Thursday, 30 April 2015

Right Action in right time with powerful belief system and positive thinking is what only required to convert any dream into reality

Power of your thoughts and belief
Difference between possibility and impossibility is that of one’s attitude of belief or disbelief. The story of success begins with courage to see higher dreams. One should see a dream higher than what he normally thinks is possible. It does not take any more energy to create a big dream than it does to create a little one. Robert Fitz says, “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”
After having a right goal with right belief there is a need of right action to convert dream into a reality. Of course, there is no substitute to hard work but what really pays is smart work. In the final analysis a smart worker is an intelligent hard worker. The first and foremost condition of smart work is that you should be able to simplify your task and should be able to make it interesting too. One cannot do a work for long and cannot be creative in that till the time he enjoys it.

Right action is required to convert your dreams into reality
The world belongs to dreamers and believers. All the discoveries and inventions are achievements of lofty dreamers and firm believers. But these dreams and believes could not become realities till the time they were supported by right actions. It is said, thought without action is abortion. Therefore there is a need of right action in right time for converting any dream into reality. Right action includes a relevant approach, systematic planning and timely implementation. The first condition of right action is ability to be organized because you can get the best results from your mind only when you are organized. When you are organized, power of your mind develops manifold, your mind becomes magnetic.

Necessity of Relevant approach towards chosen task
Being relevant with approach towards your chosen task is like being on right path to your destination. All efforts become useless when you are irrelevant with your approach. In fact it is disastrous to work hard with irrelevant approach because more you would try farther you will be from your destination. Being irrelevant is like moving from Delhi in north direction towards Chandigarh while willing to go to Jaipur which is in south direction to Delhi. Faster you move in wrong direction farther you will be from your goal. Therefore it’s advisable to invest sufficient time in understanding the actual requirements of goal and developing right kind of software to get desired results from yourself.
Being relevant in approach is a real challenge. This is like being in right track when we move for a destination. It’s an old saying that well begun is half done.

Systematic planning
The next step of right action is systematic planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A result oriented planning needs a thorough understanding of the task taken, the amount of resources available and meticulous allotment of time and energy. If you are asked how to eat elephant, definitely you cannot say that one should open his/her mouth and try to bite the elephant from anywhere he/she can and finish in one go. A correct approach should be to first cut it into small pieces and then eat them one by one with proper allotment of time.
Thus if your task related to your goal looks huge and tough like an elephant, you need to cut and classify your entire task into small assignments for yourself and then these assignments should be allotted with time and energy. It’s important to remember that the planning should be practical which can be genuinely followed. Developing a right planning is a method of being organized with your efforts. By this method the whole task and journey to success will be simplified and will also be made interesting. You will be inspired to move step by step towards your goal.

Right implementation of systematic planning
Implementation is the third and final step of right action. Without it all the things will remain in air. Whatever has been intelligently planned should be sincerely implemented. One of the most crucial aspects of implementation is efficient time management. It requires a very pragmatic allotment of time to different things, prioritization of tasks and timely completion of the tasks. Those who are success oriented have minimum possible gaps between their planning and implementation, whereas failure oriented people always keep complaining against shortage of time. They always find a lot of works pending and remain also in stress because of this. They also tend to procrastinate their works. You should set a target with framework of time and try to meet it. This will boost your confidence and prepare you for higher tasks. In order to get time bound result from yourself you have to give training of speed to your mind. As in 100 meter race, a racer practices in a given time to himself and run again to meet the target of that time, similarly in your studies you can cover more things in less time by giving repeated time bound practice to your mind. You can power up your mind for a speedy and quality coverage of your planned assignments. Habit of giving relaxed time framework makes your mind slow and lethargic.
Right action in fact is a smart way of doing anything. To sum up, not hard workers but smart workers get desired results.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Take Charge of Life- Transform your Life

Unleash your unlimited potential with Success Guru AK Mishra’s mesmerizing talk session on
Take Charge of Life

AK Mishra’s Art of Success is going to organize a life transforming seminar for the first time in Gurgaon on the foremost topic of his foundation course “Take Charge of Life” on 10th May’ 2015, at Westin Hotel, Gurgaon at an introductory price of 3000Rs. Instead of 15,000Rs.

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It’s an opportunity for everyone to transform their life and bring out the extraordinary traits and the gifts universe has stored for we Human being deep inside us. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Life Transforming Seminar on Take Charge of Life

Practical, step-by-step instructions, tools and techniques that will enable you to create the life you want—a life of joy, prosperity, health, love and success.

Success Guru AK Mishra’s Art of Success Seminars are widely praised for their practical insight and contagious motivation.

Book your seats and give yourself an opportunity to enter into a new world of extraordinary explorations. Experience a never experienced transformation within you which will take your life to the new heights of success and self discovery.
Discover the facts of your brain power and your uniqueness as a Human Being. 

Venue: Westin Hotel,GurgaonTime: 9am to 5pm

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Success Guru AK Mishra has come up once again with his Life Transforming Seminar on the foremost topic of his Foundation Course ''Take Charge of Life''.

About the session

How To Take Charge of Your Life is the prequel to the ultimate introduction to NLP and the trademark model of AK Mishra's Art of Success ''Human software development programme.'' The session will give you the tools you need to start making an effective transformation within yourself from the very next day. AK Mishra with his life transforming seminar will set free your unlimited and unique power. From preaching success tips to conversation to one-on-one connection, to music, laughter and breathtaking moments,Our Take Charge of Life programme is going to be an unforgettable session.

During the program we will show you how to consolidate the habits of success, so they become part of who you are - help you discover your deepest purpose, and hand you a step-by-step approach that will provide you with tools to craft a life you love.

Our eminent speaker Success Guru AK Mishra will cater the audience with all the amazing facts to ultimately let you unleash the hidden power of your mind and start creating the life you want to live.

Overcome the obstacles towards your ultimate happiness
- Create a compelling vision for your future
- Eliminate the sub-conscious blocks that have been in your way
- Break the old conditioning based on others perceptions
- Realize your inner desire
- Design a life of abundant health success, prosperity and fun
- Live the life you were born to live

Our Take Charge of Life programme will help you stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in your soul. The session will help you forge forward when the ''old you'' would rather give up and turn back. Right now, you're standing on the brink of your possibility. It's time to seek out your destiny. It's time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear-headed and confident stride ... No matter how big you might think that goal to be.

Join us in our Take charge of life programme and explore an extraordinary journey into an unexplored land and embark on a path to enlightenment.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

The importance of likability in all professions

Human touch is a sheer necessity to co-exist in a social stage. Especially, a workplace needs an ambiance of positivism that acts as a factor to drive enthusiasm among co-workers and team members. Without such environment, workplaces become clogged with communication lapses, which become the reason for failure of execution of operations. If not a failure, glitches in processes are inevitable. What is the aspect that turns a workplace to be with blended with positivism and the vibe to work? The answer is ‘Likability’. This characteristic in any professional or individual can induce a positive vibe in others and motivate them towards themselves. Currently, as workplaces are stuffed with people from diverse ethnic background, hailing from different locations across the world, human touch is a factor, which is quite impactful in uniting them as a team.
Credibility to be liked is of much importance in any profession. This is the warmth in human behavior that works as a lubricant to frictions in professional relationships. However, ‘Likability’ should not be confused with the propensity to take sides for personal gain or to get ‘relieved’ from responsibilities. Mutual respect, behavior, mindset and thought process are the prime factors that determines Likability of a person. In the same time, these features also define the personality of an individual. Therefore, it is observable that personality has a lot more to do with likeability of a person. However, there are a number of subtle differences between the two. Personality is about the ingrained characteristics of an individual. Likeability is more about what others expect of a person. In addition to this, personality is harder to change and it requires much time to get accustomed to an environment. In contrast to this, likability can be achieved in a short time within a professional environment. This only requires the quality to act and response to others in appropriate times.
Emotional Intelligence is an aspect that triggers likeability. It is found out that emotional conduct is helpful in workplace as they help in productivity. Emotionally intelligent persons are prone to be liked by others. Positivity, self-awareness, empathy and social skills are the basics of emotional intelligence. These are also the features, which help to maintain a good social environment.
Likability is a success mantra across various industry verticals. It is not only impactful in workplace, but also across various industries and professions such as marketing, business development and sales. In business development, success is not merely dependent on the product; it is more a factor of an approach to the product. This, in turn is dependent on the attitude of the person who represents the product and eventually Likability of the person becomes a pivotal element for the transaction. Many a times, this feature of Likability turns out to be the only driving factor for success in sales and marketing.
It is an observable fact that in workplace personal feelings and attitudes are becoming more important than competence. A person who is an expert may be approached by anybody, but if the same person does not know how to behave properly, people would have to think twice before the act. As a result of this very situation, the person would have difficulties in dealing with others and receive those ‘professional favors’. Contrary to this, if a person keeps positive attitude towards anybody, enthusiastic and is ever ready to help, he or she will find less difficulties in dealing with people and vice versa. Friendliness, Relevance and Realness are the aspects that define likability of a person. The ability to communicate, integrity of thoughts and authenticity of emotions makes a person likable. Likability becomes a success factor, as these characters in a person are the primary requirement of quality professionalism.
Likability plays a major role in being hired. In addition to skills and competency, personal traits such as behavior and attitude become the major determinants. The prominence of Likability can be observed from the fact that, a skillful person who is arrogant has less chance to be hired than an incompetent person who is lovable. This is because teamwork and collaborated tasks have gained prominence in modern work space and personality rather than skills plays the quintessential role.
Higher the position of a person upon the hierarchy, greater is the need of likability. Managers who are likable can convince the team about the strategy and drive them towards the objectives. The same is with advisers and higher positions in the circle such as VPs and Chief Officers. More likable a person is more is his or her potential to win confidence of the decision makers. While a person is speaking, people are more inclined towards the arguments and the way the topic is presented rather than what is being delivered in reality. This sheds lights on the importance of personality of the speaker more than what is being spoken.

Likability has psychological implications. When the ingrained traits of a team are directed towards a common goal, it becomes easier to achieve the objectives. Likability of a person induces positive traits on group behavior and hence renders a workplace a better environment. This is important across any profession because it gets the work done more than anything else does. To break the barrier of human mind and ego is the toughest job. What likability does is eliminating these very obstacles as the primal  step of a relationship. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Unleash your unlimited potential with Success Guru AK Mishra’s mesmerizing talk session on Take Charge of Life on 10th May 2015

Success Guru AK Mishra has come up once again with his Life Transforming Seminar on the foremost topic of his Foundation Course “Take Charge of Life”, on 10th May 2015 at Westin Hotel, Gurgaon from 9am to 5pm. Mr. AK Mishra, The Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success and the renowned creator of his Trademark Model, “Human Software Development Programme”, will be the chief speaker of the Seminar who will provide Practical, step-by-step instructions, tools and techniques that will enable the audience to create the life they desire—a life of joy, prosperity, health, love and success.
The motive of the seminar is to give the audience the practical knowledge & techniques to unlock their deepest potential & bring fullness to life. Whether happy & successful or feeling the stress of poor health, disappointments, or fear, every participant will be introduced with the effective techniques for releasing mental and physical stress and increasing the energy, peace, self-knowledge, awareness and joy.

From explaining the importance of self-belief, how to transform one’s beliefs, to how to control the emotions & negative thinking, the most eminent speaker, Success Guru AK Mishra will cater the audience with all the amazing facts to ultimately let the individuals unleash the hidden power of the mind and start creating the life one desires to live.
AK Mishra with his Life Transforming Seminar will set free your unlimited and unique power. From preaching success tips to conversation to one-on-one connection, to music, laughter and breathtaking moments, the Take Charge of Life Programme is going to be an unforgettable session. AK Mishra’s Take Charge of Life programme will help the audience stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in their soul.
When asked by the media about his Take Charge of Life session, Success Guru AK Mishra said, Everybody is born with sufficient raw material required to grow in life, the one who realizes the fact of their unique power, makes wonders in life, and this is what I am going to focus on in my upcoming session, and I am sure everyone will move out of the seminar with amazing self-realizations, and ultimate transformation with the same characteristics they are born with because everyone is born with some reason and this is why the master craftsman gifted them the characteristics and abilities which instilled deep inside them, they just need to re-discover it.”
The seminar is open for all with limited seats capacity with ticket value of Rs. 3,000 per person. Passes will be soon available at bookmyshow

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Share your achivements and Let's celebrate your Success

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Why employers should care about health and wellness

A sound body is the key to a sound mind. Health is compared to wealth and the truth in this analogy is pertinent. To perform well in a workplace, a person must be physically healthy at the first place. Only physical health ensures mental wellness, which in turn assures productive performance. For employers, health and wellness of employees is ought to be a primary concern. Corporate health wellness programs are gradually becoming a common adoption in companies. The benefits of such initiatives are quite apparent in the overall productivity and profit of a business. Wellness programs not only define responsibility of an employer to their employees, but also bring out a sense of good feeling and care towards them. Some of the reasons why employers should care about health and wellness of employees are listed out in the following discussion.
Health and Wellness are the Parameters of productivity

Workplace productivity is interrelated to physical well being of employees. There are no ways to make an employee work if he or she is physically sick and unable to perform. This has an adverse effect on workplace and overall output of the process. Work absentee means either the task is stagnated or it is allocated to another executive. If the work is halted, the overall process is affected. In most of the processes, tasks are pipelined as consecutive operations on a same document or program. Hence, if a particular operation is halted, the next task cannot be processed. This means, the process will be affected, which will in return affect the output or productivity. Thus, an occasional absentee can led to a huge damage to the business. To avoid such conditions, the best employers could do is to take care of their employees. On the other hand, work leaves taken on medical grounds are longer and generally more than a day or two. Such situation proves to be a real concern in any business process.
Physical Wellness insures Productive work
As psychological or mental balance is a factor of physical health, an unhealthy person will never be able to execute a task with competence. On the contrary, working with an unsound health is always prone to mistakes and errors. To insure proper execution of any task, an employee must be physically fit, which insures mental fitness. A process where employees are healthy is sure to perform better than a process which is stuffed with ailing people. Therefore, employers must emphasis on physical well-being of their employees in order to ascertain profitable work and therefore the profitable business.
Caring about Health and Wellness is a great motivation for employees
When an employer cares about health and wellness of employees, it propagates a motivation and a sense of responsibility towards the company or the organization. It is an extra bonus for employees that make them more inclined to their organization and give their best at work. When a company invests on health and wellness programs for employees, it motivates them towards their work and responsibilities. Such endeavors also help in employee retention and in pooling better workforce from the market. Further, health and wellness programs are not only associated with physical well being of employees. These programs also relate to mental wellness such as stress relief, behavioral challenges and communication. Programs such as meditation and yoga are quite popular in corporations because apart from taking care of physical aspects, they also include psychological and mental wellness.
Wellness programs promotes healthy lifestyle in employees

Health and Wellness programs incorporated by employers are great benefits for employees. These programs not only make them healthy and rejuvenated, but also propagate a healthy lifestyle. In current times, chronic diseases are the major ailment for majority of people. Since, an employee is associated with the workplace throughout the day; its impact on health is eminent. On the other hand, when employers endeavor for health and well-being of employees, they grow more conscious about their health. This changes their lifestyle turning them to be healthier than before.

Moreover, it is an ethical responsibility of employers to provide health and wellness amenities for employees. Employees being dependent on their job dedicate most of their times to companies or the employer. On the other hand, without a work force, it will be impossible for any organization to survive. Employers ought to fulfill the economic necessities of the employees. In addition to this, they are to take care about health and wellness of employees too. This brings out multiple advantages for a company as well as its employees. It drives more profit as it leverage productivity of employees and the process as a whole. The overall output of any business process is dependent on performance of the workers. On the other hand, performance is dependent on health and psyche of employers. This is the reason why employers should particularly emphasize on health and well-being of employees in any organization. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success Seminar held at Amity University, Noida

After a huge success with Radio Amity talk session, Success Guru AK Mishra injected amazing skills in students of living a successful life with his mesmerizing talk session held in collaboration with Amity University at F-2 Auditorium, Amity, on 7th April 2015. AK Mishra talked to communication students on the closest topic to his heart “Take Charge of Life”, which is also the Foundation Course of AK Mishra’s Art of Success. During the seminar, he shared his vision towards life which has taken him to his ultimate destination, and how people can become the master of their destiny by just reviving the belief on oneself.
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library
The Auditorium was filled with overwhelmed number of students with so much enthusiasm. With the flow of seminar, students became so indulged into the session and shared their deep desires & the concerns, whereas, Success Guru AK Mishra, using his skills of great understanding of Human behavior, provided solutions to the concerns by narrating many inspirational stories, showing movie clips and by explaining motivational incidents.
According to him success is an art which can be learnt by understanding some fundamental rules and could be developed into habit with sincere and regular practice of those rules. “Success isn't one time achievement but a continuous process for higher goals” he explained during the Seminar.
Success Guru AK Mishra motivated the audience by prodding them to understand the purpose of their lives and how one gets astray from the same due to continuous conditioning of our minds right from our childhood. He urged every one present to dream big and constantly remind oneself that we are born for a definitive purpose. Once we find the purpose of our life, we need to work in the right direction gathering right information and developing skills for the same. It is then that we’ll see the whole universe coming together to translate our dreams into reality.
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library
True to its aim, his Take Charge of Life session truly inspired the students at Amity University; to not be a follower, instead blaze a new path, make a definite and sharp vision, then walk towards the destination keeping behind the negative line of thoughts materializes by others during the journey towards your success. AK Mishra said, Everyone speaks his/her experience, so if someone says that you can’t do it, remember, the person is saying because he/she couldn't do it, therefore, just simply say, “You just wait and watch”, I will achieve it, I can do it, I will do it, because I believe in myself. Make your belief system and your will power so strong, that no hurdles can dare to break it, Said by AK Mishra.
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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tips and suggestions for employed parents to have healthy work life balance

Family work-balance is a complex issue which involves day to day demands in professional front as well as in personal front. It is even more complex for the working parents who have to juggle with multiple hands to fulfill the various demands at working place and then have to cope up with kids’ schooling activities and other family demands as well. In the age of busy lifestyles, parents spend lot of energy trying to manage their time more effectively. Hence, we would like to share our suggestions to provide parents a well-balanced life between their work and their kids’ demands.
1.       Flexibility of Timings in Office: Flexibility of timings is major requirement for working parents who need to attend the basic needs of their children, as well as to engage in activities that enhance their children’s academic performance, emotional and social well-being.
Two types of flexible work practices seem especially well suited to parents who work: flextime arrangements that allow parents to coordinate their work schedules with their children’s school schedules, and policies that allow workers to take short periods of time off—a few hours or a day or two—to attend a parent-teacher conference, or care for a child who has suddenly fallen ill. Many companies that have instituted such policies have benefited through employees’ greater job satisfaction and employee retention.

2.       Organizations can also help parents in providing quality time to their kids when highly requisite by allowing them to work from home. This would enable working parents to meet their job responsibilities and to build strong relationships with their children as well.

3.       Special time period of 15-20 minutes should be allotted to the parents to have telephonic conversation or Skype call with the kids at a particular time when children reach home from their schools.

4.        Instead of parents rushing for the parents’ teacher meetings, school should make such kind of arrangements in which they can have healthy conversation about the kid through Skype call, which in turns will help parents to save few hours which they can dedicate in fulfilling their official tasks. 

5.           Parents should keep their kids under supervision to avoid any kind of unpredictable happening. For this, parents should keep in touch with the driver of the school bus and also can put micro cameras on the school bags of kids to be assured that the kid has reached home safely.

6.       Beside this, parents should keep their kids involved with other activities as well to keep their day busy, such as dance classes, swimming classes or other outdoor sports activities.