yoga, On the other hand; stretching your body in a right posture increases the amount of flexibility and reduces rigidity in body which directly reflects in your behavior, mind and soul.
Power of food and yogic diet 
The food we consume daily shapes our thinking process as like other organs, our brain too is nourished by the food we take. Impure food brings forth negative thinking in the mind, on the contrary pure and healthy diets that include fruits and vegetables foster positive thinking. It becomes essential to adopt good eating habits if we want to derive maximum out of yoga. The benefits of practicing yoga and vegetarian diet has been known to Indian sages and sneers since ages and now modern-day scientists has attested to the fact that yoga and vegetarian diet is not only essential for healthy mind but can also ward off life-threatening diseases. Practicing yoga and vegetarian diet fosters good mental as well as physical health. By bringing yoga into our life, we bring precious relaxation for our body, and good food compliments it and makes our state of mind more relaxing and contented.
Yoga practitioners should always prefer vegetarian diet as it helps improves health, increases vitality and gives calm state of mind and healthy body. Wheat, barley, milk, cereals, almonds, honey, tomatoes, cheese, butter, good amount of food and sugar candy – all the wholesome and natural products of pure environment.
Ishwara Pranidhana 
Those who set about practicing Ishwara Pranidhana consider themselves as toys in the hands of God or feel like children lying in the lap of universal mother. In that case, we go unperturbed by what happens to us as we bestow our trust in the divine who knows the whys and wherefores of everything and understand what we need better than us. Once we surrender ourselves to the will of almighty, our worldly desire to amass wealth or put ourselves in strife and struggles cease to exist for we know that God will provide us everything we actually need. Our old pattern of thinking that is modeled on our doubts, fears and insecurities no longer exist instead new positive shoots of acceptance and hope emerge and bloom into beautiful flowers of compassion and love for our fellow travelers.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

AK Mishra's Art of Success for Parenting - Helping parents raise kids to...

Proper parenting is vitally important to shape the future of kids so parents ought to infuse appropriate and positive behavior in their children. Help your kids internalise all the positive emotions, give your child the required time, make him/her feel loved and special in order to help them grow as happy, successful and lovable adults. AK Mishra's Art of Success training sessions endeavor to help parents chalk up right parenting skills which enable them to pare down parenting flaws and condition their children positively.

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