Monday, 31 August 2015

Voice of Leadership to crack the Civil Service Examination

Chanakya IAS Academy organized seminar to help build confidence in attempting the most competitive examination

31st August 2015, New Delhi: Art of Success aims at motivating the students to achieve the desired success in life. With this aim Chanakya IAS Academy organized Art of Success Seminar for the aspiring candidates of Civil Service Examination. Chanakya IAS Academy in association with Art of Success created a platform for the aspirants to build their confidence level by listening to Mr. AK Mishra, the celebrated motivational speaker. The seminar held at Satya Sai Auditorium, New Delhi on 30th Aug 2015.
Art of Success organized the seminar for the Civil Service Aspirants with a belief and goal to spread the knowledge and motivation to the aspirants, who aim to be a Civil Servant.
Mr. AK Mishra, Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy, popularly known as Success Guru, was the chief speaker of the programme. The seminar witnessed the aspiring candidates from all over India. Mr. AK Mishra, the renowned motivational speaker of Art of Success encouraged the hardworking students to express their doubts, fears or any preconceived notions that have been a barrier to get through one of the most competitive examination. Mr. AK Mishra, the expert in inspiring youth responded to all the queries and let them comprehensively know about the nature and structure of Civil Services Examination.
He also inspired and motivated the participants to keep walking on the path of their ultimate success by narrating many inspirational stories and movie clippings. Successful Candidates of Chanakya IAS Academy who managed to appear in the toppers list of Civil Services 2014, like Suharsha Bhagat (Rank 5), Ritu Raj (Rank 69) and Saurabh Gupta (Rank 219) were also invited in the program to share their Success stories and encouraged the participants to perform at optimal level. All the queries, questions & doubts were encouraged to be raised & dealt with great importance to make a difference.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. AK Mishra said, “This seminar is an initiative to empower the Civil Services Aspirants with prerequisite skills to succeed in Civil Services Examination, to break their myths related to the examination and to provide right guidance to the students to excel in their chosen fields”
This initiative of Art of Success served the purpose of the candidates on how to come out with flying colors in the most competitive examination. He has also set straight the myths associated with the Civil Services Examination and motivated the deserving  students on how to succeed and overcome all the difficulties in life.
AK Mishra’s Art of Success
Art of Success (AOS), the brainchild of “Success Guru Mr. AK Mishra” helps in achieving success through motivational speech and teaching several techniques to rejuvenate the mind. Art of Success, also known as AOS, endeavors to enable people to take charge of their lives offering innovative, effective and quick lecture sessions. Programs offered by AOS help attendees to progress in their respective work areas and lead a contended life.
Chanakya IAS Academy
Driven by the philosophy that every individual is born to succeed, Chanakya IAS Academy’s direction as an organization is led by its Managing Director Mr. AK Mishra fondly known as Success Guru. Chanakya IAS Academy aims to develop amongst its students a competitive attitude along with sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as its hallmark. The Academy organizes seminars and workshops with the help of civil servants and experts in soft skills to train the aspirants to think, feel and express like administrators. This comprehensive approach towards IAS preparation has received an overwhelming response and has led to the pan India presence of Chanakya IAS Academy.

In addition to imparting knowledge of the concerned subjects, Chanakya IAS Academy lays great emphasis on leadership development, ethics and social responsibility, and mind-power development so as to ensure that our tomorrow’s bureaucrats do not suffer from moral and ethical bankruptcy. Therefore, built in the curriculum is the program with a Midas touch – AK Mishra's Art of Success. As a result, every student learns to not merely tread on the beaten path but to reinvent oneself and explore newer routes; not to attain the fixed targets merely, but to set newer ones.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Raksha Bandhan- A bond of brother and sister, moreover, a call for self betterment

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the bond of love and care for the sisters, where a brother vows to protect her sisters in every circumstances. The beauty of the Indian culture is the brothers and sisters do not have to be blood relatives, but a girl can tie Rakhi on the wrist of any guy to whom she feels  and shares close bond. Not only sisters, but the custom symbolizes protection for every girl or women, it says that every girl around the world should be protected and feel safe anywhere around the world.
The custom of Rakhi has created a beautiful, blissful way for girls or women to be protected during times of social and political violence. This purely means that no woman should be injured or dishonored by men, and considers it as a shameful act and disrespect towards this beautiful tradition of Raksha Bandhan.

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, we must unite as a family, and take a pledge to make every girl safe the way we want our sisters to be safe and protected. Let’s use  Rakhi as a symbol of our universal brotherhood.
May our girls and women lead the way towards this universal family as they tie Rakhi on the wrists of not only their brothers or closest male friends, but also on the wrists of enemies. On the eve of Rakshabandhan, let’s take a pledge to stand by our sisters in the hours of crisis and save them from all the difficulties and harrowing experiences of life. Together we will breeze through the task of providing immeasurable protection not only to our sisters but also to women across the globe.

While the festival merely celebrates the bond or relationship between brother and sister, it has much more significance than only the relationship of brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan also has a great history, and numerous stories have been narrated by our elders on the origin of Raksha Bandhan. One of them symbolizes lord Krishna gives an infinite long saree to Draupadi in return for the favor of protecting his wound with a tiny piece of cloth. At a certain level, we able to experience the enormous joy of a grateful act done by us, when we eliminate the finite ego and selfish thoughts from our soul.

Thus, like any other festival, Raksha Bandhan is also a call to the divine self within. On this occasion, Let’s transform your wrong actions with a goal of self-betterment, develop finer emotions and unitedly take a stand for each other to protect each other from social or political violence, whether the victim is a girl or a boy.

Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Stave off Chaos and Notch up Success in Life

We all want our lives filled with happiness, prosperity, achievement, health and yet the vast majority of people end up leading relatively average and monotonous lives. Why? How even educated people are happy and contended working paycheck to paycheck ?  
Let’s discover the answer.
The answer lies in the fact that we have never been taught how to create and live a great life! We have never studied this in school. Although we admire people who have done great things, we read histories, biographies of successful people, but no one trains us or shows us the right way to live a prosperous life. No one shows us the ways to achieve great heights and which is why we stumble. Lack of proper coaching and direction is the root cause of all our agonies and asperities. Most of us are ambitious, hardworking, well educated along with our individual capabilities and potential, but are not aware about the basic formula of success, hence often get average results. Before understanding the formula of success, it’s important to ponder over the factors which fail us and create chaos in our lives.
In fact, formula of chaos can also be deduced which goes like this
Impulse + opportunity = Chaos.

Everyday, we all come across oodles of impulses like to work, to study, to play or to plan. Impulses are just ideas that pop into our brains for a second and then vanishes. It flashes in our brain for a moment and catches our attention but the problematic part is that they are random, numerous and based on casual appetites and fleeting temptations. Though impulses are neither good or bad but we can’t count on them as well .
We encounter problems when our impulses meet the opportunity for instant satisfaction. If you have a credit card in your wallet and you are defeated by the impulse to spend, probably the result will be unplanned debt which is a problem. Likewise if you want to watch television, that too on a big new flat-screen television the result often will be a wasted time.
Impulses happen when we encircle ourself with opportunities for instant satisfaction.
Now, consider another formula, the one for achievement.
Here it is:
Desire  +  Discipline  =  Achievement

Our deepest desires are indeed our true longings, mission or purpose in life. When we are actually aware of our real desires and supplement them with orderly and disciplined life, results can be bewildering. In a world of careless opportunities, random impulses most often lead to debt, disaster and chaos but if you recognize your deepest desires and try to fulfill it by observing even minimal discipline, you will notch up colossal success.
If you know your heartfelt desires and work assiduously with utmost dedication to morph them into reality- you indeed know the recipe for success. So it’s not wise not to dive into the world of endless impulses and make your life miserable. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chanakya IAS Academy felicitated their successful candidates of Civil Services Exam 2014

New Delhi 24 August 2015  - With an aim to keep the civil services  aspirants motivated towards their goal in life, Chanakya IAS Academy in association with AK Mishra’s Art of Success  felicitated their meritorious students who had performed exceptionally well in civil services examination 2014. The results of civil services examination  were declared recently and Chanakya IAS Academy's students re- created a history in the examination by their brilliant performance. Considering this unprecedented success, Chanakya IAS Academy conducted a felicitation ceremony in which the faculty along with the parents were present today at India Habitat Centre. The event began from 7:30pm onwards and given a touch of festivity with accolades and praises.

Students’ uncanny zeal to attain success, over-the-top performance and illustrious victory was recognized by noted motivational speaker Mr. AK Mishra (Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy).

The felicitation ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Justice Dr. Arijit Pasayat, former judge, Supreme Court India.

Civil Services are all about hard work, dedication, sincerity and determination and this is where our students stand out. Continued efforts and a focused approach towards the goal with precision, plan & tenacity can help anybody achieve excellence, said Mr. A.K. Mishra, Director of Chanakya I.A.S Academy 

Chanakya IAS Academy has churned out 353 successful candidates out of which 5 students are listed in top 10,

 The moments of joy and celebration were shared by some of the top civil servants, judicial persons, and eminent personalities from health, social and private sectors. .

In the felicitation ceremony, all the students were highly jubilant and enthusiastic. On this occasion,  Suharsha Bhagat (AIR 5 CSE 2014) and other toppers   appreciated the noble efforts being taken by Chanakya IAS Academy in guiding the students for the prestigious Civil Services Examination. The students  enthusiastically participated in the  felicitation ceremony and made the event even more memorable by singing songs, narrating many motivational stories, shayaris and a lot more.

A large number of parents and faculty were present during the ceremony. All the faculty members of Chanakya IAS Academy congratulated the students at the end of the felicitation ceremony and wished them luck for a bright future.  Parents and students also thanked the academy for their invaluable contribution towards their success.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Grand Felicitation Ceremony is Going to be Organized by Chanakya IAS Academy in Association with AK Mishra’s Art of Success

Chanakya IAS Academy in association with AK Mishra’s Art of Success is going to celebrate momentous triumph of its students who got through Civil Services Examination, 2014 and brought home the bacon. The felicitation ceremony will be held at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 24th August 2015 and the event will commence at 7:30 pm. Students’ uncanny zeal to attain success, over-the-top performance and illustrious victory will be recognized by noted motivational speaker Mr. AK Mishra (Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy).

Chanakya IAS Academy has churned out 353 successful candidates out of which 4 students are listed in top 10, 6 students are in top 20 and a whooping 31 student are in top 100.The felicitation ceremony will be graced by Honorable Justice Dr. Arijit Pasayat, former judge, Supreme Court India.

Students phenomenal and singular triumph will also be celebrated by noted dignitaries like Transformational Yoga Guru, Swami Vivekananda,  healthcare practitioners & doctors, including Dr. Prasoon Chatterjee (Geriatrics dept. Head at AIIMS), Mr. Hameed Jund, HR Head of Aplha Group, NSG personnel and other leading bureaucrats across India. The jaw dropping  results will bring together eminent politicians, doctors, defence personnel and veteran bureaucrats which will allow everybody get a good fix on burning issues, scientific developments and technological prowess of India.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How Vastu Can Help Create an Ambience for Growth and Prosperity in the Office

Although Success of anyone largely depends upon smart work, self belief and positive approach towards one’s goal. But sometimes, we human beings face various complexities in day to day lives, such  as failures, arguments with family members or with co-workers at the workplace . Increasing competition , somehow , negatively bears upon other desired human attributes like positive attitude and focused approach.

Even corporate world is not untouched of the positive effects of vastu and its concept and application is increasingly finding place at workplace. According to vastu experts, it fosters the environment of growth and positivity. We all look for a healthy and energetic place to boost our workforce, to reduce sickness and to have healthy environment around us. Vastu curbs negativity around us which in turn increase our productivity, keep way from sickness and help us accomplish our tasks more expeditiously.

It seems bit strange that rearranging non-living things can bring forth positive atmosphere around us and rejuvenate our inner soul as well. But there are numerous evidences around the world that substantiate the efficacy of Vastu and it has also been established that positive energy somehow gravitate to and linked to vastu.

The goals of an organization have a direct relationship with the goals and aspirations of it’s staff as well as their level of creativity. Apllying vastu while designing the workstations could prove as one of the most productive steps of the owner to embellish the creativity of the staff while keeping them away from the negativism.  

We all including non-living things are connected with the universal energy and it flows into our soul. When energy unconditionally flows within the environment around you, that energy supports you channelize the positive energy into our soul, and rejuvenates your 7 chakras. For example, if things around us are not in apple-pie order, we do not feel that enthusiasm and positive vibrations, which we receive in a beautiful surroundings filled with small flowers, well designed and arranged furniture, subtle colored walls, a laughing man (Whom we call laughing Budha), etc.Following right surroundings and favorable direction trikes a right balance between our inner and outer energy levels thus enhances our positive aura.

Although, one should not completely depend  upon Vastu to attain success in life, but its role to bring forth the ambience of positivity and  alacrity in life has been established. We must also be vigilant about what we think for. Our thoughts are not non-living entity and our positive or negative thoughts definitely have bearing on us so its essential to have positive environment around us so that we can maintain our positive flow of thoughts.
Although vastu could be misrepresented by the term “Superstitious practice” but, on a practical note, the things which give a calm reflection to eyes bring positive energy into our soul.

According to Vastu, every color symbolizes different elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Space and Wind). Different colours have got different meaning like blue color symbolizes royalty, white color represents peace, black color represents aggressiveness and so on. Vastu helps to decipher  the real meaning of colors and thus putting those colors in our lives to create a positive aura around us.

In conclusion, corporate houses are embracing Vastu open-heratedly for its benefits are countless and evidently visible. It’s  no-longer perceived as a bizarre acts of decorating homes but all the benefits that it extends can be proven scientifically.

Friday, 14 August 2015

How new age parenting should focus on building patriotism in their children

Countries having patriotic citizens can tide over any hardships and adverse conditions without facing many difficulties for all their efforts are directed towards welfare and prosperity of their nation. So it is imperative to bring forth patriotic feelings in children so that their country can prosper. On this auspicious occasion, AK Mishra’s art of Success wishes A very happy Independence Day.

Catechize children about honor and respect
Children must be taught to honour and respect the national emblem, national flag and other national symbols. Along with this, they should also be taught to keep their country clean as a mark of respect for the country. 
Sharing stories of freedom fighters

Grandparents or parents should narrate the stories of the freedom struggle to the children. Along with organizing various events or programs on Independence Day and Republic Day, schools should also initiate interaction session between the defense personnel (such as army members, air force and others) and children, where they could share stories of war, and other vital issues.
Patriotic Activities

Although schools teach students about the patriotic songs such as National Anthem and so forth, parents should also keep taking their kids out to visit historic places which hold patriotic significance.

Parents should make their children watch the parade to let them witness the rich culture and diversity of various states of India. Parents should also educate them about the significance of the parade, which every year telecasts on television on Republic Day and Independence Day.
Children are the future of our nation and if they are patriotic then only our nation can prosper. Patriotic children can discharge their duties towards the nation with great enthusiasm and finesse.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Successful inauguration of AK Mishra’s ‘Art of Success’ seminar at Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna

Patna_13th August, 2015: Chanakya IAS Academy, Patna Branch organized AK Mishra’s ‘Art of Success’ seminar at Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna on 10th August, 2015. The chief guest, Shri Shatrughan Sinha (Member of Parliament) inaugurated this seminar. While addressing the participating students, Sri Shatrughan Sinha encouraged the students for their future success. Besides, he shared success tips with the participants and commended Success Guru AK Mishra for providing valuable guidance to students and for organizing life transforming seminars in India and abroad. The eminent motivational speaker AK Mishra was the chief speaker of the seminar.

Success Guru AK Mishra has designed special training programmes which are based on his Trademark Model “Human Software Development Programme” and aim at helping success strivers, working professionals in attaining their goals. His training sessions and seminars have also brought about colossal changes in the lives of those who were struggling with their personal lives. After undergoing the training session, participants learnt to get over their weakness and bring home the bacon. Mr.Mishra also talked about the hidden and unexploited strength in human beings and also uncovered its scientific basis.

This programme is much popular throughout the country. In this programme, Success Guru unravels the unique inner forces of human beings and presents its scientific interpretations.
Dr.Krishna Singh, Branch Head of Chanakya IAS Academy, had anchored the event and shared success story of Mr.Mishra with students – he also brought to light the glorious history and milestones achieved by Chanakya IAS Academy and AK Mishra’s Art of Success. He discussed with students the success story of Mr. AK Mishra and revealed how Mr.Mishra rose to great heights despite hailing from a small village of Hazaribagh.

Success Guru AK Mishra said, “ This seminar is an attempt to motivate the aspirants of Patna and to unleash the unharnessed  potential of the students who are capable to achieve greater things in life in life but unable to realize their true purpose due to lack of right guidance.

While addressing thousands of students, Success Guru AK Mishra gave emphasis on the development of positive thinking, goal setting, focused approach and capable minds. He explained how one can reach the pinnacle of success. In this programme, he guided the audience and instilled indomitable enthusiasm into them. He shared the recipe for attaining well-rounded success in future and cemented the concepts in the minds of audiences through inspirational stories movie clips and motivational incidents like “As a Pianist can play tune when he has mastered the fundamentals of music and the keyboard, similarly you can do in relation to your goal once you have mastered the Art of Success”.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes Happy "International Youth Day"

International Youth Day is celebrated on 12th of August every year. It is a momentous day to recognize and acknowledge the significant contributions and power of youngsters in developing our country, communities and the world.

On this special occasion, AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes all the youngsters a very good luck in their future endeavors and hope they will bring about miraculous changes in the world with the help of advanced technologies and their youthful capabilities.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Unearthing the Factors That Help Increase Productivity at Workplace -- Art of Success for Professionals

Professionals and good employees are aware about their job roles at workplace and ready to take challenges by going beyond their job roles. Productivity of an employee and overall growth of an organization largely depend upon the understanding of the employee about the organizational goals and objectives. An efficient employee has good knowledge of the organization functions and processes and  always align his/her role to the organization goal.    
To maximize the productivity at the workplace, employees must keep in mind the three most important factors, i.e.,
Interpersonal Skills

Besides being adept in specific job role, an employee needs to be equally good at interpersonal skills as well. Good interpersonal skills are crucial in determining one’s success and the best employee is the one who communicates well in-person, via mail or on the phone. It’s been observed that employees having good interpersonal skills are also endowed with unrivaled conflict management skills  . They are always calm and respectful to other employees even in the face of conflicts and raise their concerns and opinions in a professional way.

Be open to learning

Learning is a skill which itself has to be learned. The more you learn, the more you will realize how little you knew. Good employees soak up new information like a sponge when it is shared with them, and have good knack for research and enhancing their knowledge-base.


Honesty is the key to success in any sphere of life, be it professional or personal. Everyone makes mistakes at the workplace, but  professionals having pompous thoughts about their accomplishments and inflated ego create problems both for themselves and for their colleagues. Good employees never hesitate to admit their mistakes and seek guidance of their seniors to resolve conflicts.

AK Mishra’s Art of Success distinguished training sessions for professionals help  professionals discover their true untapped potential, consequently they achieve both personnel as well as professional goals with great finesse. After attending the training sessions, professionals identify their own unique style of work and become assertive decision makers that substantially increase their productivity.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Deciphering the Significance of Good Parenting

Becoming a parent undoubtedly is the most pleasurable and rewarding experience in one’s entire life, but giving birth to a baby comes with a plethora of responsibilities as well as problems related to baby’s upbringing. Right parenting helps child face future unforeseen happenings with courage, confidence and determination. Parenting also significantly helps your little ones to develop their personalities and deal with the vagaries and complexities of life confidently. Good parenting promotes good physical and emotional health in children. Kids who have been raised under kind and gentle care of their parents can better protect themselves from the any harm in the future. Good parenting astonishingly optimizes child potential so his productivity is increased many times.

Children brought up in good parental care, stay motivated all their lives. They exhibit illustrious leadership skills and provide path breaking solutions to the people. So right parenting heralds at bright future of kids. It’s been noticed that children who are born to rich parents, but did not receive good parenting could not do well in their lives. On the contrary, even underprivileged kids who have received good parenting have been able to make a mark in their lives and made a substantial contribution to the society.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Life Lovers Club Unearthing the Secrets of Successful Life

In today’s fast-paced world of constant change, people are encountering countless problems that hardly allow them to enjoy the spontaneity of life and making new friends. In order to fulfill materialistic aspirations, people often set delusional goals that further add to the complexities of life.

We are so badly entangled in the complexities of life that it has kept us away from experiencing the beauty of life. Life Lovers Club liberates us from the need to fulfill the monotony of endless desires.

In essence, AK Mishra’s Life Lovers Club aims to set people free from unwanted and unwarranted overindulgence in worldly affairs that prevent them to witness and unearth the real joy of life. Life Lovers Club counts on recreating an optimized working environment and fostering human values that are the cornerstones of leading successful life. Human beings are social animals and most evolved species. Our success may be attributed to the mutual cooperation. We are supposed to lend helping hands to each other which we have gradually forgotten. At Life Lovers Club, we not only encourage people to outperform, but also make them realize the significance of bringing about substantial changes in the lives of others, thus we also lay the foundation of healthy and growth-oriented environment. Our Life Lover’s club brings together a group of people and create a positive, supportive, compassionate aura for them by organizing various outing, parties, musical nights or social gatherings. Explore the nature, traverse the spontaneity of Life with our AK Mishra’s Life Lover’s Club.
Age is no bar to enroll in Life Lovers Club, you should have burning desire to enjoy the spontaneity of life, taste the variety, know more people, make new friends and take moments out of the usual chase to become the member. We also love challenging the status quo for we sincerely believe that it creates boundaries and is detrimental to growth of a healthy society. Life Lovers Club will help you get over yourself and become a universal citizen. You will connect with people and discover other aspects of human life.

At Life Lover’s Club, we all are creative, open to ideas, problems and journey of life. You will learn to lead a life full of compassion and commitment and strike a right balance between your personnel and professional life .Moreover, the networking will help you the most in your business as well as professional life.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Demystifying the Essence of Friendship Day

Friends and friendship have been valued since the beginning of the civilization. Friends play a crucial role in sailing through the difficulties in life and stand by us in the hour of crisis. Even, all religion and religious scriptures highlight the significance of friendship in one voice. Good friends help us conquer the vagaries and adversities of life which is why people having good friends consider themselves luckiest. On friendship day, we express our love and affection to our friends and pay our gratitude to them.

The founder of Hallmark Cards, Joyce Hall, originally promoted friendship day in 1930. However, friendship day is celebrated in different countries on different dates but it is celebrated with same passion worldwide. On the eve of the friendship day, friends acknowledge each other with the exchanges of cards and gifts. Friendship day is very popular in India and celebrated on 2nd of August every year.

                                                                                                                                                   Courtesy: AK Mishra Library