Monday, 5 June 2017

Hey, Confused? The answer lies in your intuition, know how

Your mind will answer most of the questions if you learn to relax in peace and wait for the answers. No matter how clear we are for our goals, at some time or other, we often find ourselves stuck in situations when choosing a right path becomes the most challenging task. Most of you must have heard several times about the power of human’s brain but it depends on our ability to make efficient use of that power. Some personalities try to get into the depth of almost everything to find answers, while some just listen, get the relevant or useful material from others and move on. So it depends on person to person how one is capable of using the brain power.

From both the perspectives, whether spiritual or scientific, we have the power to foresee; that often comes in the form of intuition. The way we are blessed with the mind power to think, perceive, act, and perform other activities, similarly we are also blessed with intuitive powers. Every human being has this particular ability in small or large quantity. 

We, as a kid tend to be less logical and pay more attention to our intuitions, but as we age, the habit of listening to our intuitions is slowly taken over by our logical thinking. Though yes, logical thinking is very important and cannot be neglected, we cannot ignore the fact that sometimes even our logics fail to help us take a right decision for us, and sometimes even creates more confusion. This is the time when our intuition shouts and wants us to pay attention, and this is the time when we need to be calm, slow, relax, introspect and let our consciousness speak. 

Whether you believe it or not, humans can sense or foresee the good or bad future incidents with this unique power, called intuition. Although, as I stated earlier, each one of us gifted with this power, some in small or some in large quantity. But here are few basic tips which can be followed to strengthen one’s intuitive powers.

Clear the clutter of your mind – your mind works best when it is not under pressure. A peaceful mind helps unveil the true potential of human’s brain which is way beyond than what we perceive. Juggling with work pressure, personal life problems, emotional traumas and other exhaustive activities we do in a day to win the race of competitions we all are experiencing in today’s era; often land us in a whirlpool of dramatized confusion. This chaos further makes it more difficult for us to hear our inner voice. If you cannot ward off it completely, try to find peace for a while, give yourself a break! Let the cloud carrying miseries flow away slowly. Let the distractions flow out of your mind; give your mind a chance to rest. Give some peaceful time to your mind and open the doors to your intuitive powers. Pay attention to what your conscious has to say.

Meditation - Meditation is a powerful tool to develop your intuition. Meditation helps in relaxing the constant useless chatter our mind is often filled with. This helps in unlocking the intuitive powers and makes us more attentive towards our inner voice. Chanting ‘OM’ is an added advantage to meditation. Once you will learn the art of meditation, you will begin differentiating between the mental chatter and genuine divine intuition. 

Yoga -  Yoga is a wonderful art of balancing each part of your body. Yoga not only makes you externally look fit, but also helps you sculpt and tone your mind. With an undivided concentration on mind, body, and soul, one can indeed tremendously develop the power to sense and foresee things with intuitive abilities. 

Honor your intuition -  In order to give life to your intuition, one has to realize the fact that it exists. Start paying attention to the little voices and signals that originate from inside you to harp on a peaceful and satisfying life. Honoring these signs give wider wings to your intuitive abilities. 

Trust -  We humans have natural tendency to not believing in something new without having strong logic or proof behind it. The same goes with intuition. You might not want to rely on intuition to take a bigger decision for a project or to find answers to a major problem. Yet, in the event that you need great outcomes, you should confide in your inward characteristics of instinct. As you will begin contingent upon it, you will feel it as a divine blessing – an irreplaceable one. The more you trust it, the more you will follow up on it. You can utilize this novel blessing in any type of life – be it personal or professional

Your spirit is your closest companion. It stays with you until the end of time. Pay attention to it to get the results which are best for you. Tune into your inward voice since its whispers will take you to the way of bliss and satisfaction.

Dreams - When you sleep, you awaken your subconscious mind. A person might want to do something in reality but often find him/herself in chaos or some fears that frequently stops him from taking further steps. The person might be tangled about a situation and unable to find any answer to it. If you think about the situation while going to sleep, the intuitive powers can help you get the solutions through your dreams. When your subconscious mind is awake, which happens while you asleep; the intuitive powers awakes and get the solutions which seem difficult to get in reality. All you need to do is, write down everything that you saw in your dream and pay attention to each and everything you dreamt of. Dreams hold the key to the development of your intuition and help you find answers to even the most complicated confusions of life.

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