Thursday, 27 April 2017

We often get caught up in the pursuit of wealth, but what does it really mean to be wealthy? Lets redefine

Most of us have a common belief that wealth is equal to the amount of money we have. Although we cannot deny the fact that money does matter a lot, but it's just a part of our wonderful journey called 'LIFE'. Wealth is the blend of our mind, body, and soul; while true wealth is inner contentment. 

Thereby through this video, we are informing the true meaning of - Wealth, which is the relationships and connections we share with each other. We easily get caught up in the whirlwind of monotonous, materialistic, busy and unexamined life, where we have less or no time for ourselves or the people around us. But when we spare some time out of our daily routines to delve into our choices and the things we value, we gain a new perspective on true wealth; that is our relationship, our loved ones, who bring true meaning to our lives. It's still not late, it's still possible to have a wealth of joy, peace & fulfillment each day. 

This video is a small attempt by AK Mishra's Art of Success, a Life Transformation Training Company, to enlighten individuals on the importance of Relationship, nurture the true wealth we all are endowed with, but fail to acknowledge sometimes. 

Come, Join AK Mishra's Art of Success to learn the skills of attaining wealth amongst relationships in all three spheres of one's lives - Personal, Professional and Social.

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