Monday, 28 November 2016

Letting go of that ego before it gets hold on you

Ego is a state of mind which is nothing more than a self-proclaimed or self-constructed pseudo identity. It's a mindset which prevents a human's inner conscious to accept things in their natural entity. It can also be termed as self-concept or “Ahankara” as enshrined in the Indian Vedas of Ancient times which sometimes also disables the receptiveness of thoughts and ideas from the other sources.

In terms of human relationship, ego debars an individual to accept and pay regard to others individuality.  Relationships are a two-way process and in most of the cases, ego acts as a dead end on the road to a healthy relationship. If communication can act as a catalyst in a relationship, ego works all together in a different way. It acts as a slow poison and has venomous effects on the nerves of any relation.

Ego and ethics are also very closely related. The best example can be cited from our heritage Indian Epic of ‘The Ramayana'. In my personal opinion, if there would have been no Ego, there would not have been ‘The Ramayana’ or ‘The Mahabharata’.

When The Ravana, the most dedicated disciple of Lord Shiva gained control over his ego he was blessed with divine powers which were beyond the reach of a normal human being. But the same Ravana, when was taken over by his own ego; his defeat at the hands of Lord Rama entered the pages of Mythological History which will be enshrined in the minds of generations to come till infinity.

However, even Ravana showed some signs of ‘controlled ego’ as he had a very strong conviction of not forcing himself onto Sita until her own will. Such an exceptional control of seduction, lust and ego probably go missing nowadays when women; can rightly be termed as the largest minority of our country are subject to indecent and unexpected exploitation in a country like India where idols of women are worshiped as Goddess.

Therefore, at some instances, inheriting ego is also recommended. But where an individual has to get mild with his ego or where a human being has to be stringent on his/her stand subject to self-respect, understanding the correct timing of such switching is an art in itself.

There also exists a very fine distinguishing line between ego and self-esteem or self-realization and its interpretation also depends on the perspective of the viewer. For example, Medieval Indian History is observed as a dark age of bloodshed and ignorance which pushed India towards slavery at the dawn of the modern era according to the viewpoint and perspective of the British Historians.

However, the same age was glorified by the Indian Historians which witnessed a sea of Hindus ruled by able Muslim Rulers like Akbar. This era gave the human civilization hoards of world heritage sites like the Qutub Minar of New Delhi to Taj Mahal of Agra.

As it is rightly said by the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi, “Mind is never a problem…Mindset it”, it’s the mindset behind these two opposite interpretation and perspective of viewing the same patch on the timeline. One engulfed with egoistic tendency of the Britons and the other enlightening thoughts of self-realization and actualization by the Indians.

With reference to the same context mentioned above, the Britons have started lagging behind on the world forum as well on many fronts just because of a conservative society and an egoistic tendency of being racially superior.  If we compare it to its former colony, the United States of America, the US, because of their liberal and progressive society have showcased tremendous progress within 300 years of their independence just because they weeded off the shrubs of conservatism and egoism way before the world could even realize it. It clearly shows that anything which embraces change at the earliest is far away from the evil of ego.

The same seesaw of Ego and Self Esteem is omnipresent when we talk about generation gap. Anyone tumbling off the balance is witnessed by collapse of the whole fabric of the relationship model.     

Like Happiness and sorrows, Love and hatred, Anger and revenge; even Ego is a part of complex human mindset which is clearly visible everyday around us in conflicts between individuals, for example, in the case of institution of marriage and divorce which we study in sociology to wars between Nations which forms the basis for contemporary International Relations and alignment, For example, Iran-Iraq war.

As the ups and downs of a tide self-realization and ego are indispensable. Therefore it is not at all possible for us to completely eliminate this human tendency from our society but it is always advisable “Letting Go of That Ego Before It Gets Hold of You"

Friday, 4 November 2016

Ways to raise your self-esteem and its significance in your life

High self-esteem is extremely important in every aspect of our life, be it personal, professional or social. Yet, many of us struggle to find it. But here are a few simple ways which can certainly help you develop good self-esteem and experience a profound shift in your life.

Accept the fact that you are unique and special    

Every Human being is born unique with some extraordinary traits; you just need to recognize those special gifts you are blessed with. And to recognize those gifts, you will have to accept the fact that you are unique and cannot be compared with anyone else in the world because there is no one else in the world who is quite like you. Not only our DNA and fingerprints are different from everyone else, but our mind, our looks, our way of thinking and our approach towards life is unique too. Wherever we cast our glance we will find diversity which attests to the fact that our belief, thinking process and perception towards life will also differ. So if nature has made you so unique and special, shouldn’t you accept this uniqueness and embrace it as much as you can? Love yourself, because you are unique. When you’ll respect yourself and show the world your true self, the world will love you. And if someone doesn’t, let it be; everyone has their own opinions and choices.

Cut off all detrimental thoughts and beliefs    

Many people with low self-esteem are not expressive. In other words, they find their beliefs, opinions, and thoughts insignificant and try to conceal or suppress them. They fail to realize that their one thought and opinion can bring about profound changes in a situation or sometimes even in someone’s life. So it is wise to do away with toxic thoughts and beliefs and air your views, voice, and opinions which might not provide the solution all the time but sometimes can create a difference in somebody’s life or circumstances. The best way to enhance your self-esteem is to consider yourself equally significant as others and love yourself for the way you are.

Put your behavior in perspective

Generally, people with low self-esteem beat themselves up when they make an error of judgment or a mistake. They feel that they are good for nothing because they failed, lost a job or because they have been dumped in a relationship. But in fact, these events are a major part our lives which occur to bring out our hidden and true personality, to teach us lessons and to help us grow in life. How we perceive those failures and how we react to them is what shows our true characteristics. Hence, if you are likely to encounter such agonies in life, always remind yourself that it’s just a tiny particle of the multiple components and layers that make up the real you.

Positive outlook towards life and confidence in you and your abilities will help you sail through all the problems of life and you will learn how to ginger up and live your every day with unfathomable vigor and vitality.