Saturday, 27 February 2016

Saturday Vibes - Start everyday with positivity and keep it alive throughout your life

Everyday whenever you wake up in the morning, you feel lighter and in very positive and vibrational state of mind. But as the day goes on; traffic jam, excessive workload at workplace, fight with some closed ones start giving rise to our expectation, disappointments, frustration which then takes away our entire positivity. To keep the positivity alive entire day, you must begin your day with a thought and commitment that no outer environment can affect your inner being.  Although it’s not easy, but by regular practice you can bring this state of mind forever.

AK Mishra's Art of Success

Let’s dig into few tips to add in your daily routine which will help you establish a positive vibrational tone for the rest of the day. This basic healthy routine will help you to align with your natural state of well-being, will give you more clarity, boost up your zest for life and help you manifest harmonious relationships and prospects. Even if some situations in a day deviate you from the starting point, you can gradually get more control over your reaction by continued practice.

  • Meditation: Sit in a quiet comfortable place and meditate for 15 minutes. Relax and focus on your breathing to align with the frequency of your source. You can get access to your inner self, your actual positive self by releasing your thought of resistance. You can play a soothing music while meditation.
  • Affirmations: Your thoughts and your positive statements are incredibly powerful when your actual self truly believes on those statements. Simple statements like “I am blessed to have good life, I am strong, I am healthy, I am loved, I am peaceful, I am wealthy, I have the power to make my dreams come true or any such statement that resonates with you.
  • Pray: The most propitious time to offer a prayer is when you are in well state of mind, i.e., when you wake up in the morning. You can Thank God for the things you have in life, you can ask for right guidance, clarity in mind for the questions that are troubling you. You can ask for help in becoming a vibrational match to your desires. You can do it either silently or can speak it loud.
  • Be still: Sometimes being still and letting the universe work for you can bring some unexpected wonders to you. Allow yourself to be open to anything that may come up. You may experience a feeling of peace or joy, or perchance some words of encouragement may accumulate into your thoughts. We often get answers of many questions when we end the routine with quiet stillness.
  • Gratitude: Be grateful to universe for all the things in life you are blessed with. Be grateful for your family, friends, health, life, body, your home, your passions or anything that comes to your mind you are thankful for. By focusing more on the wonderful things you have, you can manifest even more wonderful things in your life.

Since it’s Saturday, and we here at AK Mishra’s Art of Success celebrating Saturday vibes, we take the pleasure to recommend you to start follow this routine today onwards itself and make your weekend and your overall life filled with positive vibes.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Different types of relationships you could experience in life

When you enter in a love relationship, you find everything perfect and unable to predict what kind of relationship you are into, But by the time, you start understanding what kind of personality you have and you lover has, the differences in both personalities, different expectations, different thought process, which ultimately form and describe a type of relationship.

If you are not happy with the type of relationship you are into, you must communicate with your partner. It can help better the compatibility between the two and help you both understand each other. Now let’s have an insight into the various types of relationship people go through in life.
Toxic Relationships: Toxic relations are considered to be those relationships which seem to be perfect and pleasant outside, but are not very contented inside. Too much frustration, annoyance the two partners feel towards each other without knowing the strong reason. This usually happens when the two has something worst stored in their mind, and moved on without clearing it out. And it comes out whenever any smaller issue occurs. Hence, here the partners need to sit and resolve their past experiences to avoid further dilemmas.  
The Codependent relationship: This type of relationship is okay to an extent. But completely getting dependent on your partner for making decisions in life can bring frustration. However, independent thoughts, decisions, abilities help to go through even major dilemmas occur in life.
Controlling Relationship: A controlling relationship is where a partner plays a dominant role, whereas the other partner simply follows the rules. The other partner would not realize being dominated for longer period of time, until frustration or feeling of helplessness begin taking place. Hence, it needs to be eliminated as a relationship only works when both the partners can freely state their thoughts and respect each other’s’ freedom.
The Pastime fling: The pastime fling is where the two partners have not made any future plans or commitments but live the present with complete compassion and love. Usually it happens when both the partners are convinced that the relationship won’t last forever but currently are in emotional bondage and unable to be apart. Here again the partners need to discuss and seek for right guidance.
Long Distance relationship: Long distance relationship is when the two are emotionally connected with each other but live in two different area codes. Long distance relationship lasts with great emotional bond, understanding and trust. The two partners here must understand each other’s reason to live apart and respect the level of trust towards each other.
The negotiation relationship: Both the partners are happy in relationship but the relationship is going through lots of compromises and sacrifices to keep the other partner happy. The partners in this kind of relationship just need to eliminate expectance and bring in acceptance to let each other live freely in the relationship.
The distracted relationship: This kind of relationship has been encountered by many couples when both the partners are truly in love but are not able to steal time for each other as they’re too focused on their career. Here, both the partners need to respect each other’s passion for their desires but need to steal sometime to show love and gratitude to each other as well.
The unhappy relationship: This is the relationship when you are not happy in a relationship but still sticking to it, for society, for kids or for any emotional bondage. Here, the partners should either get apart or look for ways to bring harmony in their relationship.
The imperfect relationship: The imperfect relationship is when both the partners know that they are imperfect and have accepted each other with that imperfection. The kind of relationship is good, as acceptance is requisite for any relationship but both the partners must keep trying to let each other improve their personalities with love and compassionate healthy talks or discussions.
The insecure relationship: This relationship is one of the most difficult relationships when your partner feels insecure when you talk to some person of opposite sex or even with friends. Here, both the partners need to respect each other’s freedom and build strong foundation of trust.  

A completely compatible relationship: This kind of relationship is hardest to find nowadays, but any type of relationship can become compatible by eliminating the negative traits of the relationship and bringing harmony, trust, and love in. The compatible relationship is when both the partners accept and understand each other completely and stand for each other.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Values you should teach your kids in their toddler age

Many parents feel that it’s futile to teach values to a preschooler or kids at very young age.  But that’s a huge delusion. Here are some values which every kid must learn in their preschooler stage or say by the age of 5.

Value 1: Fairness
Children must be taught to realize, accept their mistakes and apologize without keeping any negative emotions like ego.
Kids have a very basic tendency to get annoyed when they lose in a game, which makes them burst out of anger as a result they either hit the other kid or destroy their toy or game. Hence, parents must teach their kids to make amends in a proactive way, which makes them a calm and positive person. If you’ve encountered your child behaving or acting badly towards someone, help him/her think of a way to compensate. Adapting these gestures by kid at the young age will help him/her treating people fairly and help them negotiate the complicated world of peer-group relationships.

Value 2: Mentally examine things/good judgment
Trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a decisive building block for other caring emotions. This is how we teach our kids to develop compassion, gratitude and hope.

Value 3: Loyalty/morality
Kids are reflection of their parents. Their first source of learning for a kid is always parents. Hence, in order to encourage honesty and truthfulness in your child, be a truthful person yourself. You are the first and foremost source for a child from which he/she takes his cues, so it’s important for you to avoid any betrayal, even innoxious one. For instance, asking your kid not to tell mommy that we’ve got candy, or such things can develop a sense of dishonesty in your kid’s behaviors. Let your child always be truthful with others.
Another way to help your child develop sense of loyalty or honesty is instead of overreacting if your child lies; help him/her find a right way to tell the truth.

Value 4: Love and compassion
Parents often believe and think that children are naturally affectionate, generous and loving. Although this is very true, but to let these loving sentiments last forever, they need to retaliated. Due to busy schedule of parents every day, it’s very frightening to realize that a child rarely hears “I love you” from his/her parents in a day. Let your child encounter or experience the love and compassion you show or give to people in your life. Talking to your children how much you love their mother/father, siblings, cousins, grandparents, uncle or aunts is a great way to demonstrate the sense of love and affection to your child.
You can practically experience this by saying I love you to your child and hearing back I love you too from them. The more hugs and kisses you will give to your child, more your home will be filled with love and affection, and your child will feel more free to express love and gratitude to the people he/she admires.

Value 5: Determination
The best way to build sense of determination in your kid is give you child an honest feedback instead giving them excessive praise. An honest feedback delivered in gentle and supportive manner brings an urge in kid to do well and get the appreciation.
Another effective way to help kids develop determination is encourage them to do the things which are not too easy for them to achieve. Praise them for their initiatives even if they could not succeed. Compliment you kid if they manage to do the things which are not too easy for them. Recognition and complement boost up kids’ willingness to do things better which in turn make them more determined to keep trying for newer achievements.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Help your kid internalize the sense of Love and affection

In  order to help children internalize the true sense of love and affection, parents must Let their child see them demonstrating their love and affection towards each others and the people in their life. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

AK Mishra’s Art of Success is going to organize a corporate training at Videocon

After recently conducting a successful training session at NSG, AK Mishra’s Art of Success is now going to organize another life transformational training on Take Charge of Life for the senior managers of Videocon. The training will be held at the corporate office of Videocon and will begin at 1pm which will continue till 4pm.

The motive of the training program is to let the participants ward off stress and strike a right balance between personal and professional life. It will help attendees achieve optimal performance at workplace. The session will help attendees do away with monotonous life and   try out something they love to traverse the undiscovered terrain of life.

Success Guru AK Mishra, the Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success will be the chief speaker of the seminar. Mr. Mishra will reveal the secrets of soul and body transformational yoga in the success training session.  Guided meditation and yoga will help participants rejuvenate their mind and soul while balancing their chakras to live a stress free and joyful life. The success session will embrace music, life transformational lecture, live examples and brainstorming activities. It aims at bringing about complete transformation in the attendees that will help them achieve their cherished dreams.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Lets welcome spring with joy and warmth -- Happy Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami is a glorious festival that marks the end of the winter season and heralds the arrival of springtime. Since yellow color holds a special meaning for the celebration as it signifies the brilliance of nature and vibrance of life, people usually celebrate this day by wearing yellow colour. On this special occasion, AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes you all a very happy Vasant Panchami. May the occasion of Vasant Panchami and arrival of spring fill your life with warmth and brightness and May Goddess Saraswati endow you with right wisdom and guidance to lead and excel in life. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How Feng Shui can enhance your love life on this Valentine

There are many reasons which may act as blockage in love relationships, but attractiveness and beauty is something which can bring that life back in the relationships. Not facial beauty but the surrounding, atmosphere where you live and spend most of the time should be enhanced beautifully to let that beauty reflect in your soul and thus in your relationships. If your home is disordered, clutter and not properly lit, then you greatly block the love to be filled around you and lessen the chances of experiencing a healthy love life. No matter which problems you might be facing, these simple tips will surely help you create a home that flourishes a beautiful and healthy love life.
Create an inviting bedroom atmosphere
Although we all prefer king size bed, but Feng Shui suggests to opt for queen size bed to enhance love life. Moreover, you must keep an eye on the placement of your bed, which should not be jammed against the wall, which gives a signal that you are not open to receive and give love. Also, make sure that you bed should never be jammed again the wall with a toilet as it gives even bad impact and flushes away the love from your life. Lastly, to maintain the equality in a relationship, Feng Shui also recommends that both sides of the best should have equal space.
Keep enough Privacy in Your Bedroom
Placing family photographs on the walls of bedroom is not really a very good idea; instead family photographs should be placed in drawing room, keeping your bedroom private romantic sanctuary.

Your bedroom must be gadgets free
Nothing is more annoying than watching your partner more interested in his/her Laptop and I Pad. Bedroom is a place to relax; keeping television or other electronic gadgets in your bedroom gives completely non-romantic signal. In case you cannot remove some important gadget, keep them in a corner place in your bedroom sway from the bed.

Stimulate your Southwest Area
According to Feng Shui, love is located at the southwest corner of your home. Stimulate this area with candles, flowers, crystals. You can make the effect even better by keeping a chandelier, which has both crystals and lights. You can also place a beautiful painting of lovers, of love ducks. If your bedroom is located at this southwest area, then nothing can keep you away from receiving and filling your soul with love.
Keep negative memories away
Keeping the gifts or items given to you by someone you don’t want to remember keeps you stick onto negative energies as it gives a signal that you do not want to move on. Get rid of those reminders and keep those things out of your bedroom.

Bring out your most positive emotion "Love" and spread throughout the world!  Fill your inner soul and life with love and affection on this Valentine's Day! 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Insightful Saturday -- Saturday Vibes

Welcome to our insightful day, "Saturday Vibes"! AK Mishra's Art of Success will organize a training combining Art of Success for Aspirers and Human Relations to empower the participants with the finesse to fulfill their aspiration of having healthier and blissful relationships.