Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Manoj Bhargava – A college dropout, a billionaire and an incredible inspiration for every Human Being

A convincing success is one that helps others get over their miseries and hardships of life. Most of industrialists amass abundance of wealth and pass it on to the next generation which often goes underutilized. However, generating wealth and distributing it to the needy ones is the highest virtue and this is what veteran Industrialist Mr. Manoj Bhargav did.  To create wealth and distribute it among the needy is the highest virtue and this is what Mr. Manoj Bhargava did.  

Mr. Manoj Bhargava has set an incredible example by activating his substantial wealth to benefit as many people as possible. His fervent desire to serve humanity and uplift the living standards of people is unrivaled and imitable.

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian Businessman and a philanthropist. He was born in India and migrated to U.S in his early ages. Unlike a normal philanthropist who usually donates portion of his money for noble causes, Bhargava went out of the way and became an inspiration for people.

Manoj Bhargava was born in Lucknow in 1952. Being a mathematics wizard, he earned a scholarship at school in Pennsylvania. Soon after his early schooling, he entered in Princeton University and within the first year he dropped out to go to India to gain spiritual learning at Hanslok Ashram, New Delhi.

He started earning his living as a taxi driver and construction worker. Mr. Bhargava, business acumen was nonpareil and he also helped his family in their plastic business.  With his incredible intelligence, dedication and passion; he raised its revenue to 20 million dollars, and then sold the company to a private equity firm.

Keeping his eye on his ultimate goal, he managed to cover numerous horizons of the industry by starting firms like Microdose life science (Deals in medical devices), an investment firm named ETC Capital, Stage 2 innovation (fuel efficiency field), and most importantly the most successful idea and firm “5- Hour Energy”. The sales of focus drink increased overnight and played major role in making Manoj Bhargava a billionaire.

Bhargava with his incredible passion and realization of brain power is not only celebrating his success with the world but also initiating and working to bring a drastic change in the world. The current projects on which he’s working are 1. Renew (a methodology to enhance blood circulation in the body which will further assist the natural blood pump of our body, our heart and hence improve the immunity of the body), 2. Rainmaker (A machine that can distill the gallons of sea water into the distilled water, and the amount of purity required can be set on the machine), And 3. Free Electric (And here comes an ultimate idea of Manoj Bhargava, a machine that has the capability to wipe out electricity problems from all over the world. Free Electricity uses a simple concept of bicycling, which converts mechanical energy of paddling by into electrical energy which can be stored for further usage. By paddling the cycle for one hour, this machine can produce non-polluting energy to power up the house for 24 hours).

He is an another inspiration for every human being, who has the same potential, same brain power, but his utilization of his brain power and potential is incredible which is possible for every human being on this earth. Right belief, right goal, right guidance and right realization of potential and brain power are what each human being required in order to bring drastic transformation not only in self but in the world.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Year - Time to Make After Your Cherished Dreams and Aspirations

Although, New year has several significance and comes every year, One should always consider it as a recalling from universe that it’s never too late for new beginnings and life gives you multitudinous opportunities to leave behind the not too happening past, get learning and renew yourself in order to eliminate the low points or traits and highlight or bring out the positive side of your personality. 
New Year is a time for celebrations, harmony, love and not to forget “Newer Resolutions”. Newer resolutions cannot be made overnight, but requires quality of time with Inner self. To get charge of your coming year in your hand, you must first have a recap of the previous year. Have a quick review of your year, the lower and higher moments you had, the root of higher and cause of lower moments, your relationships, your emotions (anger, love, frustration), which either helped you become more closer to your loved ones or your anger/frustration created conflicts in your relationship (both at personal or professional front). Analyze your feelings you had as an outcome of the conflicts you had and the closer relationships you managed to create or maintain. Recall what justice you did at your work front, how closer you came to your goal and what mistakes you did that create a bit delay in achieving your goals. And then ask yourself, confront yourself and make a confession. Identify the areas that need to be buttressed and weaknesses that need to be weeded out. You must also vow to eliminate all personality related flaws so that you could swimmingly achieve targets and goals.   
New Year is a time to size up the events of past year so that you can identify the areas of improvement. It’s time when you scoop out the things or hunches owing to which your dreams and aspirations have been shattered.
Take a leap of faith and begin this New Year by learning to believe. Believe in yourself! Have belief that life is all about learning and moving to a new chapter with a better personality, soul and revived goals. Believe that you can overcome any obstacles that may appear in your path during the coming year. Believe that you can transform those things you don’t like and strengthen those things in you that makes you more beautiful as a person and gives you more contented life. Believe that you can enjoy and love your closed ones, your colleagues, you friends, your family and you are open to guide them and learn from them whenever required. Believe! It will free your soul and unleash your creativity. Your new year can begin any day you choose. Since this is New Year, let’s begin from here.

AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes you all a great, fulfilling, meaningful and more blissful New Year!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Success Mantras for Entrepreneurs

Achieving success can`t be taught to anyone. It`s only learned over the period of time. Success means different things to different people. It’s a relative term. Though, success depends upon several factors which are uniform for anyone working in any domain.
Talking about people who are looking to start as entrepreneurs, they must have the patience to gain thorough knowledge, analyze the competition, risk factors and most importantly courage to conquer all the challenges with right wisdom and belief. Moreover, it is very important to do the complete groundwork before beginning the journey as an entrepreneur.
Besides, an entrepreneur must have the ability and right wisdom to take the rejections and consider rejection as steps of ladder which ultimately leads to perfection. As Success cannot be achieved overnight; it requires patience, passion, aggression, self-belief and unshackled confidence to convert rejection or failures into an opportunity.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs must keep in mind the following mantras to climb the ladder of success: 
1. Clear goal/vision: A well-defined vision and goal is very important in order to be a successful entrepreneur. A clear vision and focused approach is the first practical step which comes once you get mentally ready to fight with the challenges.
2. Right planning: Before coming to execution, right planning is very necessary. Make a 2-5 years plan; build a platform for long-term growth, not short-term benefit or a quick win.
3. Passion: Fervor zeal to achieve your target can take you to unfathomable heights and endow you with requisite skills to duke it out, competitors.
4. Openness to take Risks: Another important factor to achieve success as entrepreneurs is open to take risks. Believing that you are used to getting success all the time does not make you successful overnight, rather it makes you over confident and makes you unable to be prepared to lose or visualizing the lacking areas. However successful entrepreneurs are the ones, who learn from their losses, visualize the risk factors using past learning, take financial risks in order to materialize their vision into realism.
5. Innovation: Innovation and creativity are the two prominent attributes of every successful entrepreneur.  You should be audacious enough to face all fears and allow your creative ideas to translate into success.
6. Confidence and self-belief: To enter individually into the competitive world as a thriving entrepreneur, you should have all the self-belief, confidence and enough courage to take up the challenges and try newer things or ideas to grab more knowledge or learning. Choosing a safe avenue does not work for an entrepreneur all the time, but using different ideas and learning to keep a backup plan, and visualizing the risk factors is what makes an entrepreneur successful.
7. Optimism: Optimistic approach always helps ward off unwarranted and unnecessary anxieties on the way of achieving their vision. The positive attitude helps you conquer all the challenges in day to day pursuits and give you the power to convert your challenges into opportunities.
8. Acceptance of the failures gracefully: The one who accepts failures well and use those experiences in order to build a stronger foundation for his business is the one who achieves greater success in life. People who have never faced failures or challenges in life can never experience something new and stop their learning. Playing safe eliminates the fun and new learning experiences; however successful entrepreneurs know that failures are nothing but stepping stones to success.
9. Customer/client’s needs: A successful entrepreneur knows that their customer is the king. Therefore, they always think from the viewpoint and needs of their customers so as to delight their customers and win their trust.
10. Leadership qualities: A successful entrepreneur is one who is socially and mentally prepared to head his team. You should be an apt decision maker. At the same time, you should be responsible enough to face the outcome of your actions without blaming others for it.
Though, there are various points one can mention here but above mentioned are the important ones and should be followed by everyone in order to optimize the available resources as the competition is cutthroat with ever changing market.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Is this a travesty of law?

Perpetrators of one of the most heinous and abominable “Nirbhaya” incident, which had sparked raging protests and jolted the whole nation, have been released. Is this the kind of justice we had ever conceived of in our dreams? The judgment has given rise to questions about the safety of women in our country.

Friday, 18 December 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success organized Life transforming training session on “Take Charge of Life”

AK Mishra’s Art of Success once again came up with an incredible training session on its foundation course “Take Charge of Life”. The life transformation training session was held at Zorba, The Buddha, Ghitorni, Delhi on 14th Dec 2015. The transforming journey of the participants began at 8am in the morning and continued till 6pm in the evening. Success Guru AK Mishra, being the chief speaker of the seminar and founder of AK Mishra’s Art of Success made participants entirely & beautifully engaged in the seminar with his wonderful music, truly a soul rejuvenating yoga and meditation, moreover his amazing talk session which empowered the participants with the art of taking charge of their life every moment.

The session was followed by yoga and meditation by a renowned yoga professional and continued with music, singing, dance and 3 different phases of talk sessions by Success Guru AK Mishra. Mr. Mishra discussed the importance of being in charge of emotions and how one can achieve the right and preferred state of mind by spending quality time with oneself. The session also helped participants lighten their heart and connecting to their soul through Osho meditation.

Participants were so delighted and overcome several fears, doubts and came up with more refined personality. The session was full of emotions, laughter, music, talk, discussion with an ultimate motive to bring out the actual personality of the participants, enable them to discover their true self, their own desires, and thoughts free from the perceptions of others.

When talked to Mr. AK Mishra on this, Success Guru AK Mishra said, every human being is born with unconditional and unique potential, each human being has power to achieve great and extraordinary success in life, however right guidance and self-discovery is vital which most of the people fail to get in life which in turns keep them unaware of their true potential. My ultimate motive of Art of Success training programme is introducing people with their true selves and their true potential in order to make them explore extraordinary heights of success”. 

Friday, 11 December 2015

Having a Sister is truly a bliss - Human Relations

Having a sister is truly a bliss , a sister's unfathomable love care and protection saves us from all the asperities and miseries of the world. She help us do away with all our mistakes with great finesse and assist in surmounting the harrowing experiences of life.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Success Guru AK Mishra Urged on Students to transcend their own expectations in Soul-Stirring Seminar at Patna

Seminar held at Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna was another coup and all students applauded success Guru AK Mishra motivational speech in one voice. They got a good fix on preparation strategy for Civil Services Examination and techniques to stave off unwarranted stress during preparation. Mr. Mishra speech strokes a chord with the students and they told that his speeches will be instrumental in shaping their future.

For more videos, stay tuned with us -- AK Mishra's Art of Success


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dr.Abha Singh on State-Of-The-Art AOS Training Programs

Dr. Abha Singh, Director at Amity University, said that we have gradually forgotten to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our feelings, thoughts and surroundings. She also acceded with Success Guru AK Mishra that we are not aware of our own being and congratulated him for pioneering different training courses.
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Be the Director of Your Own Thoughts

While addressing the jubilant audience in the jam-packed Shah auditorium in Delhi,Success Guru AK Mishra discoursed on the ways to remain always happy. He said that one can breeze through all the difficulties of life by keeping a positive state of mind and befriending right persons.