Friday, 27 May 2016

How to embrace forgiveness and prosper in life

Forgiving someone after a betrayal, hurt or abandoned is undoubtedly a very challenging task, but in order to get an access into healthy wellbeing and to attain inner peace, forgiveness is essential.  Although forgiveness never comes instant and it requires a lot of patience, positive empowerment, and self-examination. We only empower ourselves when we accept, examine and then gently release.
We cannot choose what happens to us, but we can definitely choose how to react to a situation. Your reaction during the hours of turmoil and miseries determines how long those situations stay with you until you grab your achievement once again. By keeping grudges in mind, the person whom we harm the most is our own self.

In order to embrace forgiveness and let go the moment of betrayal, miseries or sorrows, one has to understand that everyone has free will. Everyone has right to choose and decide when to enter or exit from our lives, we cannot hold neither the person nor those negative or betrayed emotions. Yes, you cannot stay calm and feel glad after you gone through a break-up, you have to let those negative emotions and anger come out, and this is very natural. It’s like cleaning out our soul; you have to get it out in order to make progress.

Let’s dig into few tips for embracing forgiveness and cleanse your inner being:

Set a goal
Sometimes we have to be strong and make a stronger decision that we have to let go of the past emotions and embrace forgiveness. Make a conscious choice that you don’t have to look back now and just be open to receive what universe has to offer ahead.

Forgive yourself
There is a friend of mine who lost his wife in a car accident and he is still unable to forgive himself for not spending enough time with her and for not being present at that moment to save her. As long as you will not learn to forgive yourself, you will never learn to forgive the people around you and end up keeping grudges, sorrows, and miseries in your heart forever. You cannot project something onto others what you have not done to yourself.

Start with small
Forgiveness is a process. You cannot get over the hurt right away; it even takes years in many situations or cases. But one can always start the process with willingness and an ability to tolerate those intense emotions that make us want to run away from the situation. Do not run away, rather face it; let your anger, your deeper emotions flow out. Most of the people not even begin the initial process, as they think if they let go the situation, the person they are upset with will be proved right. Forgiveness is letting go of everything, no matter if the other person proves to be right or wrong.

Look at these losses as a learning experience and an opportunity for self-growth
Life has no guarantee; anything can happen at any moment. The miseries you face due to the people around you are because life wanted to put you in such situations to help you become wiser and experienced. You have to see the positive learning on the other side of the coin. Most of us only focus on one side; the accident which happened, but we never take it as an incident. The accident happened, put you in miserable situations, but it is also an incident on which you’ll look back later on and learn from.

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