Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The vastness of LOVE

Whenever we hear the word “LOVE”, the first thing that comes into our head is romantic love, marriage or couple. Even when we google this word, we find thousands of quotes, articles, poems or stories, but none of them talk about the vastness of this word “love”. The love is vast as the ocean; love is the most beautiful emotion which not only enriches our inner soul but also makes people around us feel wanted and adored.

Love is when you understand and admire your parents’ efforts to keep you safe from all troubles, love is when you fight with your siblings but stand by them in all the tough moments, love is when you fight with the world to keep your true friendship alive forever and love is when you choose a person to spend your entire life with. The emotion called love is taught to us by our parents when they lovingly hold us in their arms when we enter in this world. They bring a sense of self-love in us by admiring us the most with those teary eyes.  And the journey of love starts with the self-love which we develop inside.

When we accept ourselves for what we are, we effortlessly love and admire the people around us.

The love is a beautiful emotion which cannot be categorized the way we have been categorizing it until now. On this Valentine’s Day, spread love everywhere and help people understand that love is beyond just the romantic relationships. Thank all the people you have in your life and on this day of love, let your heart be filled with joy, positivity, and love; let the people feel how special they are because they are the ones who indeed make your life complete. Valentine’s Day is celebrated to help people recall that we are nothing without the people we have in our life who love us, who admire us, who accept us and who encourage us. Revive that sense of love for self in you and make your loved ones feel how special they are. Just make a genuine list of people whom you truly consider your loved ones. Let’s transform the meaning of Valentine’s Day by breaking those limited beliefs we have been carrying till now for Valentine’s Day. Wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day.

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