Thursday, 25 June 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes Happy International Day against drug abuse

On 26th June, the world will commemorate the international day against drug abuse and illegitimate trafficking, which serves as a reminder of the need to combat the problems illegitimate drugs pose to society. Everyone has their own story of overcoming heartbreaks, sorrows, and their own ways to find escapism from the various tensions and life struggles. And other might have set a perception of taking drugs as a fun or style statement.
But are we actually heading to the right direction? The young generation or the people who are doing illegitimate trafficking of drugs amongst college students or teenagers to create such misconceptions in their mind should be strongly looking after and government should take serious action on such illicit trafficking.   
In a survey, we got to know that in one week teenagers spend 31 hours watching TV, 17 hours listening to music, 3 hours watching movies, 4 hours reading magazines, 10 hours online. And rest the time they go to college, go out with friends, and meet numerous people outside.  What they watch, whom they meet, what kind of friend circle they have, what are they learning is actually a very serious question to look after. And no one can do it better except parents. Now how they should do it is again a serious question. Parents should have friendly conversation with youngsters or teenagers, should show very understanding behavior towards them, and should share their personal concerns and problems with them so that the teenagers can come up frankly to discuss their life’s issues and concerns. 

Most of the girls have been noticed being addicted to drugs, when researchers compared cocaine using men and women, they found much greater neural activation in the drug-seeking brain regions of women during social stress (things like exclusion, being put down, and such) than were found for men or for women who didn’t use drugs. Many girls reported that they were introduced to alcohol and drugs use by their boyfriends, with drinking as part of their first sexual experience. Women feel addiction of alcohol sooner than the mail and some may go on to become addicted.
Youngster are becoming more addicted to alcohol and drugs to maintain their status, whereas, for women, it is a way of coping, of masking a woman’s feeling about herself and her emotional pain. 
We are losing whole segment of our population to misguided beliefs and stigmas. Spread awareness and education about the effects of alcohol and drug addiction and bring a positive change in our society. Being drug addict or alcoholic is nowhere a status symbol. And escapism is never a good idea, so face the problems, meditate to keep your mind calm and to keep your thoughts in right flow.

Your body, your life, your brain, your relationships, your health is truly a gift by God. Don’t ruin it with such addictions. Don’t become bad with your bad friend circle but educate them and take them on a right path. Be the change and create the change and then transform the world. AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes you all happy international day against drug abuse. Get out of the conventional boundaries and raise your voice against illegitimate trafficking of drugs. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes all a very happy international Yoga Day

Courtesy: AK Mishra Library

Yoga is that cosmic power which enables one to rejuvenate the soul, mind and body together. On this International Yoga Day, Give your soul rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self. Endow your soul a rejuvenated experience!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Learn the Art of Parenting with Success Guru AK Mishra's Art of Success for Parenting

Pioneered by the celebrated  Motivational Speaker "Success Guru AK Mishra"- AK Mishra's ART OF SUCCESS  is going to organize a workshop on its specialization Module "Art of Success for Parenting"  on this Father's Day, 21st June' 2015 in Gurgaon. This workshop would highlight various child rearing issues and will emphasize to build a healthy relationship between the parent and child by untangling both common and specific problems.

The modules would revolve around resolving specific issues about the children's worrisome behavioral, developmental health, disciplinary problems due to family dysfunction and people who seek professional consultation on active skills training like positive yet intensive parenting. It would also focus on common issues like families of children with disabilities who have or are at risk of developing behavioral or emotional disorders along with working parents who are unable to devote enough time to their kids for better nurturing would also be catered with a toolkit of techniques to address all the above child related problems that generally crop up during parenting. 

The module would be divided into a 3-day workshop. 
  • Day one would focus on 4 major sessions viz., descriptive praise, emotional coaching, fostering independence, encouraging good habits and positive discipline, dealing with issues like developing the child's motivation, social interaction, co-operation and confidence and self-esteem through the medium of movie clippings and interactive activities. 
  • Day two would impart the parents with being in charge by being authoritative without being over-controlling and being able to inculcate discipline and fostering good relationships with their siblings. 
  • Day three would be advanced communication skills among parents and their children would be stressed upon by learning easy techniques to gauge the child’s behavior and encouraging them to open up in a better way with their parents. 

Dedicated to the mission of revolutionizing the thinking of youth, Success Guru AK Mishra: the pioneer of the famous ‘Art of Success Programme’ has been adding hope, meaning and substance in the lives of one and all. A firm believer in the philosophy of ‘right thoughts, right beliefs and right actions’, Success Guru AK Mishra has enabled thousands to attain their goal in their lives with one of its kind initiatives that empowers, inspires and programs human mind to achieve success in every sphere of life.
Referring to the workshop Success Guru AK Mishra says, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. Your children are the greatest gift God will give to you, and their souls the heaviest responsibility He will place in your hands. Take time with them, teach them to have faith in God. Be a person in whom they can have faith. When you are old, nothing else you've done will have mattered as much.”

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Father’s Day—Art of Success for Parenting

Such an honorable day for Men of the world who compromise their wishes, comfort, who devotes their entire life working day and night to give their kids a better future, a better education and a better life. On such auspicious occasion, AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes all the fathers around the globe a very Happy Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is not only a day to devote fathers but to the grandfathers or anyone who act as a father figure in your life, who has shown you a right path, a right guidance when you were confused between several walks of life.

On this honorable occasion, 21st June 2015, I would like to narrate a story shared by a guy in our Art of Success Seminar recently held in Delhi on our specialization module “Art of Success for parenting”. That guy (Ritwik) lost his father at the age of 11 in an automobile accident. When each father’s day came, he used to feel depressed, lonely when all other kids used to go out with their father’s, make various cards, buy gifts, etc. When he grew up, went to college, he met a friend, who was brought up from a very rich family, the one and only son of his parents. He used to spend money like water. One day Ritwik went to his friend’s home, and saw that he was not in very good relationships with his parents. He shouted on his father when he questioned on his late arrival at home, and I got to know that he even forgot his Father’s birthday. And when he got to know by his mother, he didn’t even bothered to wish him and quietly went out of home. Ritwik couldn’t say anything that time except wishing his father a very happy birthday, that day Ritwik recalled his school days when his friends’ fathers used to come at school on parent’s teacher meetings or birthdays with loads of gifts, which Ritwik missed to feel and experience. And he realized how we human beings do not give importance to such precious things in life and how some of us die every day to have those precious things, and people in our life.
Ritwik along with his mother has been attending my art of Success Seminars for parenting since last 5 years and he regards me as a father figure, for which I feel great proud. As I said, father is not only a father, but anyone who guides you, who holds your hands and takes you towards the right path. All those kids who don’t have father, God must have send some great person in your life as a father figure, recognize him and respect him. And all those kids who have such precious gift of God “parents” Respect them, love them. You kids are very lucky! Ritwik eagerly wants to take his friend along in my Art of Success Seminar for parenting, and I feel proud when I receive such strong trust of my audience on me and I feel more responsible to keep that trust high. Parents are such beautiful creatures on the earth who sacrifice everything for their kids without any favor of return. So my message to all the kids around the world, realize their precious love before it’s too late. Respect them, and if you have grown up, so it’s your turn to give them love, care and respect. Make them feel how special they are, because they are special! Happy Fathers’ Day!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Happy Blood Donor's Day

Few drops of your blood can help a life to bloom.

Gift a life, gift some hope
Gift a smile, gift a drop 
A bottle of blood can save a life!
Feel better, feel fitter, 
Donate blood and make it matter 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Secret of Living well

From the richest Man in the world to the wealthiest person, here’s a question, would you rather be rich or wealthy? I know I am with semantics, but my answer is that I want to be rich! Life “rich” chocolate or “rich” coffee, I want a life that is rich and full, and that also happens includes all the money I can honestly earn. It’s more important to be rich than merely wealthy.  Richness comes with the quality of your relationships with others, your value at workplace, your presence which makes someone smile. And the wealth follows you gradually.
The value of “Living well” does not require money to surround yourself with beauty. It does not require money to enjoy life and live well. It only requires a contented heart.  You must make sure every day before you go to sleep, you must have a contented heart with such thoughts that you learnt something new today, you explored something new, you made someone smile, you took out the time for your family or loved one to spend some quality time or you did great job at workplace. Richness comes when your inner soul is satisfied.
One of the great paradoxes of modern life is that we have more “stuff” than ever, but we live with more clutter, more stress, and too often, we are not happy! We fill our lives with hectic schedules. We fill our offices with files and papers and books and magazines until we dread going to work. We fill our refrigerators with so much food that we eat too much, then “can’t find time to exercise.
I am convinced that one of the keys to a “rich” life is simplicity. Here are two personal examples. Copy them if they happen to apply in your situation, otherwise use them as inspiration to find your own solutions.

  1.   .  People used to watch television. Some of us watch news, sit back at home and share opinions such as; it should not have happen like this, this is not right, etc. But what do we actually do to make those things on right? Do we take some actions to take things on right track? So, step out and speak loud, speak if something happening around you which is not right. Bring positive changes in yourself to bring those changes in the society. Fill your life with fascinating people, places and things. Practice being a “do-er” rather than a “watch-er”.
  2.     Next, this week, let’s do an exercise. Check your mails once in a day and keep your phone aside, and guess what? You will discover that the world is not end! People are still alive, everything is still going on! And what you will discover is that you will have more time and a richer family, your friends and your life will become less miserable and well organized.

Set boundaries! Protect your privacy. Choose peace. We live in an age when money and prestige and the trappings of success have become more important than ever. We live in an era when we can earn more, have more and do more than ever, and the temptation is to lust after all those things. The good life however has not changed.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

World Environment Day

Since world’s environment Day has been celebrated every year on June 5. Let’s join our hands together and reaffirm the pledge to protect the environment and make the planet cleaner and greener. Let us ensure that even a smaller step we take in our daily lives will be an effort towards conserving nature and natural resources. 

On this such a special occasion “World’s Environment Day, AK Mishra’s Art of Success wishes you all a very Happy World Environment Day and would like to take a step towards making our planet polluted free and beginning with keeping our rounded area cleaner and greener. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A talk on Human Software development programme by Success Guru AK Mishra

How to upgrade and develop your human software in your brain to train your brain to achieve extraordinary success in all spheres of life.