Monday, 28 September 2015

Employability Skill Test: Create practices that fit the best-- AK Mishra's Art of Success for Professionals

Skills analysis and skills development are essential to keep up the productivity. Individuals having broad-based education, better skills, eagerness to adapt and learn newer things are most employable ones. Testing the required level of skill in any candidate is a daunting job as it includes the most critical analysis of evaluation. If the evaluation process is not effective enough to get in through the candidate, it will have a direct effect on productivity of the employee. The test for employability is a must for organizations.
Employability entails much more than the ability to get a job. One should have the ability to keep polishing the existing skills and gain newer skills to remain employable throughout

life. Those who move out of their daily tasks and take initiatives to go beyond their work profiles to grab more knowledge are more employable ones. Enhancing the skills does not only help with organizational growth, but it also helps employees to grow as a person.

Organizations’ initiatives to create practice for employees in order to enhance their skills

1.       Sound Interest:  Employees engagement and development also depend upon the organization. It is the organization who organizes various activities that channelize the employees’ potential in appropriate work, which in turns helps them grow professionally and personally. An Organization must know how to engage employees through interesting ways of engagement. Innovation is what helps the company to roll our HR policies that support growth of innovative and creative engagement of employees.

2.      Employer’s genuine interest: An individual would find their work interesting, if employer genuinely offers good opportunities for them to enhance their skills. To enhance a genuine interest of employees towards their work, the organization must involve them in activities that interest them. This requires immense collaboration of organization with the employees. In other words, to involve employees, the organization must be involved equally in the process. A genuine interest of the organization assists in the formation of emotional capital of the organization.

3.     Deployment: Organizations who provide deployment opportunities in response to the changing needs of their organization also help gaining interest of employees. This concretes the way for the creation of the new alley in the course of career. Any organization performs such practices where the employees receive opportunities to develop new skills and polish the existing expertise adds to organizational growth along with the professional growth of employees. Professional growth is proportional to productivity and productivity is proportional to organizational growth. This helps the employers to utilize employees up to their optimal level and get maximum returns out of their investments.

What are the techniques to enhance employability skills?

Undoubtedly, good qualification and work experience help you get a good job, but to successfully sustain in a job, one must have to keep practicing and developing skills as per the latest trends and technologies. New requirement of business requires new methods to deal with the situation. On technology fronts, professionals need frequent up gradation as technology updates frequently.

Here are some following methods to strengthen employability skills:

1. Review yourself: To strengthen your skills, you must first analyze your existing knowledge and then match it with the market trend.  List down your weakness and strength and then analyze what all you require which add a value to your professional growth. Writing down lets an individual to go through their weaknesses critically and devise plans to eliminate them. On the other hand, writing offers a better insight into the personality and improves the glitches in their own self. Soft Skills, body language and other professional skills can be greatly enhanced through self-review.

2. Start some R & D: Start reading about the things you are interested in to gain knowledge through reading relevant books, reading on google, practicing, etc. Reading is one of the best practice for both character and knowledge formation. It helps in both psychological and behavioral development of the individual. The brain needs to be fed with information and knowledge as the body needs to be fed with food.

3. Volunteer:  Volunteering or taking initiatives to work with your senior or colleagues beyond your work profile definitely works in developing organizational skills.

4. Professionalism: Regardless the field or area of your work, professionalism and integrity are something you must add to your personality while you are at the professional front. Employees should join professional networking, development programs that enhance their skills and make them confident amongst various groups of people. Familiarize yourself with the people who are doing excel in the field you are working in, and try to learn from them.

Enhancing your employability skills through various training, observations, education and practical application boost up your career.  Through enhancing your employability skills, time to time as per the industry or market trend, not only increase your demand in the professional world, but also position you for high-earning roles with better growth potential.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Art of Success for Teenagers

AK Mishra's Art of Success for Teenagers

Art of Success for Teenagers helps teens manage their emotions, identify and achieve their goals, supports their passion and embraces their talent so that they can discover their enormous strength.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Cultivate your child’s weakness that holds enormous strength

Every Human being is unique with some unique personality traits. The creator has created some personal identity and qualities in each one of us, yet delegated the responsibilities to us human beings to discover that power God has bestowed to us in order to achieve that immense triumph of life.
As parents, we know our children are unique, but our lack of knowledge and guidance makes us unable to help them realize how special they are and can become. Parents must know how to cultivate the gifts within each of their children. We merely rely on schools to help them discover their life’s goal, and as they grow up, parents end up worrying about their Children's future goals and decisions.
The job as parents is a never ending process, most of the time parents are aware of the wildest dreams of their kids, yet are powerless to tell them how to achieve those desires. Even the wildest dreams or most annoying traits of a kid can bring out the most beautiful personality of your child. Hence, instead of trying to abolish a child’s annoying personality, parents should harvest the spiritual gifts that accompany such traits.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

“Every flower fertilized in a well organized garden flourish as a wildflower. Similarly Children’s unmanageable and sometimes annoying characteristics can help them raise as a successful personality. That annoying trait might be a unique strength waiting to be trained and shine. So often, the attribute that exhibits as a child’s greatest weakness holds the potential to be his enormous strength."

Hence, remember to cultivate and embellish instead of eradicating, whenever your child irritate you with his/her annoying traits.. 
  • Blandly help your sensitive child to be emotionally strong and practical at some walks of life and not to melt down in every situation,  but do not completely try to wipe out his/sensitivity. Try to cultivate his/her sensitivity in pertinent expressions, which can help her to understand the emotions of others, you might have a future psychologist or counselor at your home. 
  • Blandly help your talkative child to be polite and stay quiet when it requires to be quiet, and what to talk in what situation, but also cultivate her love to talk by putting up a topic he/she loves to talk about. You might have an intellectual personality at your home.
  • Blandly help your imaginative child to not deeply drenched in his/her imaginative world, but do not ignore when he/she talks about her imagination taken from a book, dreams, etc. You might have a future painter or  writer at your home.
  • Blandly help your dominating child to not become too aggressive in all personal affairs, but also cultivate his aggressiveness and dominating characteristics by delegating appropriate responsibilities. You might have an entrepreneur, CEO, or an IAS in your home.
  • Blandly help your overly energetic child to be still and calm when required, but also flourish his/her love of doing energetic activities by indulging him in the activities which channel that energy in more productive ways. You might have a future Businessman or a player in your home.

Undoubtedly, parenting is a tough job, but proper guidance and love can give you a lifetime satisfaction and a beautiful life to your kid.

Monday, 14 September 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success organizing motivational seminar at Jammu

Chanakya IAS Academy in collaboration with AK Mishra’s Art of Success will organize an “Art of Success” Seminar at Zorawar Singh Auditorium, Jammu University on 29th September. AK Mishra’s Art of Success seminar is widely recognized and praised by millions of Students, Aspirants, working professionals and individuals. The seminar will commence at 2pm and will continue until 6pm in the evening.  An eminent personality from Jammu & Kashmir will also mark the presence in the seminar as chief guest. The Art of Success’ is a special program, which has been developed by Success Guru AK Mishra, based on his trademark model “Human Software Development Program”.

Mr. AK Mishra, (Inventor & Director of AK Mishra’ Art of Success & Chanakya IAS Academy) believes, “Success always comes to those who believes in themselves and take the failures as stepping stones for Success”. He said, “This Seminar will also endeavor to let the students of Jammu & Kashmir unleash their inherent potential and upsurge their self assurance so that they focus on the destination and success rather than the hurdles.” The stance of organizing seminars by the academy is an initiative to reach every region of India and around the world to bring out the hidden potential of the human being.
The seminar will be organized especially for Civil Services Aspirants and students preparing for other competitive exams.  Mr. Mishra will share his mantras of Success as well as provide sharp insight to the aspirants to climb the ladder of success with victory on every step of life. The session will focus on enabling the aspirants rectify even the tiny weakness and hence march onwards with more zeal and conviction for building path to success.

AK Mishra’s lectures motivate deserving candidates to achieve their desired success. Participants of the program will be encouraged to interact with Mr. Mishra face to face and share their doubts or queries regarding the Civil Services Examination. Added further motivation to students, Successful Candidates of CSE 2014 are invited to the seminar. They will interact with the participants and share about their success journey offering guidance to prepare for the exam.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Discover your Passion-- AK Mishra's Art of Success

We are always in search for that one mantra that will lead us to the success path. However, there is no secret that you need to know in order to achieve it.If you read success stories, you will notice that all successful people have a certain pattern of thinking and you can become like them once you start thinking like them. Lives of great and successful people show that they rose to great heights even after facing devastating and unnerving defeats. Successful people are extraordinarily passionate about achieving their goals which otherwise was considered unachievable by others. Passion gets you what it takes to march ahead in the moments of disappointments, crisis and if none of your plans and ideas pan out. So it’s important to discover your passion to lead a meaningful and successful life. Below listed are the points that help you in achieving success and keep up the pace with the leading world.

1.       Slow Down
When we slow down, we discover the best version of ourselves and somehow we find the answers we are looking for. Slowing down helps you to calm the outside voices and listen to yourself. Going for daily walks, practicing yoga and spending some time on meditation can miraculously help contacting the inner self.

2.       Own Your Uniqueness
We all possess unique blend of skills, creativity, strengths, talent and wisdom and exist here for a reason. We all have something great to offer, the need is to recognize, own and accept your uniqueness which is how we can give our best to the world.

3.       Cultivate Confidence
Believing in yourself is an attribute that can radically step up your potential to accomplish a task. There is a chance that you may fail but it will be impossible to succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.

4.       Find the themes
A set of recurring themes exist in everybody’ lives and it’s important to recognize them to decide if we have to follow or change them. What lessons or themes repeatedly show up in your life? Have you figured out the areas of your life which is full of discomfort and pain or filled in with joy and light?Answers to these questions are vital to discover your passion.

5.       Write
Spend a few minutes each day to pen down your thoughts without getting influenced from the outside world.It’s an established fact that ideas flow more freely when we map out nothing. New thoughts may spring up out of the blue and it becomes easier to connect the dots.

6.        Focus on the fun
We concentrate more on to-do lists and details than what is more important. Most of us are entangled in the net of unrealistic expectations that we set for ourselves and never enquire into most important questions like what do I love to do? What makes me smile?

7.       Push past fear

Most of us harbor a widely-prevalent misconception that we will go after what we want once we have more time, more money or more experience, but the truth is, that will never happen. It’s only when we do away with these fears and understand how they are pulling us back that we can start moving forward.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Happy Teacher's Day

When God wanted to bless us, he manifests himself in the form of a teacher. Teacher is humble, noble, sweet and supreme being on the earth. He dispels doubts and instills faith in our heart. He reinforces our belief on the right things and buttresses our courage to take on the challenges of life. It’s not possible to profile a teacher, owing to the greatness they possess. Teacher is the emblem of perfection and perfects us as well. He fixes our purpose in life and helps us defeat the insurmountable barriers of life.

Teachers can turn mundane and banal into great and gigantic- help us bring out the best and grandeur in us. By their grace, we learn to unlock the hidden potential in us and climb the ladder of success. In fact, you cannot get a fix on anything without teacher’s help. Only a teacher can measure teacher’s greatness. 

Teachers give wings to our dreams, shape our future and lay foundation for our prosperous and successful future. They instill faith in our hearts and help us overcome insurmountable barriers. AK Mishra’s Art of Success expresses gratitude and respect towards our beloved teachers and wish all of you a very happy Teacher’s Day.