Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Discover your life’s purpose

How to discover your life’s purpose is the most important question one should ask to himself/herself every day and should find answer of the same. We all are born for some purpose, and discovering that purpose is the most important task human being should put on top of his/her priority list. We all are born for a purpose; ask yourself, what is your purpose of being in this world? What you are meant for? Not to do a day to day job, not to fulfill your day to day responsibilities towards your family members, or anyone and not even your long term goals are your ultimate purpose. But the reason you born, the reason you all are here in this earth, -- the very reason you exist. Discover that!
Most of you might struggle to discover what you actually want in life, whereas, most of you might do not want to discover any reason and want to live your life the way it’s going. That’s alright. It’s always your personal choice. But discovering the reason might give you a wonderful reason to live life to the extent. It might let you discover not only your ultimate goal of life but your unconditional power as well. So why not giving it a try!

To begin with, I would like to share a story of Bruce lee which sets the stage for this little exercise. Once, a master of Martial Arts asked Bruce lee to teach him everything he knows about marital arts. On this, what Bruce lee did, he filled 2 cups of water and handed one cup to that master of martial arts and 1 cup he kept with himself. And said, knowledge is like these cups filled with water, to get my cup of water filled in your cup, you will have to empty your cup first. So if you want to fill your cup with my cup of knowledge, you will have empty your cup of knowledge.
Similarly, to discover your purpose of life, you will have to break that old condoning of your mind and have to replace that old software with new upgraded software of your mind. This is what my all trainings are based upon, “Human Software Development programme”, which says, as a computer cannot work without software and for different results it needs specific software, so happens with human brain. We all need human software, their maintenance and upgradation every day in order to get desired results and to keep growing in our life. The level of progress, peace and happiness depends on the level of our software, so time to upgrade you software 1 level above.
  • 1st step: Sit alone in a silent place; take a piece of paper and a pen.
  • 2nd step: Write at the top of the paper “What is my purpose of life”
  • 3rd step: Write an answer, whatever comes to your mind. The very first thought which comes to your mind, even if you want to right “nothing”, write it.
  • 4th step: repeat the 3rd step till the time you write the answer that makes you cry. The answer which will bring tears to your eyes is your purpose.

You might find it silly or would not want to do this. But, give it a try. When you live a purposeful life, life is actually different than an ordinary life. Let’s make it different, an extraordinary life. Discover your purpose!
Usually it takes 15-20 minutes to clear your head of all the clutter and the social conditioning about what you think your purpose in life is. The false answers will come from your mind and your memories, but will gradually banish out. But when the true answer finally arrives, it will feel like it’s coming to you from a different source entirely.

When you find your own unique answer to the question of why you’re here, you will feel it resonate with you deeply. The words will seem to have a special energy to you, and you will feel that energy whenever you read them. Discovering your purpose is the easy part. The hard part is keeping it with you on a daily basis and working on yourself to the point where you become that purpose. And here comes your belief power. Once you have discovered your reason, you must read it every day, the number of times you will read it, the more you will attract it into your life. But while discovering the answer, while doing this exercise, you might get irritated and would want to get up immediately, but keep doing it. It might take an hour, but you will surely get your answer and your true purpose. And once you’ve discovered you purpose, you’ll unlock your power and unconditional potential to bring that ultimate goal into the existence.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Newsletter from AK Mishra's Art of Success of the month "May"

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Understand the unseen forces shaping your life

Every day you wake up with new thoughts and new feelings. Feeling of anything, it might be feeling of working at office with a new spirit to get appreciation, or to make your love feel very special today, or to go for outing to get a break and have a pleasant day, or anything. What are these feelings? Are these our aspirations? Are these our expectations from us or from our life or from our day? Or are these feelings and thoughts actually design our day or our life?
Supposedly, you wake up in the morning with a feeling that you’ll have to look most stunning and best today. Well, this is a nice thought. You start getting ready, stand in front of the mirror. Suddenly something pop ups in your mind that someone said sometime that your nose is too crooked. You’re fat. And you begin to doubt yourself. Similarly, you start your day with a thought of working well at office. And suddenly you recall yesterday’s incident when your manager shouted on you and said that you are good for nothing. And you begin loosing that positive energy and let that negative energy comes in by recalling the incidents which has already happened and gone. Thus you begin attracting that same energy throughout your day. 
Motivational Speaker
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library
Many of times when we travel by public transport we meet number of people in bus or in metro, living their day to day life, a usual life. But, is it really that usual? Every day we meet new people, a new transport, a new day, then how can it be so usual?

We must realize that the day which has gone is actually gone, and a new day is not really that usual day, but an opportunity for a new beginning. When we take each day of us as learning, we will end up every day with a new transformation and perfection in our personality. Our day starts with a thought, a positive thought for ourselves. When we actually keep away the incidents occurred in the past, Life keeps going on and keeps unlocking a new opportunity for us to know ourselves, our capabilities and the life even more.

The strange part of this internal conversation going on in our mind is that we know there is no truth to the accusation. We truly know ourselves and we all are aware about our inner potential and capabilities. But the outer incidents affect our personalities and make us a person which we are actually not, and hence we start doubting ourselves. When we doubt on us, our thoughts attracts it and shape our lives. These are such powerful unseen forces exist which has a great impact on us and on our lives. So, one must understand that the past negative incident has no relation with the present or future, except learning. Nothing is usual. Every day is new, a new beginning, new thoughts, new spirit, new power new challenges and opportunities to make your day unique. The powerful unseen force is your “thoughts” which comes in your mind when your wake up in the morning. Keep that positive thought with yourself and keep that spirit high and see the wonders you can make throughout your day. Your thoughts shape your life and make your destiny. Take Charge of your life in your hands with the powerful force which is there inside you “The power of your Thoughts, your beliefs through which you can either attract abundance or a negative energy. Choice is yours. Make the best use of your power granted by the universe.

Monday, 18 May 2015

What is Art of Success for Parenting

It is very true that there is no single way or any correct method to raise your children, but good tips for parenting can for sure help you to guide your children a right path and become a happy human being. In Art of Success we make you learn how to create a good parent-children relationship so that you can foster self-reliance, honesty, empathy, co-operation, kindness, and cheerfulness in your child.
The AOS workshop for parenting comprises a systematic step by step approach wherein the set of issues of concerned parents are discussed. We try to get the insight of the existing relationship between parents and children through our personalized pre-training program. And with the help of this pre-training data, our trainers develop different sessions that include path breaking techniques that can be used straightaway. Our training are generally of three days with proper tea and lunch breaks.  

Attributes of Happy Children:-

Ø    Affection: One of the biggest traits of  happy children is he/she is very affectionate and very fond of  giving and receiving love. Although every child is different and there are different ways in which he/she expresses love but in general a happy child is affectionate.
Ø  Calm and Satisfied: Great happiness is found when you are calm and feel satisfied. So does happens with children, sufficient sleep and proper diet along with cheerfulness environment in family helps to keep your children happy and satisfied
Ø Normal Expressions of Emotions: Another sign of happy kids is they show their emotions without any hesitation. They yell when they feel irritated, they cry when they are sad, and may run around the field when they do not know what to do. These are the signs of being primitive. Let them be as they are.
Ø  Smile Often, Laugh, and Giggle: Last but not the least, happy children smile, giggle, and laugh really often as they feel satisfied. They tend to have fewer incidents of stress and anxiety.
How Our Training Affects the Growth of Children:
Ø  Your child becomes more confident.
Ø  Becomes Independent.
Ø  Better parents children relationship.
Ø  More happy, affectionate, and loving.
Ø  Both child and parents start understanding each other more.
Ø  Helps you to manage quality time with your children. 

Ø  With kids we conditions the parents as well so that they transform themselves to manage and nurture their relationships with their kids.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Meditation rejuvenates the soul-- Success Guru AK Mishra

Mediation is a beautiful unseen power, which through the ears enters to one’s brain & body, and then rejuvenates the soul entirely. For a healthy body, a healthy mind is necessary, which can only be achievable through mediation. It is that healing power which makes a human being away and detached from all the negative thoughts, negative vibration and generates positive thoughts, hence positivity into life. It requires regular practice to unlock a new world of happiness and gratitude.
Dedicating 30 minutes out of 24 hours in a day to the spiritual side or meditation can truly bring beautiful positive changes in Human’s Life and brain system. As we all are aware about the unlimited brain power of Human being, and we can hardly use 2% of it. Why? Because our brain is not focused! To use actual brain power of Human being, or to increase the ability of using the brain power, one needs to be focused on a particular thought at a particular time, leaving behind all other thoughts which become great distraction in that thinking process. And this focused state of mind is only achievable through meditation. Meditation calms up the mind and rejuvenates our brain nerves when the body and mind becomes tired and stressful.

Mediation also helps to cure the illness and helps to stay fit. It is said that the root of illness is in our conscious mind; therefore by clearing the mind from all these disturbing thoughts, we can actually heal our body 90% faster. Nature itself provides cure for all these illness. Health and illness are natural process in Human’s body. By practicing meditation, the worries, stress, anxieties drop off and give a new rise to positive state of mind, which in turns has a very positive impact on our physical body, brain and nervous system and hence helps to cure illness faster. 
Mediation also helps to enhance creativity and effectiveness at workplace. Everyone should steal out 30 minutes in morning every day before leaving for office to begin the day with amazing freshness and new ideas. Meditation enhances creativity and brings freshness which in turns builds up the satisfaction level and desire to try our something new every day, and eliminates the feeling of anxiety, annoyance, anger and such other negative consciousness.

How to Meditate

Problems with thoughts in meditation
This is a basic problems faced by numbers of people who starts meditating. One has to understand and keep in mind that thoughts are natural process of our brain. Although meditation is a powerful process where one can experience the silence of mind,  but by not deliberately forcefully eliminating the thoughts, but by becoming aware of the silence which is naturally present in Human’s mind along with numerous thoughts. When we stop resisting what is naturally happening, we experience calmness and peace.
Generally people find it difficult to sit still in a place for a long time while meditating. It’s very common in initial mediation process of thinking about the things you could be doing or the restlessness like you would want to get up right away.
The best solution for this restlessness is start feeling the sensation of restlessness in your body. In which part of your body you are feeling that restlessness or start focusing on your breaths. Breathe in and out, the sensation you feel in the body while breathing. Although it is a time taking process, but gradually people actually start enjoying this procedure. And the best thing is the result, which people gains with the meditation exercise, which banish out the restlessness gradually.
Visit our Website, to experience beautiful meditation music and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes all beautiful Mother’s A very Happy Mother’s Day

There are many precious things that God has bestowed on us; however, Mother is one of unique gifts of God. She is an expression of Sacrifice and Love.  10th May is such a special day, to honor Mothers, Great Grandmothers to make a beautiful contribution to the family and the society. It’s a day for everyone to show their appreciation and love towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. On this special occasion, AK Mishra’s Art of Success salutes to all the mothers on this earth who compromise all her wishes, happiness just to fulfill the wishes of her kids and family. Mothers comprise of a bundle of emotions. So this goes out to all the mothers who have kept awake all night with their sick kids in their arms, constantly whispering those compassionate words, "It's OK baby, mom is here, For those mothers who cannot control tears from dribbling down their cheeks when they hold their babies for the first time in their arms; So, this is meant for all the young and aged mothers, Housewives and working mothers, married mothers and the single mothers, and for those without whom life would have been insufferable.

A Case Study
A daughter is giving a huge thanks to her single mother, while sharing her story with us and her mother’s love after attending our session “Art of Success for Parenting”
Preeti: “ While I was attending the session, AK Mishra’s Art of Success, Suddenly between the session, AK Mishra Sir posed this question: Who has influenced your life the most? I thought for a while, and realized, it was no one else, but “My Mother”
I recalled when I was just 5 yrs old, my Dad died. That time when my dad was with us, the life was so beautiful and easy. It seemed like we were on the top of the world. My dad was making good money and we were living in a big house in Bandra, Mumbai. Then my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died in next 5 months. That’s when we found out that my dad didn't have any great life insurance. Nor we had enough savings, as everything was going so smooth; we never had a thought of something like this ever.
During the session, when I was hearing the struggle stories, shared by parents during the session, I reflected back on my life, I realize how difficult it would had been for my mother to handle this sudden turn of life, upbringing of a 5 yrs kid and providing her good education being a single parent. most of what I am today, I learned from a tough, courageous woman who went to work hard day and night to get me ready for life. I realize now how many success principles she displayed while living out her life. One of the principles I learned from my mom was to “never complain”. It was tough for my mom, she really got a bad deal, but as I look back, I cannot remember any of her complaining about her tough times in life. And I used to complain for all those small things she couldn't give to me without realizing that she was actually giving her life to me. But now I have actually learnt those principles which I am going to follow throughout my life. She only had one goal in her mind, to give her daughter a beautiful life. She did not marry again as she used to be scared if the man would love her daughter or not. My mother has not only been a mother for me, but an idol Women, a friend who always guided me at every step. I remember when my mother used to take me at her conference and seminars, when I was 11yrs old, not because she did not provide me babysitter, but she wanted me to learn something. The way AK Mishra sir portrayed the love of parents for their kids by his words and strong facts he shared, narrating stories, examples; I literally had tears in my eyes throughout the seminar, tears of pleasure for having such wonderful mother in my life. Thanks to AK Mishra’s Art of Success.”
This is the story of a mother and daughter, who faced sudden enormous change in their life, and how her mother took all those tough moments and challenges on herself and saved her daughter from all the negative effects. We actually feel proud for organizing such session on this beautiful module “Art of Success for Parenting” as we can actually see how it makes kids realize the parents’ emotions and sacrifices they make to give their kids a beautiful life, as this daughter realized.
This is dedicated to all of those single moms out there. You are doing a tough job. Stay determined and love your kids. They’ll see your life and turn out all right.
One relationship which is always with us is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. Mothers also shape our lives and our personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do at every opportunity. Although, we should not forget that the same contribution comes from fathers as well, and without a father, it becomes too arduous for a mother to give her child the same upbringing and nurturing the way she could provide with a father figure. But undoubtedly, we have those courageous mothers who do not only play role of both father and mother in kid’s life, but also nurture their kid so beautifully and bring out amazingly independent personalities from the kids.

On this special occasion, every kid should realize how special they have been treated by their lovely mothers. We might have our own individualistic approach in paying tribute to these amazing people in our lives, OUR MOTHER. AK Mishra’s Art of Success dedicates this day to all the beautiful mothers and wishes every kid a very good luck for making their mothers feel how special and wonderful creature they are, crafted by master’s craftsman. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How to become a good leader

A leader should never stop learning. A leader has to be a perpetual student and should keep learning from his co-workers, seniors, clients and of course, books; as every Human being has something to unlock or learn every day at every point of life, no matter what position he/she has attained in life. Whenever I go for a workshop, I am sad to see that Managers have stopped reading. Books have great transformative power. It is said that when you start reading a book and by the time you end it, you are a transformed human being. A leader cannot cease to grow.
The next biggest secret of leadership is to become trustworthy and create a climate of trust. How does one become trustworthy? The answer is behavior. Do I honour my commitment? Am I a consistent person? Nobody likes to be distrusted or doubted, so why the leader should keep doubting everybody around him? The leader requires growth as a human being. For example, if I say that I love you, the first response from you will be that do I truly mean it. However, when I say that I hate you, it will be accepted without doubt. Normally, hate is thought to be very natural. One must bear in mind that if one doubts something, there is a probability of being skeptical about something good. When a Sales person talks very enthusiastically about meeting the target, his boss thinks that he is trying to act smart or when the boss is good, the reportee begins to doubt him. Doubt is ingrained in our nature. That is why we doubt goodness of human nature and even God. It is very important to get rid of false alarm and fear.

I know highly qualified people moving from one organization to another. After a lot of research, I have found that it is primarily because there is no sense of belonging. One has to pay heavy cost for not having the sense of belonging. The moment I have a sense of belonging, my organization and my client becomes my extended family. A good leader must create a sense of belonging. A sense of belonging is must for great performance and from the perspective of retention.
A good leader is a source of harmony within the organization. Harmony is possible only if the leader is aware of his strength. The conflict is a normal occurrence in the corporate world. There are a lot of instances where a person refuses to work under a particular boss. This is because the person is weak in spirit. A strong person will feel comfortable under anyone. There are leaders who are offended at the drop of a hat. It is very important to be strong and understanding human being. Ego does not work. It is absolutely essential that entire organization works with one mind. There are different personalities within the organization. Unless the goal is clear and accepted by everybody, the difference of opinion will keep cropping up and there will be utter disharmony.
A leader should be proficient in communication through presence. We convey message more through our presence than through our words. A baby looking at you does not have to say,’I love you.’ As an adult, we keep talking, discussing and arguing and yet we are unable to convince person sitting in front of us. Why does this happen?  The answer is simple. We do not use non verbal communication. If a person is full of anger or pent up emotion, one cannot communicate properly, effectively and freely. Effective communication is possible only when one is in high life condition, able to empathize with others and believe in win win philosophy.
The key to success in effective communication is when I precisely convey the intended meaning. I cannot convey and walk away assuming that the listeners have understood the meaning. I firmly believe that the best communicators are Bollywood actors. They get a script and they make you laugh or cry as intended. That is the power of communication. A very important point is to evoke a reciprocal response from whoever you are communicating with and this is only possible if one is truly integrated in one’s own life.
One of the most important qualities in a good leader is the attitude of a warrior. In order to realize dreams, warrior like quality is needed. Our corporate culture is clogged by a comfort zone attitude. We are afraid to be adventurous. Hence, a good leader has to inspire people around him. There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. We can motivate somebody by giving a few hundred rupees. However, such motivation is short-lived. If people are not inspired from within, it will be not possible to build a good work ethic. However, in most of the organizations work culture either revolves around inspiration or emergency deadlines or fear psychosis.