Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dream big but make your actions even bigger

Dreams are required for every successful professional to keep the passion alive and stay motivated, but instead of sitting back and weeping that nothing is going well as per their dream, those who make actions in order to make those dreams come true are the definite achievers. 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saturday Vibes

Finally another weekend has arrived. Make best use of this weekend this time in identifying your great purpose of life and set your short term & long term goals which enables you to stand unique out of the crowd. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fulfill your soul with spectrum of colors this Holi - AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes you all a very Happy Holi

Holi, A festival that brings out our inner child, makes us freed from any prejudices and biased. A festival of colors, a time for love, joy and to recall that we all are merge in the greater pursuit of happiness. As we have been hearing the story which goes like that; When Lord Krishna complained to his mother about Radha being fairer than he was. On which, His mother Yashoda asked him to put some colors on Radha’s face and see how she looks. After putting the colors on Radha Face, Lord Krishna no longer felt inferior to Radha, as he understood that it’s only a joy, happiness, and colors of love which makes us connected and help us revive our inner beauty. And this beauty is something we all should spread out to the world in order to beautify this world and our inner soul.

Eventually, Holi became a day which is beyond higher or lower, which breaks all the barriers of class and castes and bring people together to celebrate and spread magic of colors as one big pool of humanity. Colors take away our false sense of “otherness”, and bring us closer and instill togetherness taking away our ego and other negative emotions.  As we all know that even the 7 chakras in our body have specific colors which further depict our behavior and life. Even the science of color therapy, which we also call as Chromotherapy shows how several colors infuse different energies defining our behaviors, personality and lifestyle.

Let’s dig into the interpretation of color spectrum and how you can incorporate in life to become more dynamic, successful, happy and peaceful.

INDIGO helps you become wiser and give you a broader perspective

Indigo color signifies understand to the depth and ability to look at things from higher perspectives. Indigo can be well utilized when you are conducting any research work or pursuing higher studies. Thus, most of the offices are designed in a combination of brown wood and deep blue. The colors can also easily be used in our life through clothes, accessories, etc.

ORANGE helps you develop confidence skills and ability to socialize

As the sunrise gives us a sense of warmness, orange color also brings warmness in your personality and helps you develop better social connections. That’s a beauty of orange color; it gives both confidence and comfort. Professionally the best time to add orange color is in your presentations or during interviews or you could also add orange in social gatherings, party, wedding etc.

RED brings enthusiasm, love, alertness and energy

Red color not only revs up your energy but also brings enthusiasm in your life and lifts you out of sluggishness. To add a little excitement in your everyday life, you can use red colors as chilies in your food, or pack of some strawberries in your lunch or evening snacks, or by keeping a red rose on your table.

Green boosts up our luck, better your health and manifest wealth

Green is the color of abundance. Green is in nature, green vegetable are known to be healthiest vegetables. Green is the color of money as well.
Eating green vegetables, spending more time in nature (in Open Grass) indeed brings good luck in life and manifest financial growth. Putting plants at your home or at work space is a good option to manifest wealth and good luck in life.

Yellow makes you more persuasive while communicating to others and makes you more charming

Have you ever noticed that all the smiley icons are in yellow color? Yellow color adds an extra element to our conversation and makes us a better communicator. As sunflower brings ray of hope and positivity, yellow color in any object can bring that positivity in your emotions and in life. You can well utilize yellow color while cracking a deal which needs negotiation for maximum benefits. You can also place yellow color painting at work place or in your room to get maximum benefit of yellow color.

Violet color awakens your creativity skills

Although violet has also been used to depict royalty, but it also stimulates creativity and thus people who are more into the work of creativity like art direction, writing, film making can add violet color in their surroundings to get extra benefits.

Blue depicts royalty and enhance your sense of responsibility and calmness

Look at the sky for even 5 minutes and feel that calmness which nothing else can give you ever. If you have ever noticed, most of the company logos are of blue colors. Take example of LinkedIn, IBM, Skype, Ford, Apple, Dell and many more. Blue depicts sense of stability in growth.
Not to forget that entire spectrum emerges from one color which is “white”. White depicts peacefulness which is more required for a contented soul; one must never forget to add white color in life as even in the festival of Holi, people wear white to begin adding up more colors.
Not only on this Holi, but add colors in your life for everyday in order to live a fulfilled life.

AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes you all a very Happy Holi!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Recognize the uniqueness in your kids and cultivate your child's strengnth

Every human being is born unique with extraordinary traits. The creator has created some personal identity and endowed each one of us with some unique qualities. As parents, you must recognize that extraordinary quality in your child and cultivate it in order to raise your child as a successful person.  

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Monday, 14 March 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder – is this really a true statement?

We love beauty of the nature; we look at waterfalls, mountains, snowfalls and get excited like a small kid. We admire the beauty of various actresses, from Elizabeth Taylor to Madhubala who still hold us fascinated with their soothing beauty.
Is nature aware about the beauty it carries? Would these actresses have ever realized their beauty if there was no admiration by their fans or audience?
“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, a very believed phrase since centuries. It is usually used to denote beauty in subjectivity. But, I might find something abominable which other person might find beautiful, is the subjectivity of that beauty justify this believed phrase?
The fact we often miss to look at while believing on this oft-used statement is the inherent expression of beauty in the object or in insight of its creator. Did Leonardo Da Vinci know that his paintings would be appreciated and admired by the art lovers for centuries? Did the creators of Taj Mahal know that the beauty of Taj Mahal will mystify people forever? Were these art or other architecture ugly when created and only gain beauty later when perceived by the beholders’ eyes? Or was it inherently beautiful when created but no beholder’ eye could see the beauty?
Is beauty really subjective? Will our photographs be appreciated by the human generation of 2050 which are being considered as utmost beauty today by the beholders? Some of them may love and some of them might not even choose to look at those pictures. So will it justify that the art or beauty is subjective?
It is easier for us to appreciate the beauty of nature than the beauty based purely on human imagination or completely an abstract imaginative art. Why, because we easily relate to the beauty of nature with our own experiences; whether a beautiful bird, ocean, landscapes, waterfalls or our patriotic emotions. Appreciation of beauty derives through relation and association. One can only appreciate the beauty of an object when he/she can relate and associate with that art or object.

Beauty lies not in the eyes of beholder, but in the eyes of creator, artist. There is always a thought, an understanding, a concept in artists’ mind while creating an object. The beholder who actually sees and understands the deeper concept of the art can see the beauty of the art, and others just gaze upon it. Beauty lies inherent within the object.
The concept “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” keeps us away to feel the real essence of art, the understanding and insight of an artist. The truth is, beauty lies in the object itself, an artist can help us discern it, or few eyes can perceive it.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Importance of Emotional Wellness in the corporate training held at Geodis

AK Mishra’s Art of Success organized a life transformational training session at Geodis Gurgaon, where he talked about the 5 essential components of life which must be well balanced in order to lead a healthy and contented life. He discussed about significance of emotional wellness. He said, “you should be that much in charge of your life, that nobody could hurt you without your consent”. One must keep his/her inner soul that contented and peaceful that no outer experiences could affect his/her inner peacefulness. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Success session at Galgotia University

Success session for Aspirers going to be conduct by AK Mishra’s Art of Success at Galgotia University. The sole purpose of the training program is to enabling the participants create a solid foundation of powerful tools required to achieve success in their desired field. The session will provide opportunity to discover and redesign the self-imposed limiting beliefs about themselves that keep them away from fully achieving their maximum capabilities. This redesign will allow the participants pursue their goals and dreams with untrodden passion and freedom.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

All Inventions and Achievements are result of believers and passionate A...

AK Mishra’s Art of Success organized Art of Success training for Aspirers at Amity University, Noida. While motivating voluminous Aspirers to achieve great success in their life spheres, Success Guru AK Mishra said, "All the inventions, discoveries and achievements in human civilization are result of believers, strivers and passionate Aspirers. He also said that the person who never experienced struggle can never experience the real taste of Success.