Friday, 31 July 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success is going to organize Life transforming Seminar at Patna

Chanakya IAS Academy, Patna Branch is going to organize a seminar at Shri Krishna Memorial Hall in Patna on 10th August, 2015. The seminar will commence at 10am and finish at around 3pm.  Dr. Krishna Singh, Branch Head of Chanakya IAS Academy, Patna, will anchor the event and talk over glorious history of Chanakya IAS Academy and achievements of its Managing Director and renowned Motivational Speaker Mr. AK Mishra. He will explicate in detail about the various programs run by AK Mishra’s Art of Success. Veteran actor and Member of Parliament Shri Shatrughan Sinha will be the honorable chief guest.

After extensive research, Success Guru AK Mishra has pioneered several programs that are modeled upon Human Software Development Programme” that aims to endow people with requisite skills to succeed both at personal and professional level. His motivational speeches unequivocally help people recognize and unleash the hidden potential. Art of Success Seminar will enable people cast aside their weakness, feeling of helplessness and negative ideas that hinders with their growth. The seminar will help participants buttress their inner strength and realize their grandeur. The training program will instill faith in the heart and help people set about their task with great fervor and enthusiasm. Mr. Mishra who is now widely perceived as hallmark of success will demystify the secrets of untapped human potential and will suggest the ways to harness it.

The seminar will be open to people of all age groups and focus on developing unbeatable skills and abilities, ethics and social responsibilities in the audiences. The distinguished training session will explain the significance of focused approach, concentration and other positive attributes necessary to make a mark in the life. Mr. Mishra will also talk about hurdles and hunches that people generally come across and suggest ways to conquer them.

The approach to training will be pragmatic and intend to bring about colossal transformation in the audience that will stay with them even after the training session.  Unlike traditional approach, Mr. Mishra will connect with audience to the hilt and explain the pertinent concepts with the help of inspirational stories, movie clippings and other engaging activities; consequently audience can themselves size up the competencies that they acquired. The objective of this seminar is to make audience realize that they are already endued with the potential essential to excel in life and  can certainly shape their destiny and lead a successful life

Monday, 27 July 2015

AK Mishra's Art of Success for Successful

Life is moving fast, and our aspirations have changed too. Now one of the most important desires of most of the people is getting success in their professional life. But it has been noticed too, that people do not get satisfaction even after achieving that success. Why? Because this is one of the aspiration, not the only goal of life!

Hence, to get real satisfaction, human beings require phenomenal success in all spheres of life. Sometimes, we achieve success in professional front, but unable to balance that success with those of our personal desires. After all, at the end why we want to achieve success? To better our personal lives. But unfortunately, we forget this fact, and stop devoting quality time to our personal lives, to our personal selves, and to our personal relationships.

Even the most important people do not sometimes are aware about their actual desires of life, because they are so busy rushing to win the competitions with their challengers. But the real challenge of a human being is with his/her own self. Getting out of  the boundaries of conventional success and exploring life beyond the boundaries is what the challenge is for successful people. There are numerous things in life, which money cannot buy, the real pleasure is exploring which you haven’t explored Stealing out the time to spend with own selves, to do things you are passionate about (be it music, dance, or whatever), spending time with loved ones, planning a vacation with family, is what ultimately gives pleasure and satisfaction after attaining the pleasure of success in life.

Success is subjective and an insatiable process that often leaves one wanting for more. The beauty of success is that it has no bounds and does not end with a finishing line. So, for those who know the taste of success already and want to experience the excellence in the other uncharted territories, AK Mishra’s Art of Success for successful is meant just for you!

This three day specialized success session is for those who want their lives to be as great as they can be, to live each day with freedom and power, to grow in wisdom and enlightenment, to have an extraordinary life, to have “a life that emulates extraordinary success.”

Our AK Mishra’s Art of Success Course sessions are for 3-4 hours a day—the rest of the time is given over to relaxation and adventure. Family members and friends are welcome, and frequently join participants for the “vacation” part of the time together. The Art of Success for Successful generally happens at the most exotic destinations with the sole purpose of letting you reach the limits of self-discovery along with recreating an amicable bond with family and friends being accompanied.

From Pacific blues to tropical terrains – these getaway destinations not only help you live success, but combine it with your success journey back home.

Usually when people come from a getaway they despise living the old monotonous life and lifestyle. Therefore Art of Success for Successful builds a faculty within you to carry this sense of getaway in your everyday lifestyle,  thereby adding to your celebration of success and achievements an unimaginable, unseen profound success

Saturday, 25 July 2015

A grand success seminar is going to be held at Patna-- AK Mishra's Art of Success

Success Guru AK Mishra going to  organize a seminar at Patna on 10th of August, 2015 that aims at enhancing students competencies at academic as well as professional level. Students will get a good fix on art of making a mark in their chosen field. Event will get inaugurated in the hands of honorable chief minister of Patna. 

 If interested in sponsoring the event, reach us @ 9990767766

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Newly Marriage-A Newly founded bond (AK Mishra's Art of Success for Human Relations)

“Getting married is not the fulfillment, but getting along together throughout the life with each other is the real accomplishment”

Relationships are made in heaven!! This is what we used to hear while growing up. And marriage is that beautiful bond which not only connects two hearts together, but joins two families as well. A couple goes through numerous ups and downs and good or bad experiences in their married life. Someone’s good experience in married life becomes an inspiration for numerous to-be wed couple, whereas, a bad experience of another couple makes someone away from the constitution of marriage.

Marriage is altogether a different experience, especially for a girl as she makes more sacrifices. She has to leave her family behind and adapt to a new culture, embrace new relationships and a new lifestyle which is undoubtedly a very challenging task. Bride need some time to get accustomed to the new atmosphere and surroundings so the groom and his family need to be patient with the new member of the family and they ought not keep close tabs on her. Every couple needs to invest considerable amount of time to marriage, even to those who have been in a love relationship for a long time. Trust is the cornerstone of successful marriage so couples need to establish mutual trust and count on each other unconditionally    Marriage brings many changes, newer responsibilities, numerous adjustments at the initial stage. The Couple must understand, that beside anticipating and appreciating the good traits in the partner, they will have to accept the worst side too, as no one is perfect. There could be difficulties in marriage, but there is also an enduring sense of “us”rather just “you and me”. Therefore, positive mindset towards your partner and towards the relationship is required to positively handle the sensitive situations.
Although love is an essential pillar for a happy married life, but except love there are also other important factors on which the foundation of successful marriage is built upon.
1.       Understanding
2.       Respect/acceptance
3.       Loyalty/IHonesty
The journey of successful and happy married life banks upon good understanding between couple. Couple having faith and understanding sail through the rough patches and hurdles of life swimmingly.

Both the partners need to respect each other’s values, beliefs and preferences. These could be in any form, may be in career preference, or other liking or disliking which could be distinguished too between the two partners thoughts and beliefs, but knowing the fact that two  human beings cannot have same beliefs every time and respecting each other’s preference is another essential pillar to lead a successful married life. 

Loyalty and trust should co-exist in a marriage.  It is the human tendency that if another person shows blind trust on you, you naturally start feeling a sense of responsibility to not to break the trust of that person. So before you expect loyalty from your partner, show him/her the same level of trust  Honesty is the foundation of any relationship and requires at every sphere of life, be it in personal or professional life. Marriage is  such a supreme form of commitment, if you cannot be loyal to your soul-mate, how can you be loyal to anyone in life.

How to  keep your passion alive and kicking in a wedlock .
The intimate connection between the two partners is often the glue that holds a marriage. As a human being, we have a tendency to be hard-wired to crave a special sense of intimacy with our partner. But there is also a fact that has been noticed in couples is that along with the time flows, the level of affection and intimacy becomes lesser. The major reason why it happens is because we drown us into the sea of various responsibilities, and let that passion eliminate from the relationship. To keep that passion alive, The couple must steal out the time to spend with each other, keep doing things for each other which makes him/her feel special and keep a sense of romance alive in a relationship. Therefore, with this little creativity and careful attention, you can always keep that passion and affection animate in your married life and keep the home fires burning.

Value relationships without losing yourself in the new amalgamation.
A harmonious wedlock rests upon accepting and respecting each other’s views, opinions, beliefs and values. A couple must openly discuss even the trivial issues so that no major issue could crop up in the future. 
At the end, it’s your individuality which attracts your partner, so never caste it aside  in the excitement of knowing your partner better. This is the most critical situation where you must make conscious decisions to integrate your life while still maintaining your individuality.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success organized a life reforming Corporate training session in a Reputed MNC

Success Guru AK Mishra, who is known for his motivational trainings all over India, provided an unforgettable corporate training session in a reputed MNC, based in Nodia on 18th July 2015 from 3pm to 4:30pm organized by AK Mishra’s Art of Success. The motive of the training was to lessen  the stress  which working professionals face to fulfill their day to day tasks and to balance their personal relationships too. Besides  this, training session also focused on polishing the skills of working professional and unleash their inherent potential to enable them to lead a successful and balanced life.
Mr. AK Mishra, who is the Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success, being the chief motivational speaker of the seminar shared his personal life experiences, his journey from a small town to become a motivational speaker and founder of 3 organizations, viz., Chanakya IAS Academy, AK Mishra’s Art of Success and AK Mishra foundation.
The session began with an introduction about Mr. AK Mishra while welcoming him on the stage by respected HR. Success Guru AK Mishra shared deep insights on the general issues or concerns Human Being faces in their day to day lives, such as, the emotional instability, family concerns, time management, professional worries, and such more lines of thoughts, and empowered them with the ways on how to cope up with such issues in life with an ease.

Throughout the session, All the audiences, including CEO, Sr. Managers, Managers, HR, executives were so overwhelmed and enthusiastically participated in the session by sharing their basic concerns about life both in professional and personal front. Mr AK Mishra,  while sharing his live’s experience and the mantras to live an extraordinary life, Said, “be the change you want to see in the world”, which means how an individual should transform him/herself to ‘transform the world. Apart from this,Mr. AK Mishra also shared insights on how a Human being can take charge of his/her life and emotions. On this, He said “If you are the director of your life, you’ll tune your life according to the song of your choice, and fill your life with your own cherished colors.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

Your Success largely depends upon the recognition of your hard work by others

"It's not just the efforts that fulfill your inherent desires, but it also needs recognition of other people which sweetens the fruit of your hard work. Indeed, your positive attitude towards people help you bring home the bacon and taste real success."


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Success Guru AK Mishra Unearthed the Recipe of Success on Amity Radio 107.8MHZ Vol-II

Success Guru AK Mishra shared his experiences and revealed the secrets of success in Civil Services examination . He considered ego as the main impediment in attaining success and humility as the necessary ingredient to come up with flying colors on Amity Radio 107.8MHZ Vol-II

Monday, 13 July 2015

Ways of Making Teenagers feel at ease -- AK Mishra's Art of Success for Teenagers

Courtesy: AK Mishra Library
Demands of more freedom and immense peer pressure stage teenagers on a collision course with their own parents and well-wishers. Where a teenager’s thoughts and imaginations, are feeding their high-headedness, parents want their kids to be more sensible and act maturely in this age. Parents expect them to be coherent and organic in their approach to build a successful and promising future. But while pursuing their dreams and meeting parents’ unrealistic expectations, they fall prey to modern lifestyle disorders like depression and anxiety, so it won’t be exaggeration when saying that teens nowadays are tight-walking on the ropes of pressure and discomfort, and it becomes imperative for the parents to figure out the ways to ease off their pressure caused due to scores of unavoidable factors including cut-throat competition, educational, emotional and social challenges. Parents can unequivocally play a pivotal role in bringing down unnatural anxiety level of their wards by spending quality time and lending a helping hand in hours of crisis. This also provides parents ample opportunities to unveil their wards behavioral and thinking patterns.
Simply put, teens may ward off unwanted stress by adopting healthy lifestyles, learning people and social skills and with the help and support of their parents that may be summarized as follows.
Parents should keep themselves abreast with the contemporary issues and trends
Young Children’s or teenagers’ knowledge about most careers and their occupational aspirations are heavily influenced by their geographic location, the occupation of their parents, their socio-economic status and their relationship with their parents along with their general awareness. Therefore the parents who keep abreast with the latest technologies, career trends, business, and employment can help their children prepare for better occupation, keeping in mind the areas of interest of their teenagers too.

Engage in outdoor physical activities
Although appearing trivial, but sedentary mode of life also heightens teen pressure level, so engaging in activities that foster or promote physical and mental health like yoga, sports or even walking can exponentially bring down the stress level and help teens stay fit, which in turn reduces the anxiety and unwanted depression and negative thoughts, while rejuvenating the body and opening up the mind to learn and grab new things.
Do things that make you happy
Beside physical activities, which are one of the best ways to cope up with stress, teenagers should try exploring new things and indulge in the activities which make them feel good. This could be going for outing with friends, listening to music, having a conversation with parents, going out for movies, or anything that bring little joys to them. At the time of stress, these activities actually help them becoming more calm and clear in various their approach to life.
Idolize and converse                    
Although for a teenager, it comes naturally to disbelieve that anyone else is more intelligent than him/her at this tender age, but believing in this fact can actually help them lessen their unwarranted vexation and can help them make healthy choices in life. Idol could be anyone, a teacher, elder sister or brother or parents. They may be able to help exploring newer opportunities in life that may actually excite a teenager and help reducing their stress level.
Appreciate your strengths
Although parents are the most efficient tool to keep boosting teenagers’ spirit and morale up, teenagers should also discover and acclaim their skills and hidden qualities. They should focus on what they think they are good at. Time to time appreciation by parents and their support help them understand and hone their respective skills effectively that help them in the long run. Appreciation by parents reinforces their belief in their inner and hidden capabilities. It can bring about substantial changes in the development and overall personality grooming.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Art Of Taking Ownership At Office - AK Mishra's Art of Success

Team building is a crucial aspect if one wishes to extract the best out of one’s’ workforce. Employees today are gauged on working smart than just hard for accomplishing the company’s goals. Though it contributes majorly in the way of highlighting an employees’ individualism, but it does not ensure the success of the company in a big way. It takes combined effort of the team which decides the future of the company.

One of the very many reasons, why companies use team building activities is because it’s a fun way of gauging employees’ leadership qualities. Other reasons are, improving communication skills and motivation, conducting regular ice-breaking sessions helps the employees to know each other better on their personal front as well as in professional front. Team building activities can be used by scaled organizations, to promote better teamwork in the workplace. Employers know that working in teams together in office further leads to the company’s success.

Of all the adages that have made their milestone run since the very beginnings known to mankind, team work and its effective contribution for any professionally structured or unstructured organization has been a positive one. Working in groups has been noticed as a better outcome over time than an individual performer, like the famous old saying of five-sticks. Improved sense of working in the society, with better accomplishment of company goals is a major plus. Team work attributes to positive impact on employees by boosting their morale and keeping their attitude in check.
The fact remains unchanged that team work has a positive yet modest impact on companies. Several researchers have found supportive documentations and practical samples across the range of studies ever conducted in a systematic range of work settings. Teams reflect the potential for enhancing performance and worker attitudes, but not all implementations have had the positive results anticipated by researchers or practitioners. Improving teamwork in the workplace can be achieved in several ways.

Implement Recognition Programs
 Quality teamwork should be encouraged by rewarding employees for their respective performance. Incentives to motivate the team by praising and issuing tokens of appreciation or perks should be borne by the project or company name thereby boosting teamwork among group members. This would motivate the employees and boost their morale to perform even better the next time. The team work goes hand in hand. Successful team work always proves to be a positive turn-around for the business. No extra-ordinary efforts need to go in building the team and co-jointly working together, it is the efforts that takes as a team that come out beautifully on completion of a task or a project, while attaining the company goals effectively and efficiently.

Encourage Social Activities
A trust factor is instilled among the employees when they know each other personally, and can openly discuss their problems among each other. Such a level of camaraderie has to be built among the teams. Grapevine communication can also help the employees to open up and even seek professional help laterally or above, in the hierarchical setting at the workplace. An office trip to the outskirts of town or a tourist locale would help them unwind and relax. It would help them come out of the formal official setting and interact openly with their colleagues, subordinates and bosses, alike.

Outline Clear Roles
Teamwork can be boosted by outlining clear-cut roles of each employee. At the start of any new project, a clear picture of the work should be allotted to each member involved keeping in mind the hierarchy and set of responsibilities so as to avoid confusion. Also should be kept in mind the caliber of the employees when listing out the tasks and deduce stress arising from unrealistic expectations. The employees can only push themselves to a certain level, after which they begin to wear out and become drawn to depression.

Mediate Disputes
Detailed instructions shall be given to remedy issues that arise among employees by boosting teamwork by empowering employees to solve issues efficiently and productively. The group should be encouraged to provide proper documentation of their problems without hesitation and any the problems should be rationed out.  
Teamwork has been at the center of debates as new forms of work structures are rooting in modern capitalist societies. The traditional Taylorist forms of work organizations are now breaking down into effective teams that further help the organization achieve its fiscal goals. Decentralization of responsibilities helps identify greater initiative among the team members and gives employees a better control of their jobs. It is not uncommon to outcry the vacuum between theoretical and practical approaches, but perhaps bridging this gap through team building can seemingly yet effectively boost professional productivity.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Communication tips for Parents -- (AK Mishra's Art of Success for Parenting)

Kids develop their sense of self as babies when they see themselves through their parents' eyes. Kids observe Your Body language, tone of voice and each expression. While you communicate with your kid, keep in mind the below tips to raise self-esteem of your kid
·         Praise your kid even for smaller tasks: Comparing your kids with other kids harm their self-esteem and confidence, whereas praising accomplishments however small, will make them feel proud

·         Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons: Comments like "What a stupid thing to do!" or "You act more like a baby than your little sibling!" cause damage just as physical blows do.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Chanakya IAS Academy has proved itself once again with a momentous result declared by UPSC

Once again Chanakya IAS Academy students have brought home the bacon with 350 selections across the country. Chanakya IAS Academy specializes in providing distinguished training to students preparing for IAS examination. Success Guru AK Mishra, Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy and Inventor & Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success is a one stop destination for all dreamers who want an extraordinary outcome of their life. And it has proved once again with the outstanding result declared by UPSC today on 4th July 2015. Mr. AK Mishra who has been inspiring his audience to live a life of their dreams has already given more than 3000 Civil Servants to the country and has empowered thousands of students with administrative traits and leadership skills while bringing out the inner potential of his audience in his Art of Success Seminars. AK Mishra’s Art of Success seminar which is so popular worldwide enables his audience and students to stay focused in their various approaches of life and aims to instinct those traits which make them succeed in every walk of life. 

Now taking that success rate a step ahead, we are proud to inform that out of 1236 selected candidates, 350 students have proud alumni’s of Chanakya IAS Academy Civil Services Examination 2014, and are ready to serve the nation with higher capabilities, abundance of knowledge and formidable administrative traits endowed by Success Guru AK Mishra and selected outstanding faculties of Chanakya IAS Academy. Amongst the top 10 ranks, Chanakya IAS Academy students have won 4 ranks to their names, while 6 students hail between top 20 positions and 31 students are listed in top 100. Suharsha Bhagat, who is a student of Chanakya IAS Academy, secured an All India 5th rank in the Civil Services Examination 2014. Apart from this, Charusreet has secured 6th rank, Lok Bandhu with 7th Rank, Ashish Kumar with 9th and Arvind Singh with 10th Rank has successfully entered in such prestigious job under the guidance of Success Guru AK Mishra in Chanakya IAS Academy. 

When talked to Mr. AK Mishra on this, he shared his deep gratitude for all the students who under the his guidance succeeded in this Civil Services Examination 2014, and made sincere efforts in interview session and finally reached at that stage where their dreams are no more left as dreams but became a reality where they have received this prestigious chore to serve the nation. On this, AK Mishra said, “I feel proud whenever I see my students excelling in their chosen field and doing wonders in life, I appreciate my decision of not being a Civil Servant but inspiring thousands of other aspirants to walk on the path of their dreams, and because of that decision, I have the honor of seeing thousands of aspirers making their dreams come true under my guidance”.

Mr. AK Mishra heartily congratulates to all the selected candidates and wishes all the best in their future endeavors.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How a corporate training is different from the Training for students and Aspirers- AK Mishra’s Art of Success

In this fast growing world, everyone requires right kind of training and guidance to traverse the terrain of each particular part of their journey, be it in professional life or personal life. Hence, AK Mishra’s Art of Success introduces his 6 modules in his Specialization Course designed for the people from all walks of life. On a question raised by a journalist to Mr. AK Mishra, (The Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success) on “how a corporate training is different from the training for Aspirers “, Mr. AK Mishra explained, corporate training has totally a different concept than the training for Aspirers. An Aspirer could be someone who carries numerous dreams yet unable to focus on one, whereas some of the aspirers could be those who are focused but unable to get right guidance and positive uplifting in life, while on the other hand there are few aspirers who are not even aware of what they desire out of their life, and struggle looking for answer as to what is the purpose of their life.

Therefore the training for aspirers initiates with the realization of inner power and potential of a person lays buried in their deeper soul. Human mind is vast, with largely unexplained source of energy and power. In fact humans’ thoughts even have the power to alter the reality. So the aspirers training begin from those realizations. And then goes on with the realization of the very purpose behind their birth. What one actually desires from his/her life, what are those outer factors which are keeping him/her away to achieve those desires, which could be negative thoughts, less belief of parents on their kids, no financial support, less belief on own capabilities and other numerous things which come between the way of success in an aspirer’s life.
Therefore in my training session, I focus on eliminating all those wrong conditioning of human brain, while using my Human software development technique, I upgrade the mind of human with positive thoughts and right belief which ultimately makes an aspirer an achiever, said Mr. AK Mishra.
Whereas, a corporate training ensures that the trainee or the participants improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. So here, it’s completely different than the training for aspirers. Here, a person might be satisfied with his/her job or might not. So the corporate training initiates with understanding of the psychology of participants first, for which in AK Mishra’s Art of Success, we provide pre-evaluation form 1 week prior to the training to understand the participants’ psychology or his/her satisfaction level with the current job, the areas of improvement and such other things, as shared by Mr. AK Mishra. Hence, unlike the training sessions for aspirers, our corporate training circles around the ideation of sharpening participants’ skills and orient the attitude of participants so that they are capable of performing better in their roles. Corporate training covers leadership skills, sales generating skills, problem solving, multitasking, understanding return on investments, teamwork training, management skills and overall professional and personal development of the participant along with skill based training pertaining to each department.

Personality development imparts knowledge of right body language, right vocal variety, Personality Profiling and in depth discussion of the participant's goals in life, strengths and improvement areas, Intensive and extensive discussions to facilitate deeper understanding and learning of practical steps for self-improvement, which somewhere interrelated to professional growth, whereas,  training for aspirers focuses completely on personal development, making personal choices, taking right decisions, goal setting, realization of life’s purpose, and guidance to walk towards the path of their desired field.

The other set of trainings at AOS are designed in such a fashion so a teenager facing different relationship and personal nuances grows to be an aspirer enters a human relation evolving into a parental stage and develops in his professional capacity and finally reached the successful module; at every stage he has one common guidance – AK Mishra’s Art of Success. So at any given point in time in life all you have to do is explore yourself with us.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes you all a very Happy Doctor's Day

Doctors are like heaven on earth who give a new life to thousands of people everyday everywhere. On this special occasion of Doctor's Day, let's thank them for their humane service to mankind.

This day is dedicated to all the doctors opportune to remind them of their vital role in our lives. Doctors owe challenge that even a minor mistake could drastically affect a patient's life and commitment to serve them by all their might. On this beautiful occasion, AK Mishra's Art of Success find Doctor's Day a perfect time to recognize the pressure of their, and entire team expressing thanks to doctor's for mentoring and to br grateful for their ability to comfort and heal  out people living in this world. 

Success Guru AK Mishra shared Success Mantras on the foremost topic "Take Charge of Life" in Kashmir University

AK Mishra's Art of Success' life transformation Seminar held at Kashmir University.