Monday, 2 May 2016

The benevolent Universe

We live in a magnanimous Universe whose ultimate purpose and desire is for you to comprehend, harmonize and live through the concept of awareness, acceptance, compassion, love and unconditional abundance. You have called on this earth for a sole purpose to combine spiritual and material energies together ultimately to bring heaven on earth for you, while creating a sense of forgiveness, expand awareness and unconditional compassion that lifts your own consciousness and set a paradigm of true humanity.
AK Mishra's Art of Success
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library

It wasn’t an accident that you born on this earth as a human being, but you are born with a soul purpose, and that sole purpose is to “be” who you are, and your doing (which is your Karma) flows from your being. This means, your Karma is secondary, the first things needs to remain clean is your soul, your inner being and your true self. When your inner being is well, your Karma or your doing will gradually flow on right directions.
When you focus on “doing”, you often lose your connection with the spiritual awareness. On the other hand, by focusing on “being” aspect of your nature, you can effortlessly integrate your material doing while keeping your spiritual focus activated and always presented. Although, your Karma are the most required in order to achieve anything in life, but your spiritual awareness, your faith on universe, your connection with God and divine should always be present in your heart.
For instance, when you face obstacles or challenges in life, you either start cribbing or try to do even more, rather than looking for the spiritual purpose behind that problem or challenge and you often ignore the spirit guided solutions that always be present available to you. While continuously focusing on doing more and more with fewer blessing and rewards, you begin feeling like a victim of your own life. But you create this victim-hood when you focus on material and neglect spiritual while focusing on “doing” instead of “being”.
Why do we expect miracles when nothing remains in our control? And how those miracles happen? Because, at that moment, we do not have any choice or anything to do, except surrendering the situation on God and Universe with complete faith. Creating heaven on earth requires faith, patience and trust that the universe will always serve your higher deeds and stand by you at every difficult or smooth situation. Hence your efforts are required, your deeds are always required, but devotion of few minutes on meditation, remembering God, taking blessings from universe is equally requisite in order to bring heaven on earth and understand the sole purpose of difficulties and challenges life throws at you.

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