Tuesday, 28 November 2017

‘Mother is of the highest respect’, said by Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar - And we too believe on the fact

‘A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take’ - Cardinal Mermillod.

Ma – what is the first feeling you get when you hear this word?

An ever smiling lady wrapped in her beautiful aura of love and grace. Epitome of benevolence & emotions, she is selfless, considerate and she is our world. She’s the first person you learn from, and most probably the last one to express so.

In a classic poem by William Ross Wallace entitled ‘What Rules the World’, he quoted that ‘the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world’. It says all about the role a mother plays for her child and in the long run to their future. Mother strives to nurture her child and shape them towards becoming a contributing member of the society in turn making the world a much better place to live.

Ma is a title in herself – Just above the Queen’
The word Ma for a child is a complete world in itself. She is the person from whom we learn our initials right from the moment we get our existence. She’s who gave us the sense of deciding what's good or bad, she taught us lessons, gave lifetime of experiences and made us what we are today.  This very moment is so nostalgic while we are thinking of her – our Mother.

Now think, we are all grown up, busy in our lives, have certain responsibilities on our part and we are all running after time and tides to fulfil the duties life has laid upon us. In all of this, our mother, she has lost that space. She is there with us, for the luckiest ones, but are we actually acknowledging her importance and presence in our life? Do we take our chances to tell her, what she means to us?

Manushi Chhillar, winner of renowned International beauty pageant Miss World 2017, recently described importance of mother in a few simple words. When asked, ‘which profession deserves the highest salary and why?’ Manushi in her winning answer brightly responded ‘I think a mother deserves the highest respect. When you talk about salary, it’s not just about cash, but I feel it’s about the love and respect you give to someone. My mom has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and all the mothers they just sacrifice so much for their kids. So the profession that deserves the highest salary, the highest respect and love should be of a Mother’.

True! Isn’t it?

We know it and we dearly love our Mumma’s for everything they are. But honestly, are we acknowledging it? Unlike Manushi Chhillar, who took to an International platform to recognise and appreciate the Mothers, are we even doing it personally? Ask yourself?

Kudos to those who got a yes in the response. You may have no idea how a simple hug or even ‘thanks Ma’ would have meant to the lady who sacrificed her endless nights to comfort you and gave you the world she had to offer. And for those, who feel they could have done it a little more to make her feel any happy, there is still time. She is still there. Do it, before she is no more around to listen to you or even ask if you had your meals on time.

We won’t get into exotic ideas and expensive gifts zone to please your mother, but a few small gestures, that would surely bring a smile on her wrinkled face (don’t say that to her as beauty is the best friend for a lady, so let her enjoy the aging changes).

Reaction alert: For all the readers having cool minded mothers are likely to get in response a question ‘are you drunk today?’, super cool moms can even ask if ‘you need a slap to come back to your senses’ and for the sentimental Mumma’s could even treat you with your favourite ‘halwa’ or improve your social mentions in her circle. Smile, no matter how she is, she will love you for every little bit you do for her.

Acknowledge & Appreciate:
You may have no idea of how you were raised and what sacrifices she may have made for you to become what you are today. She was just like you just a few years back but today she is you mom and a lady who is sitting back at home expecting a call from you. Think of it, she has genuinely given years to you and your family. Please acknowledge it. If it’s very sudden to say it all to her, start with small acknowledgements. Appreciate your dinner today and if you live away from her, she is just a call away. Tell her you miss her or the special food she made for you. Appreciate an old picture or acknowledge how she collected all yours since you grew up this very mature and self. Our idea is to acknowledge her actions and appreciate little things she does for you, knowingly or unknowingly. Just say it!

Father should be role model
Now this is a hypothetical action. Start from looking at your father. With increasing cases of domestic abuses, there are also cases where a man is taking care of his family and letting their ladies fulfil their dreams. And there are those heroic Papa’s who still prepare bed tea for their wife before leaving for office and take them for a walk after dinner. They will keep their after-meal plates for washing and also take care of dropping kids to school. Take a look into your case, if there is any sign of abuse, take it up in your hands and resolve it at the earliest. You owe your very existence to the lady and she deserves a happy life. In case your fathers are on the other side of the story, learn from them. The man who teats his wife like a princess, is born from a queen. Take a note and idolise him for his gestures and respect towards the lady of his life. Never forget, a woman deserves all the respect for she is the ultimate creator and the magic of life lies in her heart.

Little gestures matter big time
Just as we discussed above, we need to learn from the small gestures our fathers do for supporting their lady. Ensure that you are doing that as well. In fact do better with your vibrant ideas and young approach towards life. Before you look for how can you be a little help or do something to please her, make sure you don’t get very obvious with her ending up guessing it before you into even doing it.
Start with appreciating their presence in your life. You might often feel irritated by their queries, or their constant calls might just be too bugging. Trust us, someday you will miss getting a call from ‘Mom’ & even ‘Dad’. Before its too late, accept that we have given them a tougher time growing up, then they are being a problem to you.
If you have watched the movie ‘Jane tu ya Jane na’, i will never ask you to behave like Meghna and go asking ‘what’s that’. But on a positive note, learn from her to appreciate that your parents have been like they are and we must not always take it all seriously. Life is all about how we take it. Smile and take it easy. This will be your biggest contribution towards your mom to accept her life as cheerfully with your support.

Coming back to the gestures, she is not a maid and definitely not a robot.
  •  It’s high time you start doing your own chores, like washing clothes or even putting away your after-meal utensils.
  • She might just appreciate a bed tea or an evening foot massage. You might be an awesome cook, why don’t you let her give you some master-chef tips from her kitchen experiences, today itself?
  • You may have a tight schedule, but as you can make time for friends, your mom won’t even demand a movie treat but a small talk. If you are with her, go share your day’s activities with her and she might accidentally give you some really good ideas to sort an issue. If not, you will still feel better. And for her, by now she would have got her share of time with you. If not living with her, give her a call. You might want to ask her how her day was or she might wish to share some gossip she would otherwise just skip. Make time for her and listen to what she has to say.
  • Never forget those small things you might incidentally come across, she needs in her kitchen or an office accessory she mentioned of losing on her way home. Get those for her. She will appreciate that you remembered.
  • Even she would like to go out. There will be families who go out occasionally. You can break the ice and start taking her out for a walk or to purchase a shirt/kurti. She will be very happy becoming a part of your day or your activities. Movie breaks or even a coffee date won’t be that bad idea. She might just relive an old memory.
  • Don’t forget to appreciate her small gestures and specially, for the food she has cooked for you with love or how beautiful she looked while getting ready for a friend’s house warming party.
  • Every person is initially a child at heart. Bring out the child in her, find what activates her childish attributes and enjoy doing those activities with her. She might reconsider smiling a little more. She will be intrigued with your gesture.

Explore the hidden her in your Mother

Bring out the hidden her and explore who she was. As we already discussed that she has made sacrifices at certain level in life or left something she would have loved doing. It’s the perfect time to find out the real her and who she used to be. You may have heard her speak of her young days many times, but this one time, speak with her, again. Make her speak out her aspirations, dreams, wishes and expectations. You never know you might still be able to make true something she might not even think of doing again.

Say for instance, your mom loved to paint. She still is an artist. Gift her canvas and some colors. You will love the way her hands will make colors speak their story. Get a diary and an ink pen for the mother who was or is still a poet at heart. Ink pen in specific because our parents still love the grace of writing with the Ink pens. Her poems might just give you an insight in life they have experienced or a lesson for you to sort your life if ever you are stuck at something. You will see a new light in their eyes when they are re-exploring their hobbies or living up their dream.

A child gets prize, father gets promotion and she only expects your love

No wonder our mom’s are the only person who will understand us in any situation. As per a famous saying, when you reach home after work, your partner will ask how your day was, your child will ask if you got them their candy and your father will ask if you could attend the professional issues. Only your mother will look at the drenched and tired child and approach them with a towel and warm soup asking if you had your meals? That’s the difference where mothers are beyond comparison. As a child, you get prizes at school, as an employee promotion is the appreciation but a mother only seeks love and acceptance from their children. Unlike others, she will never demand your time, money or gifts. But a little more than sufficient time in your daily schedule and small gifts to say that ‘Ma I love you’ is enough to make our dear-most lady smile from the chore of her heart.

We have tried these tricks personally, and that is where our inspirations come from. Go ahead, take your pick and see where you can make your lady smile today and forever.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Celebrate Future of India this Children’s Day

 ‘Children are like buds in a garden; and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow’ – Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

At ten, we would be secretly reading fairy tales and be ashamed of letting others know of it. Now that we are beyond the adolescent age, we’d read them openly. At our age, we put away childish things, including the fear of immaturity and the desire to be grown up. Childhood is the golden time when we seldom think of the future. And memories of childhood are like a dream that stays even after waking up.
Children’s day is the perfect time to recall & rejoice the wishes that came true and dreams that gave us wings, to fly & be here today. Young minds are assets to the nation and hope for a bright future. Let us come together this year and solemnly promise to inculcate, in our young generation, the true moral values; and impart education that helps one excel in life and not just academics.
Youth is the decisive phase of our life and every person deserves understanding it, through the eyes of those who have seen it better. Life gives us many chances to learn but what we have grasped in our early days of life is what that has framed us and our personality.

 ‘Values and knowledge are not what we get in books but what life has taught us’.

Young minds play a crucial role in success and development of a nation, as they are going to bring either a positive or a negative change in our country.  It is our duty to polish the raw minds to enshrine and reflect the grace of a compassionate society, the way we were nurtured until here. 
Today’s youth, if rightly guided, will not just excel in their capabilities but also make a better tomorrow for everyone around them. This little of every single person makes the society a better place to live in. Awareness of people towards the rights, care, and education of children is important. And this children’s day is a crucial time to accept our role in framing the society and take forward a step by celebrating this day with a motive. This little can be expected of every single person. Working on young minds may not be an easy task. But a little effort will be worth it someday. Until then, be the child with a child; enjoy the purity of your soul and let freely fly the mischievous child in you.

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’ - Pablo Picasso
Bring out the little one, hidden somewhere within you and celebrate this children’s day. Celebrate the day of the adorable souls! Laugh with them, and ensure their involvement in your bad days only to make them value the good times and of family, relationships, love, and humanity. Make time for children; instil in them, the respect which starts from within the home. Day-care & school can never give the values & virtues of Humanity that parents can inculcate within the child. Don’t make comparisons, but bring out the best in your child. 

‘A child can always teach, an adult, three things. To be happy with no reason, to always be busy with something and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires’ – Paulo Coelho.

India’s first Prime Minister, also known as, Chacha Nehru, was quite fond of the young ones and truly believed in the innocence and righteous care, childhood revolves around. Therefore, every year India observes his birth anniversary, November 14th, as Children’s day. Students organise various cultural programmes and performances in their schools and colleges as an enthusiastic feast to the day. Let’s learn from the innocent brains and celebrate India’s bright future with a pledge to safeguard the innocence and uphold their rights. Celebrate this children’s day not just as a celebration of childhood but a toast to the tender innocence of a pure soul.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Willpower - Overrated as ‘the key to success’

What is Willpower? How do we define it?
Willpower can be described as a strong determination that allows you to achieve something, and stay stick to the desire, no matter how difficult the path is. A strong willpower also helps us calmly deal with delays in achievements. Let’s put a good example here to explain willpower better; we, as employees or workers in an organization always get up early in the morning, regardless of how tiring the previous day was. Why? Because our willpower constantly encourages us to avoid getting late or taking a leave at office as it might have negative impact to our productivity.
In today’s era, willpower has become an essential component for success, but has it always been this way?
No. If we go back to the history, people didn’t require willpower,   they used to follow their general instincts to survive and succeed. But with the evolving time, we humans have set lot of rules and boundaries for self and for others to get things in order. Each one of us is rushing to leave behind every other person in the race of competition. And we are hardwired with the belief system that we only will achieve success if we will follow these set rules and regulations.
As per the recent study and an experiment, where students were asked to have the marshmallow right away or wait for 20 minutes and then eat to get extra reward. The study showed that the students who waited for 20 minutes to get the double reward are fared better in later life, than those who ate the marshmallow instantly.
So, it proves that yes, Willpower is important to succeed and people are emphasizing more on strengthening the willpower in today’s era.

Even most of the organizations organize special trainings for their employees to help them strengthen their willpower.
But there are few things which sometimes overpower the willpower and should not be overlooked while traversing the terrain towards your goal. Those few things are; our previous failures which often leave us in discouraged state of mind, our physical health which keeps us drained every day and does not allow us to begin the day with right motivation and courage, and our emotions; low emotions often reduce our motivation level.

Something just popped up in your mind and said that yes, it happens and you have experienced it many times, right? We know it, it happens; and these reasons get overlooked until and unless we face them in our lives. Even if you have unlimited will power, it has its limits, when you face the above mentioned reasons which often holds you back to get up and continue the race. Besides will power, your mental, emotional and physical power play major role. For eg. When you resist getting into an argument which makes no sense to you, it is the emotional and mental power that helps you resist more than the will power.  When you go to the meeting and use various tactics to crack it, it is your mental power. For petty most tasks like the craving for our favourite food or a dress we wish to purchase, we have all the will but our emotional and mental power stops us for varied reasons like health or finance issues respectively. Hence, Willpower is a limited resource, and the other components of success should be at work at times when your willpower starts depleting.
Get success with limited Willpower
Now, when you are aware that willpower is a limited resource, and there are other key components to achieve success, like a plan, a systematic approach; put the plan and systematic approach first and then compliment it with Willpower. Here, with systematic approach, I am also trying to encourage you to create the right environment, right conditions, right set of mind along with right guidance and planning that assure your success. If you will successfully develop a plan, a right environment, right resources; then willpower will act as an added advantage to help you get success.
  1. Get in the company of like-minded people who have are experience and who can guide you towards the path of your goal
  2. Stay happy and get out of all the emotional dilemmas which may become an hindrance to your success
  3. Set right resources for you, the right strategy, systematic plan to achieve your goal
  4. Replace your old beliefs and old conditioning of mind – if you have failed earlier, it doesn’t mean you will fail again. Failures are just a stepping stone to success. So, let go of the regrets, rather, use the past mistakes as learning and go for it again. Success will be yours!
Remember, you are reading this article because you have an aim, you have the dream, you have the patience, you are getting right guidance, and you have the will to achieve success. All you need is to work on the above mentioned aeas now to get success in each sphere of life. Good Luck!