Thursday, 17 August 2017

Why do we get stuck in life? 3 ways to get out of it

Many a times in life, we get stuck in such circumstances where we unable to think beyond our present dilemmas. These circumstances and our reactions to them determine our feelings. Have you ever found yourself lost, confused, completely stuck and drowning in mud? You want to move out of the situation but you are unable to. And then it further arise fear, anxiety and even depression.
But what if you get to know that being stuck, or the situation is not actually a problem, but the problem indeed lies in how we perceive the situation. Being stuck is a label that we often give to a feeling, and then we start believing and accept this label for a longer period of time. We encounter such moments in life when nothing works, all are plans go up in smoke; and that is where the feeling of anxiety arises and we call it being stuck.

Now the question is why do we stuck

You feel stuck when your life takes entirely different path than you ever thought or planned of. You feel stuck when you fail to be at the place where you wanted to be. Now, why does it happen? Does life really want to give us some sad moments? Is life really too harsh on us? No! Relax. Surrender at the moment. Keep quiet for a while. Sometimes, some moments cannot be controlled by you, so at that moment all you can do is calm yourself, and notice what life brings to you. Being stuck is like quicksand. The more you try to get out, the deeper you sink. So stop trying to get out, just surrender!
Your mind would want to control, push and manipulate, because we human get insecure, want to be loved and remarkable; and that’s very normal, human tendency. But you can rather do better things in this situation to let the universe work for you to bring you out of the storm. Here are three things to do: 


When you feel yourself stuck, give up and surrender yourself to the situation. Notice the feeling inside you and say it loud ‘I am stuck, and something is going wrong’. And then take a deep breath. You’ll realize that actually that’s a label you have given to the particular situation or a feeling. You are not stuck; you are actually getting ready to explore a newer path. I understand that by surrendering, the feeling of anxiety will not vanish away, but you’ll realize that you will not have that grip on you anymore that holds you back.
Surrender and be open to accept whatever comes; do this when everything actually goes out of control and you feel that now nothing can happen from you end. Enjoy being stuck; it’s a part of a learning process; just in case if you will not get anything out of the situation, you will get a learning for sure. The most interesting fact is, when you’ll start enjoying being stuck, you will not be stuck anymore; because being stuck was all in your head only.

Enjoy the moment

The first step is to surrender. So when you have surrendered, stop thinking about that area of your life too much; pay your attention to other things. Do what you love to do the most; whether it’s dancing, music, painting, hanging around, go for a movie, go for a walk or anything that gives you peace and sense of joy; may be meditation too. Remember, you are not stuck in every area of your life; it’s just a part of life in which you are stuck and that too for a small period of time that will pass on. I acknowledge, it’s not easy to stop that feeling anxious during the hours of sorrows, but maybe that’s how you’ll explore something better in you; because when your mind is at peace; it works well. Do what you can, but go easy on yourself.


At times, when you feel stuck, try writing!
You don’t need a system in front of you. Just get a piece of paper and start writing. Or it’s completely your choice; write wherever you want. The motive is to throw out all nasty bits. Write down everything going on in your mind at that moment, no censoring, and no holding back.
The more you do this, the more you feel your thoughts changing and transforming. Become aware of what is going in your head, and then slowly let go, because by keeping it inside, you are only creating your own sufferings.

You need to understand, that sometimes, pushing is not required, all you need is to have faith in the universe and let the things get arranged for you; not the way you wanted, but may be the way universe wants to give to you.

Let things be; at the end, everything is going to make perfect sense!

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